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Introduction to Mail2Blogger

I know it is a pretty old topic and possibly you all master now on this. I used this feature heavily. So you can treat this post is a long term usage review. This post will also cover How to post Blogs  in Blogger via Email (Mail2Blogger)

Today it is an era of the smartphone. People are using the tablet, mobile phone to access the Internet. As per the report, mobile internet penetration becomes 19% higher during 2020. So it is extremely important for a blogger or content writer to connect to its blog using email feature. Google has also come up with Mail2Blogger feature. Where a blogger can blog on the go from email posted from mobile!!! Bye Bye constant internet!!.

This feature is also interesting if due to some restriction if Blogspot/blogger is actually blocked but still you want to publish a post. This feature comes handy in those situations.

Activate Mail2Blogger Facility in Blogger:

  • Sign up a blogger account
  • Login to blogger.com
  • Click on the blog for which you want to set up this feature.
  • Click on settings
  • Click on the Mobile and email.
  • In the Settings, setup a mail-id alias on which you want to send the mail. Here you need to provide a secret pin.and with the help of username-secret pin the email id is created.
  • Select the radio- Publish email immediately.
  • Now you don’t need constant net connectivity for blogging.
  • Click on save settings
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Mail2Blogger Navigation
Mail2Blogger Navigation
  • Use your office mail account and client to draft the blog content.
  • Send the mail to the address made in 2.
Mail2Blogger Setup
Mail2Blogger Setup

It’s a useful feature for those who may want to blog but find it difficult and cumbersome due to not having constant net connectivity.

Now from any of the email client installed in mobile, tab anything you can publish a blog post without even logging to blogger.

This feature also supports the following option apart from publishing post immediately-

  1. You can save the post to draft.
  2. You can disable this feature.

Format of the email

The Subject of the mail becomes the title of the blog. The body becomes the content of the blog.

How to post via email?

  • The To field of the email is [email protected]
  • The subject field is the title of the blog post.
  • The body is the actual post.
  • The body can also hold an image along with the text just insert the image into the body.
  • To be in the safe side- include a #end just at the end of the post.

Best Features

  • Send email as a post
  • Can insert image in the post body
  • Mail2Blogger can transform any email account to a blog posting interface on the go.
  • Publish, draft posts on the go.
  • Quick and trustworthy service.
  • No need to login to blogger dashboard.


  • Format problem.
  • Up to 10 MB post is allowed including picture and post body.
  • The email id needs to be secret all the time. If compromised anybody can send an email and post a blog post in your blog.
  • Easy to get spam attacked.
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How to resolve the format issue in mail2blogger?

Mail2Blogger has a trivial issue as text formatting. Like blogger always start the first paragraph with <div> but all paragraphs followed by this starts with <p>. Sometimes it misses closing the paragraph tap </p>.

The same goes for inline CSS too! The issue still persists. Sometimes images are pushed on top of the text. Email attachments are dropped.

Follow this link to sort this issue.


Mail2Blogger is an excellent feature packed yet simple tool that every blogger must use. As a long term user, I must say that this is awesome. You can simply drop an email from anywhere, anytime. The post will be published automatically.

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