How to Transfer of Electricity Connection to Your Name in Hyderabad??

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Transfer of Electricity Connection to Your Name in Hyderabad
Transfer of Electricity Connection to Your Name in Hyderabad

How to Transfer of Electricity Connection to Your Name?? 

This question is very common between all of us.I googled a bit found the below written

Transfer Electricity Meter in Your Name without paying any bribe.  This is a good suggestion with respect to Bangalore.
But with respect to Hyderabad..let me tell you what do you require actually…

Things you require

  1. Sale’s deed 
  2. Last 2 month’s electricity bill(Latest will be required) 
  3. Passport size photograph-4 (2 is required) 
  4. One Signature from Builder on top section (“Signature of Transferor”) on Transfer Form (which can be downloaded from ). 
  5. If you and your relative or spouse jointly buying then NOC Certificate from your spouse/relative on a 20/- Non-Judicial Stamp Paper is required 

The process you need to Follow:

  1. In Hyderabad, eSeva service is very good. Even online service is there. I prefer eSeva. Please pay the current outstanding( current month bill). Still, the bill will be on the builder’s name. Collect the receipt from eSeva. Alternatively, you can get the same from the builder. (In the second case you are really lucky…:) ) 
  2. Now its time for you to prepare for the proof. So in an A4 paper please xerox bill and payment receipt. (2 copies) 
  3. Find out a Gazetted officer from Hyderabad. If you don’t find any, go to power office or Miyapur court, You can get many Notary shops to help you out. 
  4. All the pages (front and backside) of the sale’s deed and payment proof should be signed by an officer. 
  5. Check the ERO Code on your Bill and find out the office.
  6. Xerox all the documents(1-2 copies) 
  7. From this office you need to take a chalan.. attested copies, Builder’ signed-transfer form & 2 Passport Photographs need to be submitted. 
  8. Now they will provide you a form. Please fill this form. 
  9. After checking all these details, a picture will be taken with their cam. 

You are good to go. Now the bill will be in your name!!!!.
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  1. Latest list of documents
    1)Sale deed both side xerox with attestation
    2)Latest bill & payment receipt
    3)2 passport size photographs of new owner
    4)old owner sign. on application
    5)Filled Complaint form(you will get this at the office or download )
    5)25/- at ERO office for domestic
    6)Noc on Rs 10/- if joint
    7)Rs 100/- name change bond
    8)Latest EC copy
    9)Up-to-date house tax receipt
    10)ID proof

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for this useful information. I applied for Title Transfer on Electricity Meter (in Sep 2015) and below is the list of paper work i had to submit (very minor change from what another contributor has listed; so i'll re-use the list here and add my comments)

    Latest list of documents
    1) Sale deed both side xerox with attestation
    2) Latest bill & payment receipt
    3) 1 (yes, they just took one) passport size photographs of new owner
    4) old owner sign. on application (this is a consent form from the old owner – available on net or provided free of cost at electricity office)
    5) Filled in complaint form (you will get this at the office or download) – this is a simple form where you have to mention your Service number, tick mark the 'Title Transfer' option and sign it
    5) 50/- at ERO office for domestic (ask for Rs. 50/- challan for title transfer – they will give you a challan that states Application Fee)
    6) Noc on Rs 10/- if new owner are joint (ie. more than one owner mentioned in the sale deed). Again one may download the format from internet / Telungana electricity board website
    7) Rs 100/- name change bond (format available in website)
    8) Latest EC copy (Encumberance Certificate – this is easily to get online. Search for "Telangana Encumberance Certificate" and you should be able to get it generated in minutes
    9) Up-to-date house tax receipt (I did not provide this, nor was asked. Mine is a new construction and i am yet to pay tax on it)
    10) ID proof

    I went to a notary for attestation but found they know the process of Title Transfer for Electricity, so i got NOC, Name Change Bond, bills/payment receipt copy attestation all done there – my work got easy. Also, i submitted only one set of document copy to electricity board – nothing in original except NOC and Name Change bond. I went to Mehdipatnam branch near Sarojini Devi Eye hospital and got it done. I did have to visit thrice (at the first visit, i learnt i had to provide the application after paying Rs. 50/-, the second time the operator was out sick and the third time, got it done).

    I have a question myself – at the time of this writing, the status of my application/complaint shows Complaint Rectified. I was not asked for photo over their webcam (or any finger print, etc.). What is the next step? The name shown is still the old owner's. Perhaps i may call up their customer service or visit the branch again.

  3. 1. Transfer Application Form (Southern Power Distribution Company of Telangana State Limited)
    2. No Objection cum consent letter (Ideally 1 & 2 from the builder or the previous owner of the property)
    3. Encumbrance Certificate on present owner's name -should appear/come as NIL
    4. copy of the sale deed of the property
    5. Indemnity Bond for Title Transfer (on Rs 100/- stamp paper)
    6. Photo copy of Electricity bill (last/current month) + payment receipt
    7. Identity Proof of the present owner
    8. 2 photographs
    9. Demand Draft for Rs 30/- issued in favor of TSSPDCL

    Signature and Attestation on all the copies by any Gazetted with seal.

    Submit all the documents at the designated customer service center/office
    (keep a copy for your future reference)

    That's all. The name change shall/would happen in the next 1-2 billing cycles.

    Good Luck and Hope this helps.

    **p.s total amount spend is about Rs 600/- and surely takes a bit of time for completion.


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