How to Treat Facebook as a Necessary Tool?

How to Treat Facebook as a Necessary Tool?
How to Treat Facebook as a Necessary Tool?

How to Treat Facebook as a Necessary Tool?

After Orkut , It is the Facebook which is a popular and powerful social networking system. The trend Google started through orkut, Facebook took it forward. Once upon a time people use to get surprise by the number of scarps and friends one had. The definition of  popularity  has changed a bit in Facebook. The popularity is judged by the number of friends,status update and most importantly like and comments here in Facebook.The idea of scarps reformed itself here by status update,comments and likes. The simple aspects of a simple social networking system has changed our life dramatically.
When I was in hostel living with my friends , I saw that they were putting alarm for 4O’Clock in the morning so that his paddy fields remained safe.Few busy in sending friend request so that they could manage more friend in terms of mafia or neighbor.Somebody wanted paddy field,somebody wanted energy packet or somebody wanted more mafia to earn more.Off cource I agree that I also a part of such nice applications for almost one year.I used to carry a separate wireless network adapter to connect internet from even a Cab!! Crazy ideas!!!!

I read few articles that people went mad for not using Facebook,students spent number of valuable hours on Facebook, mates quarreled for accessing computer for the apps. Even some great doctor came up with some disease called – Facebook Addiction Disorder.

Facebook PhotoSharing:

When Facebook started, It was simple . The idea was Connect known friends who might have lost our touch in our fast pace life. But introduction of games ,events,apps,timelines It became heavily attractive and a useful tool for everybody.

Facebook Group:

The concept of grouping helps us to explore more about our nature.Apart from dedicated photo forums Facebook really acts as a solid forum for enthusiastic photographer. Photo and media industry are also nursed by the Facebook now. A carefully created album of a photographer or any media personal becomes his/her credibility report behind camera . It helps us to share best moments. It saves a lot of rupees while creating a portfolio of  a company. Apart from the jury the world can see a fantastic work by the media person and justify the same.

Drive Traffic via Facebook:

Facebook is a solid friend for bloggers/site owners. Google/yahoo/bing are not the only traffic source to your beloved blog/site. Facebook has the power to send tons of traffic before the page is indexed by the crawlers. A quick response is also seen.The link sharing feature is best in terms of getting traffic and comments.

Smartphones with Facebook app pre installed made our life easier. A dedicated one touch button can land you to Facebook. It is a tool at this point of time. It can be an alarm clock. Makes you wake up at right time. Reminds you for your friends birthday,provides necessary email id or phone number.Also provide info about marriage anniversary date. The digital diary or notebook or excel for remind these are really an old idea!!. So surprisingly from china made smartphone to high end mobile,everybody made the USP as “Facebook Integrated”. The smart phone selling has gone up in a heavy pace. Yes surely, for this one of the factor is Facebook.

In my view, Facebook has become an economic reformer. Sounds crazy!!??
Yes Internet penetration has gone up to 15% this year for India.From a highly educated person to old aged person,to ministers to college students even for kids ,everybody is a proud member of Facebook. Most introvert person can change status and venture his/her voice. Most of they spend significant amount of time on Facebook.Again any news ,cartoon , status update spread faster than traditional newspaper or television. Most of the techie depends on Facebook for current news.

Jobs via Facebook:

Job market which was very much dependent on few websites is now wide open. As Facebook is more larger audience , any job news are now spread very quickly. A couple of clicks -(like/share) spread the news like fire. More and more referral drives are the sign of changing job market.

Marriage in Facebook:

Facebook has contributed to your very personal life as well.The traditional matrimony sites are forced to accept the Facebook profile link.Partners can judge others by status update, specially photos,albums, the liking/disliking and the group one belong to.It made people inside out.Friendship to relationship to partnership , Facebook is present everywhere.

One more aspect of Facebook could be the advertisement power. If you are a small business owner want to sale or an educational institute want to showcase themselves , an organization organizing something for mass, Facebook has an answer for you with tons of traffic with tons of likes.

With these aspect I do believe Facebook has changed our life in a very positive way. Just we need to learn how to use this powerful tool. Using this in a correct way may give us so many beautiful moments otherwise results to Facebook addiction disorder.

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