Huge Impact Of COVID-19 On Water Purifier Market

Introduction to Impact Of COVID-19 On Water Purifier Market

More than 200 countries have been affected by this novel coronavirus whose cure is still under research. COVID 19 has not only eaten up lives but it has also brought the economy of countries upside down.

No business has been able to save itself from this deadly pandemic, everyone is affected. Millions of people have lost their lives during this pandemic and the numbers are still rising day by day.

Even a slight mistake or ignorance of rules & regulations stated by the government could be the reason for you to be tested positive for COVID-19. Thus, it is advised to follow all the guidelines stated by the concerned authorities regarding the coronavirus.

Just like other businesses, the water purifier industry has also seen a steep decline in the market and even many people working in this industry have lost their jobs as well.

In this post, we are going to talk about some of the most common issues faced by the water purifier industry during COVID-19.

Lost Sales

It won’t be wrong to say that due to lockdown the sale of water purifiers has reached its bottom level. In general, it is seen that the months between March and May are considered to the best for selling water purifiers along with other kitchen appliances, but this year whole game has changed.

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The spread of coronavirus has significantly declined the sales of RO water purifiers and this had hit the water purifier industry so badly.

Delayed service

Not only the sales, but COVID-19 has also affected the service and repair of water purifiers badly. Due to lockdown, people were not able to call for RO water purifier repair and service.

Thus, this has affected the performance of their purifier systems as well. So, we can say that there is a double negative impact that has been faced by this industry due to this pandemic.

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Business practices have been shifted

Although, after some liberty given by the government after lockdown, it is seen that people have shown interest in buying RO water purifiers just to ensure healthy practices and save themselves from this pandemic.

But still, the response is not so happening that anyone would have thought of. Agencies have stock that they want to clear but considering the response, this is not expected to happen soon.

Though there is still no evidence of coronavirus being spread through water, yet people are urging to buy RO purifiers and get them serviced for their own safety.

Due to this concern, people prefer branded systems more and this has led to the downfall of new and local brands.

No one knows for how long this situation will continue and till when we all have to suffer either directly or indirectly.

Considering this condition, we can say that the situation is not going to recover soon, and who knows, when the vaccine is going to arrive.

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So, wherever the government has eased restrictions, just get your RO water purifier service and repair. Those who don’t have one, go and get a quality RO water purifier like Aqua Easy and keep yourself and your family safe.

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