3 Important Major Impacts of Technology on Sports 

Introduce to Impacts of Technology on Sports

Technology has inevitably changed the way we think and live. In truth, our daily lifestyle is greatly influenced by technology in all aspects. Sports on the other hand is undoubtedly one of the most heavily influenced industries by technology.

From watching sports on live to getting instant updates about them, now sports and technology go hand in hand. It’s almost impossible to think of sports without the use of technology. Below are three wholesome ways in which technology has impacted sports the way we see it today.

Growth in accurateness in the measurement of sports performance

“Replay” is a common word that we use in sports to measure accuracy, and this surely would not have been possible without the use of technology. It’s this option to replay that helps umpires, referees and sports officials to make better decisions on rule violations. This not only enhances the accuracy of sports performance but also ensures a fair play for sportsmen.

On the other hand, electronic timing controlled by computers is another key gadget used to measure athlete’s performance in sports like running, cycling, skiing, bobsled, and triathlon. Why not, this electronic timing even measures the starting time of the athletes to sense if the athlete moved too early before the start gun.

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As such, technology has levelled up the accuracy and fair play of sports in unbelievable ways.

Improvements in the design and purchase of sports wears and equipment

From the full-body swimwear made of polyurethane that made highlights in the 2008 Olympics to

Kevlar fibre (5 times stronger and lighter than steel) was used in the manufacturing of football boots, tennis rackets, bicycle tires, and even body armour, technology has undoubtedly impacted the design and manufacturing of sporting equipment.

That’s not all, just think about how many of us purchase our favourite soccer apparel online or even replicas of sporting equipment, just from the comfort of our house? We even design or customize our favourite sportswear just with the use of technology in no-time. This is all possible only because of the advancement and inclusion of technology in our daily lifestyle.

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Providing spectators, a better view of sports performance

The ability for us to watch a live match at the comfort of our home or to even watch it any time after a match is over is only possible through technology. It would be best to say that you can even watch a match from many years ago in no-time through technology.

But that’s not even the best part of technology, as spectators now we can also experience a much thrilling sports performance in different ways, which was not possible back then. This is because, now miniaturized cameras can be placed in different places like racing cars, goal posts, cricket stumps, and why not even on the athlete. All these give a much closer, precise, and more realistic spectating experience for sports lovers.

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As such it’s pretty much evident that the future of sports relies on technology and there is no going back.

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