How to think in Lean way?

How to think in Lean way?
How to think in Lean way?

How to think in Lean way?


A principle driven, tool based philosophy that focuses on eliminating waste so that all activities/steps add value from the customers perspective. The price tag, pace and high quality leaps of Lean Six Sigma are received via the application of acceptable tools. We conclude by examining some equipment from the Assess, Make improvements to and Management phases of DMAIC.

The Assess Phase

Purpose of Assess:

In applying Lean six Sigma this section identifies and verifies the associations among causes and their results. It helps in the discovery of variables that have an effect on essential course of action inputs and outputs. The examination section seeks to discover designs in the info attained all through the evaluate section in purchase to make perception of it all.

Instruments for Analyze:

Scatter Plots:

Two variables are plotted versus every single other on a graph. The ensuing photo presents a visible indicator of how effectively the altered variables are.

Regression Investigation:

This can be regarded as a mathematical equivalent of the scatter plot. Listed here an equation is derived to categorical the dependence of 1 of the variables on a single or much more others. The equation can then be applied to predict values ​​of the dependent variable for presented values ​​of the impartial variables.

Fish bone diagram:

A big arrow is drawn with the influence which leads to are getting analyzed show on the right at the stop of the arrow. Principal classes of probable triggers are revealed on branches emanating from the primary line. For every single category, thorough triggers are brainstormed and indicated towards the corresponding department.

Time Lure Assessment and Ability Constraint Identification:

A time entice is a process activity that inserts delays into the approach and may possibly be thanks to potential constraints or other operational inefficiencies. Whichever the source of the delays, it lastly shows up as extensive direct times. A potential constraint is a sub-method or activity whose output for each device time is significantly less than that of the precedent and / or subsequent sub-process or action.

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Non Worth-Included Investigation:

From the as is value stream map, just about every course of action action is examined to establish its contribution to purchaser specifications. All those which do not add to buyer valued outcomes and are not necessary for other small business causes (eg regulatory demands) are removed.

The Boost Period

Intent of Increase:

In the previous phases, defects (variance exterior the customer’ requirements) and wastes (non-benefit additional activities and fees) have been identified, calculated and their will cause found as a result of evaluation. The reason of the boost phase is to do away with the defects and wastes.

Applications for Improve:

To Be Procedure Maps: A map of the desired method is designed, in which determined non-value included things to do have been eradicated

Setup reduction:

From the potential constraint and time entice analysis carried out in the Examine period, we can establish whether or not the significant resource of hold off was because of to extended set up situations. In that situation, the following steps are applied.

  • Doc and classify set up procedures
  • Make improvements to corporation-Study operate location format and examination essential movements. Use 5S if needed to clear away inefficiencies. Brainstorm improvement options in the setup actions.
  • Wherever attainable change inner (set up things to do that are finished with the machine down) to external (set up routines that do not influence the managing of the device) methods. In transactional scenarios, this suggests converting serial strategies to parallel.
  • Strengthen the remaining interior setup treatments.
  • Remove need to have for adjustments.


Lean Thinking is all about continuous waste elimination !

Impact of Lean Thinking:

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • Shorter Resolution time
  • Improved productivity
  • Zero Defects
  • Zero down time
  • Higher Quality
  • Lower Costs
  • Higher Employee Satisfaction


Benefits of Lean:

Basically Problem solving and Non value add reduction is basic requirement for Lean.
First-identify the problem
secondly-Solve it
Thirdly-Define it and present.

Below are few tool relevant to digital inductry:


Jidoka allows machines/processes to operate autonomously by shutting down automatically if an abnormality occurs. This prevents defective products from passing to the next process


“Pokayoke” refers to low-cost, reliable devices or innovations that:
– Prevent or detect errors by an employee or systems
– Detect defects in products and prevent further processing

5 S

Building Blocks for process discipline and control;This lean device outcomes in a clean and organized do the job place, with a spot for all the things and everything in its area. The steps of the methodology are:

  • Sort
  • Set-In Order
  • Shine
  • Standardize
  • Sustain
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Making use of 5S removes inefficiencies resulting from lack of business by lessening the quantity of pointless motion and transportation.


