How to Work With Java and Images?

How to Work With Java and Images?

Java can create a rich graphical experience with images.Java has the following classes to work with Images(creation, manipulation, etc).

An Image is a displayable object maintained in memory. AWT has built-in support for reading files in GIF and JPEG format, including GIF89a animation. Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, HotJava, and Sun’s JDK also understand the XBM image format. Images are loaded from the filesystem or network by the getImage() method of either Component or Toolkit, drawn onto the screen with drawImage() from Graphics, and manipulated by several objects within the java.awt.image package

They image classes are as follows:

Java Supported formats:

Java supports the following image formats:
  • JPEG-Joint Photographic Expert Group(Photographs)
  • GIF-Graphics Interchange Format(logo,rules,buttons etc)
Image classes are defined in the java.awt package. Please refer to this link for further information.

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