HughesNet is Not Working: Quick Guide in Just 5 Minutes

Introduction to HughesNet is Not Working

Internet service is bound to get slow at one point or another. It can happen with the fastest Fiber connection as well. This can happen for a number of reasons.

Satellite internet services follow most of the same laws and rules. The major difference is that it is a non-wired connection.

Satellite broadband services can become spotty due to extreme weather conditions as well as damage to the outside equipment that is the dish antenna.

HughesNet customers can face technical and equipment issues that may hinder the broadband services temporarily.

Being a HughesNet customer, you can either visit here for any queries or issues or call their customer care center number, which is 1-866-347-3292.

The customer service department at HughesNet is open to its customers at all times. You can also try some other options like sending an email or avail of the live chat facility that is available on their webpage.

Before contacting the customer services, make sure that you have your HughesNet login/username with you.

You can find the rest of the necessary billing details on the recent most bill as well. They can also ask you for a social security number for security purposes.

However, if you don’t wait for your turn to talk to a CS representative and are in urgent need of assistance, you can always try troubleshooting the problem on your own.

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Here are a few ways that you can try as well as some of the common most problems, and their reasons, that you may face while using HughesNet internet.

Slow internet connection

You logged in all right but when you try to access any websites or try to upload any document, nothing is working at a normal speed.

There is a lag rather and everything is moving at a snail’s pace. It can be because of the following reasons.

  • You may have in-home congestion happening because of simultaneously connected devices. You can try to disconnect a few and check the connection again.
  • Every HughesNet plan comes with soft data caps. There are no hard limits on data but if you exceed the data limit that was listed in your plan, your download speed is reduced to 1 to 3 Mbps. This is one big reason why customers face a slow internet issue. To stay within your listed data limits, you can download the HughesNet app to keep a check on your data usage. You can also try to limit the quality of your video watching to standard or DVD. If your data limit exceeds on a regular basis then try to use the internet during the Bonus Zone.
  • If there is a bad weather prediction or there are storms in the area, your data bandwidth gets slow. If that’s the case then there is nothing that anyone can do except wait it out and then try connecting to the internet.
  • Your dish antenna is your receiver so, if your equipment is in a bad condition, your internet will slow down. Try to keep your satellite dish clean of any debris that may get accumulated on its service. Look for any damages that may have occurred during a storm. The equipment may be in of replacement.
  • Also, try to make sure that your antenna faces the southern sky.
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These are some of the reasons why customers may be facing slow or no internet issues. Contacting the customer service center can get the job done quite easily but sometimes, help takes time to reach. These tips are for those times when you need an urgent response and recovery regardless of your location.

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No internet connection

You turn on your device and see the no service message in your network tab. That is just the worst thing to happen to anyone.

HughesNet is a reliable internet service provider with billions in revenue and great customer ratings. Yet, any service can face tech issues at any point in time.

If you see the no internet connection message on your laptop or PC, you can try the following, at-home remedies before calling the CS department.

  • You might have a disconnected Modem. It may have fallen off from a high place or kids may have toppled it over. There may be something wrong with the power socket to which your modem is attached. Check your modem; check if it’s working fine and that it is catching all signals.
  • Check any extra routers that you have placed with the modem for amplifying signal strength. They should be working fine.
  • All Modems come with a reboot and/or a reset button. Try rebooting or resetting your device. Wait for a few minutes after disconnecting it before reconnecting again.
  • And if nothing works, then customer service it is.

You can try switching device to make sure that the problem is with the connection or simply with the device that you’re using.

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Try logging off and then logging in to your account. Refreshing the account may resolve many issues.

Ascertain a few basics about your residential location. The area may be facing some power outage, causing a disruption in the broadband services as well.

Hope this post provides some insight into what may be causing trouble to your HughesNet service. Moreover, all the above-mentioned troubleshooting pieces of advice may end up resolving most issues at home.

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