A visual device (light) or pin-pan-pon that operators use to call attention to an abnormality. The use of this is to request immediate attention and action to the problem.


An arrangement of people, systems, items, and methods with the processing steps placed right next to each other (physically or digitally) in sequential order, through which parts are processed in a continuous flow.


Heijunka is the foundation of the Toyota Production system, and is the process of leveling and sequencing an operation.


A Kanban is a signal used by a downstream operation to request a material replenishment


Any type of waste elements that add no value to the product: i.e. Waiting, Transporting, Over production, Excess Motion, Inventory Defects, Human Touches.
JITJust in time) theory of production characterized by (1) single piece flow, (2) producing according to TAKT time, (3) pulling of material from upstream process, keeping inventory at minimum, established levels.


Continuous, Incremental Improvement Of An Activity To Create More Value With Less Waste (Muda).

What Qualifies for Lean project?

Below factors need to be analyzed before we take up a lean project.

  • Re-usability–if some work is repeatative and can be constructed as a block which can be re usable can be considered as a Lean.
  • Reducing manual job by automation–Yes…if you write a simple macro to automate a manual job that can also be treated as Lean.This is saving time…reduce manual intervention.
  • Rework reduction…again the same..
  • Proactive issue identification & Resolution
  • Automated report/Database preparation
  • Superfluous License/functionality/report elimination
  • Defect elimination at its source
  • Process simplification-
  • Eliminate Non value added steps
  • Process Standardization
  • Processing logic established- Parallel processing; Sequential processing; batch processing
  • Sorting; Prioritization; Visual/audio alert
  • Define clear activity & responsibility
  • Extra resource (H/W , People; S/W) avoidance

The overall goal:

Overall Effective Upkeep

The place downtime is a major trigger of lower procedure cycle efficiency, whole effective maintenance, which aims to lower the percentage of downtime, really should be applied.

Miscalculation Proofing:

By correct layout of the procedures and devices, the probability of faults (and with them the need for inspections) is eradicated. Illustrations are coming up with on-line types that can not be submitted if info is incompletely entered, or if the wrong type of information is entered. Related to these are parts that can only be assembled in one particular way.

Structure Of Experiments:

This is the statistical style and design of experiments to help you decide the influence of two or additional variables on yet another variable of curiosity. This software also accounts for conversation consequences amongst variables.

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Speculation Tests:

This is a statistical device for testing the validity of assumptions. In this situation the assumptions may perhaps refer to the impact of causes on consequences. For illustration, if performance is suspected to be operator dependent, assessments may be carried out to confirm if observed discrepancies in performance among two operators are statistically important.

Resolution Collection Matrix:

Frequently there will be more than just one possible answer identified to the difficulties underneath consideration. The selection matrix compares them employing a set of weighted requirements to figure out the most ideal.

Task Management:

True implementation of agreed options will be in the kind of a venture, and will call for use of the typical project management equipment for organizing, conversation, possibility evaluation, and monitoring.

The Command Section

Reason of Control:

The function of the regulate section is to assure that the gains from the enhanced section develop into embedded in the business.

Tools for Management:

Common Running Treatments:

The enhanced method style and design will undoubtedly incorporate new running methods. These ought to be codified in an operating manual to which operators can refer. Possessing a normal running handbook aids avoid slippage into aged inefficient techniques.

Statistical Procedure Regulate:

Handle charts, reflecting the enhanced capabilities of the process will have to be created and utilised to check process overall performance about time.

Visible Management:

The essence of visible management is captured in the idea that an staff should really be equipped to wander as a result of the get the job done area and appear absent with 90% of the data. This is attained by way of 5S corporation, illustrations of method methods positioned shut to the course of action, SIPOC diagrams and price stream maps, the use of shadow boards and so forth.


The checklist of applications viewed as in this posting and the very last are only a couple of of the several accessible. On any a single challenge, only a couple are possible to be made use of.

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