How to Tour Baratang Island Andaman

Baratang island tour

Baratang Island tour is a massive Island that extends over an area of 243 kilometers. It is a remote island located at the south of Andaman and 93 miles from Port Blair. The island can be accessed by road from Port Blair or accessible via passenger ferry originating at Port Blair.

baratang island tour
Visit Baratang Island

Baratang Island is the gateway to access north Andaman. Baratang island is very popular for its natural assets.

The island is famous for its geology and natural wonders with a lot of limestone caves and mangrove creeks. It has everything to turn your holiday into an unforgettable experience.

Mud Volcano, Parrot Island, and limestone caves are some of the physical features and the best tourist attraction sites on the island.

During your visit to Diglipur or can be one day visit from Port Blair. While this place is natural delight and photographers Paradise. It is very less developed. No Tourist hub, no bird watching, no good restaurants or no accommodation are available here. With all these if you want to stay here for night, you can get virgin beach with unique birds watching experience. Local fisherman arranges a boat journey via mangrove, which may be very pleasant and adventurous.

Whether in Baratang

The temperature range in Baratang is between 20 degree to 35 degree centigrade. Being coastal, it is not unbearable heat but it is having humid for sure.

How to go to Baratang:

Baratang Island is well connected by Andaman trunk Road(ATR),Which goes to Rangat and Mayabunder via Baratang Island.

Journey to Baratang island is via a Jarawa Reserve forest. This is the area of the Andaman tribe. Plan to leave early so that you can go with the first lot of cars. Once you reach the checkpoint . You have to  submit your government ID cards to the officials. While coming back you need to get it from them.

The first stop will be Jirkatang. It is a check post .You can see long Que of cars waiting to enter the jungle.The first journey starts 6.30am and the last on goes at 2.30 pm.The forest checkpoint is having many stalls which offers different foods along with tea and coffee. Paid and free toilets are also available here.

If you are lucky, you can see the tribes. Our experienced driver cum guide help us to spot few ladies. Photography is strictly prohibited.Also do not offer food from car,even if they ask. Photography or  feeding the jarwa  is a punishable offence.

The last leg of the journey is very exciting. The large ferry will  carry us along with bus, truck and our motorvan to other side.  Waiting for the ferry is very boring,  you can actually take  some snacks and tea in the nearby stall. You can also try coconut water.

Do not go near the water. It is famous for having salt water  merciless crocodiles.

You can also venture Baratang via government ferries. Ferry service is available thrice in a week.

A note and guideline on Jarwas

Jarawas are considered the isolated and uncivilized people.Every effort to make them civilized failed.Still govt is trying hard to mingle with them with the help of a translator. The island is considered as their own homeland.Photography and offering food to them is a punishable offense.

While I traveled there my driver confirmed that only 800 people exists in several groups.
Jarawas like to be in a joint family.They have a solid work distribution principle. While they roam around different parts of the jungle due to availability of food items, they never take anything from civilized people.(Few people said jarawas beg food and there was a video went viral as the British traveler asked them to dance for a piece of bread.)
They don’t know how to use salt .So any food having salt can cause serious issue to there health.They generally hunt wild pig,turtle fish,crab etc. The responsibility of the men is to protect the land from intruders while the responsibility of a  woman to collect food .They often collect fruits from trees ,wild roots ,tubers and honey.
Never try to touch then even if they come near your car. Their nails are very poisonous.It is told they do not get flu or fever.They know the anti of flu. It is also said that they can understand the signals of mother nature and other animals.During Tsunami when thousands of so called civilized people died,They survived untouched.Significantly they also celebrate several festivals .They have a queen concept. During festival she dresses up with red color dress made of forest trees.Ladies generally covers the lower part with leaves.

Where to visit in Baratang:

There are plenty of beaches which attract tourists all year round.

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Limestone Caves

Rock erosion for years and some deposits of coral reefs, skeletons, and other deposits has led to the formation of limestone caves which keeps changing their shape over time.The walls of the cave and inside is having limestone foundation.The cave is dark. You can take a torch to see the structures.

It is truly a spellbound craft created by mother nature.She took years after years to create the marvellous cave.The cave stands tall even after erosion caused by wind and tortures of visitors.The limestone formation is present on the ground and on the ceiling (hanging).

Line stone cave=baratang island tour
Line stone cave

The caves act as the major tourist attraction site in India with many people across the world come to explore the caves as they pass through the dense mangrove forest. It is also a great place for hiking or trekking.

The journey to Limestone cave is a nice one. The boat is of country made diesel boat. Throughout the journey, there will be life jackets available. The boat will enter a narrow mangrove forest.

You can get a boat from Baratang Island( Nilambur Jetty) that will take this natural wonder. After reaching wooden Jetty, walk through the rural path for 2 kilometre to reach to the limestone cave.The walk through the mother nature is mesmerizing and very thrilling. You can get a touch how the rural life works here.

This place is well guarded by the forest department. There are two ways to go to limestone cave. Take the longest route while going as you will have lots of energy and return via the second route.It is surely a must visit place in Baratang Island.

