Basic Impact of Android 11 Features on Mobile Applications

Introduction to Impact of Android 11

Android has been a market leader for quite some time when it comes to mobile operating systems. With over 3 million applications available on Play Store, Android covers 87% of the global market share.

The increase in Android’s success is based on its features and its open-source ability that lets users modify the codes as per their application requirement.

With every update, Google keeps on improving the structure and adding new features to the Android system. Android 10 was a huge success as it introduced several new features and allowed Android App Development Company, like Mobibiz, to enhance the functionality and efficiency of their apps.

After the success of the previous version, Google is set to release Android 11 in the market soon. Although its beta version was available for quite some time, the official version after users’ feedback launched on September 8, 2020.

This update is surely gonna change a lot of things. So without wasting more time, let’s hit the throttle and dig deep to find out what impact this new update does on your applications.

Android 11 Features Impact On Applications

5G Support

With the new upgrade, Android has extended its support using technology to build a strong infrastructure that supports 5G.

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This interesting support will allow businesses to leverage the power of 5G for better transmission speed providing fast internet and low latency.

5G lets developers add creative and high-end solutions that were left out due to speed issues as 5G will allow consumers to load large pages, stream high-quality video, and speed up the usage of applications/games.

Reduce data Redundancy

In previous versions of Android, if you want to use the same components of the device for 2 different applications, developers need to create 2 separate copies.

This causes the problem of redundancy, and in Android 11, Google took measures to reduce such redundancy. Now, developers need not create separate copies to use similar components for different applications as it can be achieved by building a single data set that can be accessed by both the applications.

App Exit Reason

Exiting for an application can be a tedious task and it can be used somewhere else to increase the application’s productivity. Google, with the help of Android 11, introduced a new feature that generates a termination report for the application on request.

Hence, now all the developers need to do is to struggle with resolving the issue instead of focusing on finding the reason for the crash.

Better Image and Camera Improvement

Google even introduces a new image format, the High-Efficiency Image Format(HEIF) which is based on lossy compression technique, ultimately resulting in lesser APK size, while reducing the influence on the network.

It allows developers to display quality and creative animation as well as images to their consumers. Furthermore, it introduces NDK API, a new API that allows developers to use native codes for image decoding/encoding instead of depending on external libraries.

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Private Statistic

Android will be storing the statistics on user applications in private and encrypted storage. This is to protect and make Android 11 a more safe and secure platform.

Neither the application nor the system is going to be able to access the information unless some extra encoding is used.

Support Neural Network

We all know that Machine learning is gaining a huge amount of popularity nowadays. This even catches the eye of the Android community, compelling them to extend their support towards this technology and to the applications based on machine learning.

Android, along with NNAPI, has introduced some quality APIs that allow developers to create more user-friendly and highly functional applications based on machine learning.

Easier Compatibility Testing

Application Compatibility testing has been a major challenge for developers for a long time. Android 11 is trying to make the process of testing and tracking a lot easier.

Android 11 has given the power to Android App Developers to handle the modifications as they require, changes such as force-enable and disable change from Android Debug Bridge(ADB), allowing you to reduce the redundancy of re-compiling the application for general functionality testing.

Restricted Permission for users

Android 11 also added a new feature allowing users to deny the repeated permissions, once a user selects the ‘deny’ option from the repeated permissions twice, it’d mark the permission as ‘don’t ask again’. This means that you’ll be getting only two chances to convince your users to allow permissions.

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Wrapping Up

Though Android 11 is the 18 Android version, it still surprises with every release. It is better for you and developers to get accumulated with this version, the sooner you get the hang of it, the faster you’ll be able to take advantage of its new features.

Android Development Company, such as Mobibiz, has already started to use the beta version to acclimatize themselves with the new version. By doing that they’ve gained an upper hand in developing Android 11 friendly applications.

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