Know How to Wash Lace Wig While Taking a Shower In Quick 5 Minutes

Introduction to How to Wash Lace Wig                  

Human hair wigs are great for covering bald spots or achieving stunning hairstyles without compromising your hair’s quality. Just like your natural hair wearing Lace Front Wigs frequently will get dirty, and washing is no fun.

Did you know you can wash your hair wigs while taking a shower? Washing your lace wig cleanses them, prolonging their lifespan and keeping your scalp healthy and clean. Follow this easy guide to wash your lace wig while taking a shower safely:

The pre-shower routine

How to Wash Lace Wig
How to Wash Lace Wig

Comb your lace front wig before you hop into the shower.

Make sure the wig adhesive is secured on your head before you turn the water on. Whether your Human Hair Wigs is attached with glue, clips, or tape, make sure it won’t slip when it comes in contact with water.

Once you have checked on the adhesive, use a wide-tooth comb to remove any tangles or knots on your lace wig. Removing knots and tangles before you get in the shower will save your lace wig from the catastrophic damages of dampening.

The art of going into the shower with your lace wigs

How to Wash Lace Wig
How to Wash Lace Wig

Give your hair wig the much-needed cleansing with some best wig friendly shampoos and conditioners.

Once you hop in the shower, tilt your head back, and let the lukewarm water run through your lace wig. Dampening your wig in this method is gentle on the bonding agent.

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This is a tip recommended by professionals to wash any kind of human hair wigs in the shower. With your hands, let the lace wig saturate in water to clean your wigs extraordinarily efficient and safe.

When it comes to hair care products for your human hair, Wigs use shampoos and conditioners with nozzle, if possible.

You can also put your hair products in a bottle that comes with a nozzle if you haven’t been able to trace any hair care products with a nozzle.

After you apply your shampoo on your hair wig, lather it and gently massage your wig. You are also advised to use a shampoo brush that will allow the shampoo to soak in your wig for extensive cleansing; before rinsing the shampoo off, squeeze your hair tightly to remove any dirt or impurities from your lace wig. While rinsing, you should always tilt your head back to allow thorough and effective washing of your hair wig.

The importance of using a hydrating wig conditioner to condition your lace wig should not be ignored. A hydrating wig conditioner prepares your hair wig to sustain its integrity and nourishes and replenishes it with added shine and luster.

Pump the conditioner on your palm and gently rub it on your wig. You have the option to use a wide-tooth comb after you’ve applied the hydrating conditioner.

Rinse it out with utmost attention and use a deep leave-in conditioner with moisturizing properties to wrap up the conditioning process.

Another optional step is to apply a mousse on top of the leave-in conditioner to achieve a glossy and hydrated look unknown to any sort of hair wigs.

The mousse can be applied not only in the shower but also outside it during the styling phase. You can choose to create a part and then use some more mousse to give your wig a natural shine that will instantly make you stand out. You can up the glamour even more by scrunching your hair wig to create waves on your human hair wig.

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We suggest you always choose moisturizing shampoos and conditioners to wash your lace wig. It is essential to use products specified for hair wigs because these products will are designed and manufactured with the sole objective of extending your wigs’ lifespan.

Using regular shampoos and conditioners is not advisable because they consist of natural hair components that damage your human hair wigs.

How to Wash Lace Wig
How to Wash Lace Wig

Do your human hair wig and yourself a favor by being gentle.

You can’t rub and be rash with your lace wig like your natural hair during the washing process. By being overly cautious and meticulous during this phase, you can prevent shedding and loosening your human hair wig. You need to tilt your head while rinsing the shampoo and conditioners off with lukewarm water to ensure your hair wig doesn’t slip or dislodged.

How to Wash Lace Wig
How to Wash Lace Wig

Start drying your wig with a towel right after you step out of the shower.

Once you are out of the shower, grab a towel and dab to remove water from the lace wig. The drying process is very convenient and flexible, with both air-drying and blow-drying options at your disposal. After drying your clean wig, check the wig adhesive’s condition and presence. If it doesn’t feel secured or safely intact, you need to safely use appropriate products to ensure your hair wig adhesive. We recommend a hairdryer for long natural hair to make the drying process quick and instant.

Dry shampoo your human hair wigs

How to Wash Lace Wig
How to Wash Lace Wig

Be ready to rock the world with your hair wig.

If constant and regular washing of your human hair wig seems like a taxing and tedious job, we recommend you try dry shampoo.

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Dry shampoo will save your hair wig from ordeals of frequent washing and also gets rid of dirt and grease. All you need to do is lift your wig in sections and spray dry shampoo on the wig’s roots, and you are good to go.

I recommend Indique Virgin Hair’s sulfate-free dry shampoo for hair wigs and extensions for your front lace wig. This product is entirely compatible with usage on wigs and very simple and easy to apply.

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So, now you know everything you need to wash your lace front hair wig in the shower most efficiently and safely ever.

Having clean Hair Wigs will return the massive investment you made with sustained usage and fantastic experience.

Follow this simple and easy guide to wash your hair wig in the shower and have a fabulous clean hair wig. Taking care and cleaning your hair wig won’t get easier than this!

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