Very few coconut huts and snacks stalls are available here. You can stop here for a cup of tea.

Mud Volcano

From Nilambur Jetty you need to take a Jetty and climb around 150 metres to reach to mud volcano.Even though it is not heavy mud coming out. Hence it is not visually appealing. But being rare volcano, it has its own significance.

In Mud volcano, gases like nitrogen, methane and carbon dioxide are released from earth interiors. Mud emerge from the volcano in a semi-solid state; no lava formation.

This tiny little pocket sized volcano does not emit lava rather it emits mud.This is why it is unique.

Mud Valcano Baratang Island-baratang island tour
Mud Volcano Baratang Island

The volcano is a good tourist attraction site. Adventure enthusiasts like hiking into the mud volcano.You can give it a try.

Mangrove Creek

Having boat ride through the mangrove creeks gives you an unforgettable experience. You can book a motorboat from Baratang Jetty all the way to the limestone caves through the mangrove forest.

Mangrove creeks are the inseparable part of Baratang Island.So you should not miss the opportunity to travel via these creeks.

Mangrove Creek-Baratang Island-baratang island tour
Mangrove Creek-Baratang Island

You can also watch various bird species along the green trails of canopies and trees.

Journey through creek

The locals cut the tree to create a tunnel shaped way so that the visitor can travel in a diesel powered motorboat.The deep and dense mangrove create shade as sunlight can not penetrate through them.

Jarawa creek

It is one of the most visited place in Baratang Island.The dense jungle around this isolated creek protects the tribals. You might get a chance to see them if you are lucky. But remember, They still consume raw foods (fruits,meat etc ) and they don’t know the use of salt. So do not feed them your snacks.

Parrot Island

Parrot Island is a flat bedded, small island which offers an unique bird( parrot) watching experience.This is a great place you can spend a peaceful time with your friends and family as you watch the parrots fly around. The island got its name from the flock of parrots in the area.

Walking through the dense mangrove forest you can come across a number of multicolored parakeets.

This tiny island is full of mangrove trees provides an unique view to the visitor about parrots.During sun set lakhs of parrots come back to their nest.The chirping of the parrots creates an unique experience.

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Parrot Island Baratang-baratang island tour
Parrot Island Baratang

You can enjoy the same while seating in the island or exploring the island on a boat.The dusk makes the area alive.The sunset from this Island creates an unique panoramic view weight lash green dense forest, blue sea water, setting sun red colour everywhere with thousands of parrots flying on the sky.

The island is accessible via a boat as you explore the beautiful mangrove forest or you can cruise ride into the island giving you a unique experience of the Island as well.

The best time would be post 5pm So you cannot return to Port Blair but can stay here for a night or proceed to Diglipur.

Guitar Island

This is an island which resembles the shape of a guitar hence the name. The island is less explored and the beaches in the area are narrow and creamy.

The island can easily be accessed via the Long Island Jetty and it is a great place for a honeymoon.

You can take a walk along the beaches and explore various sea species like shells, hermit crabs, and others.

Baludera Beach

Baludara beach is 9 km away from nilambur jetty provides another unique experience to the visitor.Baludera Beach is an isolated beach in Andaman with less crowd. If you’re looking for a romantic holiday destination with less population, the stunning beauty of Baludera beach is a place you don’t want to miss.

Very few visitors come here to explore the hidden beauty. So if you are visiting, you may be the only person or only group in the beach. It is extremely popular among locals. You can find there picnicking on the beaches.

The serene environment is welcoming and peaceful.This beach is very relaxing beach.You can spend time in shade of mangrove forest.You can also play with water here.However the gentle move of the beach and endless calmness will surely blow away your mind. Even though the beach is very tempting to swim. Do not venture if there is nobody along with you or if your guide does not permit this activity.

One more thing you can do is to explore the area on a mighty elephant.Elephant ride ground this tranquil beach is the prime crowd puller. Pristine beach, clean water,mighty elephant makes it as beautiful as you can think of. During low tide you can enjoy swimming here too.

You can book a night at one of the treetop huts and enjoy a romantic evening. Once at the beach you can try beachcombing along with elephant riding.

In Balu Dera Beach, There are very few stalls that sells refreshments.The beach lacks the basic snacks and security facility.(locker/almirah/lifeguard). There is no changing room or toilet.

Note: There is no lifeguard facility available here. So be very careful. 

Bluff Island

Bluff Island is located 64 KM from Port Blair. The island is rich in aquatic life, wildlife, and several beaches. If you love nature, Bluff Island is a perfect spot for you and your family.

Bluff Island -Baratang-baratang island tour
Bluff Island -Baratang

You can do snorkeling or diving on the island. If you want to have a relaxed day, you can explore the nearby wildlife sanctuary.

Strait Island

Strait Island is the smallest island in Andaman and it is located 6 KM from Baratang Island. There is a high population of birds and deer on the island.

If you love to explore wildlife and dense forests, then this island should be in your top list of must-do activities in Andaman.

