How to Write a Minutes of Meeting

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Write the minutes of an extra ordinary meeting of the share-holders of a textile company at which the following matters were discussed.

Meeting Name: Meeting of the share-holders of XYZ textile company
Venue:Board room 3rd Floor 3C001
         Director:A Chatterjee
Share holders:
                                   1.D. D. Danasaku
                                   2.K. K. Katapally
                                   3.L. L. Lamai
              1.Extension of XYZ textile to Durgapur.
              2.Employee self Service portal design.
              3.Increment in salary by 15% as raised by union.
              4.To take one third share buy back by company.
Action Taken:
              1.Discussion needed with ADDA regarding Land and Electricity consumption.
              2.E.S.S should be started every center.
              3.Salary must be incremented by 10%.
              4.Shares will be bought back next to next year.
Actions by individuals:
              1.D. D. Danasaku to work with financial team regarding salary increment
              2.A. Chatterjee to kick off the ESS projects
              3.L. L. Lamai to take care of Land and Electricity consumption.
Next Meeting:
            Next date for meeting update

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