How to Tour Baratang Island Andaman

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Baratang island tour

Baratang Island tour is a massive Island that extends over an area of 243 kilometers. It is a remote island located at the south of Andaman and 93 miles from Port Blair. The island can be accessed by road from Port Blair.

baratang island tour
Visit Baratang Island

The island is famous for its geology and natural wonders with a lot of limestone caves and mangrove creeks. It has everything to turn your holiday into an unforgettable experience.

Mud Volcano, Parrot Island, and limestone caves are some of the physical features and the best tourist’s attraction sites on the island.

Where to visit in Baratang:

Limestone Caves

Rock erosion for years and some deposits of coral reefs, skeletons, and other deposits has led to the formation of limestone caves which keeps changing their shape over time.

Line stone cave=baratang island tour
Line stone cave

The caves act as the major tourist attraction site in India with many people across the world come to explore the caves as they pass through the dense mangrove forest. It is also a great place for hiking or trekking.

Mud Volcano

In Mud volcano, gases like nitrogen, methane and carbon dioxide are released from earth interiors. Mud emerge from the volcano in a semi-solid state; no lava formation.

Mud Valcano Baratang Island-baratang island tour
Mud Valcano Baratang Island

The volcano is a good tourist attraction site. Adventure enthusiasts like hiking into the mud volcano.

Mangrove Creek

Having boat ride through the mangrove creeks gives you an unforgettable experience. You can book a motorboat from Bartang Jetty all the way to the limestone caves through the mangrove forest.

Mangrove Creek-Baratang Island-baratang island tour
Mangrove Creek-Baratang Island

You can also watch various bird species along the green trails of canopies and trees.

Parrot Island

This is a great place you can spend a peaceful time with your friends and family as you watch the parrots fly around. The island got its name from the flock of parrots in the area.

Walking through the dense mangrove forest you can come across a number of multicolored parakeets.

Parrot Island Baratang-baratang island tour
Parrot Island Baratang

There are plenty of beaches which attract tourists all year round.

The island is accessible via a boat as you explore the beautiful mangrove forest or you can cruise ride into the island giving you a unique experience.

Guitar Island

This is an island which resembles the shape of a guitar hence the name. The island is less explored and the beaches in the area are narrow and creamy.

The island can easily be accessed via the Long Island Jetty and it is a great place for a honeymoon.

You can take a walk along the beaches and explore various sea species like shells, hermit crabs, and others.

Baludera Beach

Baludera Beach is an isolated beach in Andaman with less crowd. If you’re looking for a romantic holiday destination with less population, the stunning beauty of Baludera beach is a place you don’t want to miss. The serene environment is welcoming and peaceful.

You can book a night at one of the treetop huts and enjoy a romantic evening.

Once at the beach you can try elephant riding or beach combing.

Bluff Island

Bluff Island is located 64 KM from Port Blair. The island is rich in aquatic life, wildlife, and several beaches. If you love nature, Bluff Island is a perfect spot for you and your family.

Bluff Island -Baratang-baratang island tour
Bluff Island -Baratang

You can do snorkeling or diving on the island. If you want to have a relaxed day, you can explore the nearby wildlife sanctuary.

Strait Island

Strait Island is the smallest island in Andaman and it is located 6 KM from Baratang Island. There is a high population of birds and deer on the island.

If you love to explore wildlife and dense forests, then this island should be in your top list of must-do activities in Andaman.

Where to eat in Baratang Island?

Although no fancy restaurants in the area, there are various food stalls and small eateries which ensure you don’t go hungry once in Baratang. Most of the restaurants in the area serve South Indian cuisines and Bengali dishes

Port Canteen

The island is exceptionally beautiful with a nice atmosphere and environment. You can enjoy a variety of Bengali dishes in this café at reasonable prices. The canteen also serves local fish fries and snacks to the visitors.

Jetty Hotel

Jetty is a simple hotel in Baratang which offer simple food to the visitors. They also serve veggies. Although it only accepts cash payments, it is one of the best food stalls within Baratang and it is good for kids.

A.R Restaurant

This is a simple and decent restaurant you can enjoy your meals within the remote island. They have tasty foods served with a smile. The restaurant is very clean and neat.


Xalxo is a restaurant near Baludera beach which serves pure vegetarian food and Indian cuisines. It is all-day dining restaurant and can serve a large number of people at a time. It serves delicious food at average prices.

Xalxo offers high-quality food making it the most preferred restaurant in Baratang Island.

AMS Restaurant

AMS offers good and tasty seafood and vegetarian food. It is a small restaurant which offers simple and freshly cooked meals. AMS serves food on a clean butter paper instead of serving directly to a plate thus maintaining food hygiene.

Best place for nightlife in Baratang Island:

Baratang Island has limited facilities and few resorts due to its remote location. Most trips to the island are planned for the same day and by evening visitors return to Port Blair.

If visiting Parrot Island, you have to arrange for an overnight stay at Dew Dale Resort which is close to the island.

Dew Dale Resort

Dew Dale resort is a famous resort in Baratang which offer excellent services to visitors planning to spend a night in Baratang. It is located close to Parrot Island and Baludera beach.

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