MarkBay beach

Mark Bay beach is untouched unpolluted less crowded and most secluded beach of baratang. Like any other beaches it is also covered with lash green mangrove. The tide is gentle and the slope is gradual. The regular yellow coloured sand gives you an opportunity to refresh either on the beach or the shore. The beach is ideal and best for sunbathing.

Lalaji Bay Beach

This beach offers full of silvery sand and gentle tide. This beach shows various shades of water.You can see that sea creatures almost from the shore. The beach is well shaded by coconut trees and other forest trees.You can go for a swim.

Lalaji Bay Beach is very less crowded and less populated.The beach mostly have no stalls and refreshment.The beach does not have any security,locker or almirah facility.You have to do a makeshift arrangement for change room.There is no toilet facility too.

Cuthbert  Bay beach

Cuthbert Bay beach is also another unpopular, untouched, unpolluted, secluded beach of Baratang. It offers visitors a calm and composed beach. This is one of the popular turtle  nesting places.

Amkunj beach

Amkunj beach has started gaining tourist attraction recently due to fact that it is very near to the main road. This beach is a colour palette of mother nature. She used every bit of colour everywhere. Dark green deep forest,yellowish green leaves, light green small plants, black and brownish stone mixed with yellowish black sand,red corals, and at least five shades of blue available in sky and ocean along with white cloud.

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The  panoramic view is breathtaking. Due to stone factor, it is not suited for swimming but one can relax on the shore. or sit on the benches provided by government.

Note- do not run or  let your kid run on this beach. The stones are very sharp and falling is  painful.

Water Sports activities

Baratang tourism is growing slowly.At this moment sea walking is the major water sports along with scuba diving and snorkeling. Camping is still not an option here.Do not try that.

Sea walking

Baratang island offers a beautiful opportunity for non-swimmers to be personal with sea creatures in knee deep water or a waist deep water.

Mohwa Dera Village

If time permits you can visit to Mohwa Dera Village for a glimpse of coral gazing. For this,you need to know little swimming. For non swimmers , there is an option called glass bottom boat. Both these activities give an unique view of corals and other sea creatures.

Spike Island Midlife Sanctuary

You must stumble upon this beautiful place named spike Island /It is a wildlife sanctuary covering 211 km.It is a place for flora and fauna.One can spot spotted deers ,wild pigs,squirrels and birds here.This is terrific experience to visit here.

Where to eat in Baratang Island?

Although there are no fancy restaurants in the area, there are various food stalls and small eateries which ensure you don’t go hungry once in Baratang. Most of the restaurants in the area serve South Indian cuisines and Bengali dishes.

Near the jetty there are few Government guest houses available but there bookings are very hard to get. There is also a private Resort called Dew Dale Resort. Walk in to resorts are not possible.

You can get makeshift refreshment points with fresh fish fry and other snacks in the roadside. Tea, coffee stalls are also available. But there is no organised restaurants in Baratang. You can pack your food from Port Blair or you can try the authentic rural food.

Port Canteen

The island is exceptionally beautiful with a nice atmosphere and environment. You can enjoy a variety of Bengali dishes in this café at reasonable prices. The canteen also serves local fish fries and snacks to the visitors.

Jetty Hotel

Jetty is a simple hotel in Baratang which offer simple food to the visitors. They also serve veggies. Although it only accepts cash payments, it is one of the best food stalls within Baratang and it is good for kids.

A.R Restaurant

This is a simple and decent restaurant you can enjoy your meals within the remote island. They have tasty foods served with a smile. The restaurant is very clean and neat.


Xalxo is a restaurant near Baludera beach which serves pure vegetarian food and Indian cuisines. It is all-day dining restaurant and can serve a large number of people at a time. It serves delicious food at average prices.

Xalxo offers high-quality food making it the most preferred restaurant in Baratang Island.

AMS Restaurant

AMS offers good and tasty seafood and vegetarian food. It is a small restaurant which offers simple and freshly cooked meals. AMS serves food on a clean butter paper instead of serving directly to a plate thus maintaining food hygiene.

Best place for nightlife in Baratang Island:

Baratang Island has limited facilities and few resorts due to its remote location. Most trips to the island are planned for the same day and by evening visitors return to Port Blair.

If visiting Parrot Island, you have to arrange for an overnight stay at Dew Dale Resort which is close to the island.

Dew Dale Resort

Dew Dale resort is a famous resort in Baratang which offer excellent services to visitors planning to spend a night in Baratang. It is located close to Parrot Island and Baludera beach.

Dew Dale Resort-baratang island tour
Dew Dale Resort pc-Mrityunjoy Chakraborty

The resort is well-maintained and offers accommodation, tasty food and drinks from their in house bar. Guest are treated to cool music as they enjoy their favorite drink.

Address- 12.191216, 92.791831, Great Andaman Trunk Rd, Andaman and Nicobar Islands 744210

Phone Number-03192 243 677

Sujath Bar And Resturent

This is a new establishment with basic amenities. They offer booze facility.

Location-Nh 4, Andaman and Nicobar Islands 744210

Note: Baratang Island lacks in basic medical facilities. It is advisable to carry first aid kits along with you.

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