Importance Of Digital Marketing – 3 Important Points

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Digital marketing is a broad term, it includes so many things. Digital marketing is like the promotion of business and services or products through different online platforms. It involves many activities or topics like SEO, SEM, PPC, content writing, blogging, social media marketing, etc.

Digital marketing is not limited to one thing or topic, rather it is a huge term. In today’s era, we see everything is getting digital and increasing day by day. From a single person to a group of people, everybody is indulging in some digital activity. Because it has made so many things easy and fast like half of the payments are made digitally/online through different online payment platforms. It is a very good subject matter to get upgraded through this in all ways. Makes work, payments, activities easy and fast.

  • Userfriendly can be used by anyone once they will be aware of it.
  • The advertisement made it easy and reach to the number of peoples
  • Engagement of customers gets increased
  • Promotion and advertisement on different social media platforms
  • Increases traffic and visitors/users
  • Involves usage of different types of marketing, searching tools, etc, so that work can be done easily and fast with fewer efforts by smart work.
  • Involves a modern way of advertisement/promotional activities Components of Digital Marketing :

Website Making: There are so many topics that digital marketing is not complete without them. Like a website, without it we can not make

our business online/promotional to reach a maximum number of people or showing our business online under one niche.

Importance :

 [Website = Domain name/IP address+Hosting] Domain or IP address is like a name of a website and hosting is a place of a website (for keeping a record or data of a website). From different websites/platforms, we can buy a domain and host for our business, like go daddy,

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HostGator etc.. some of the well-known websites. We must buy the domain or hosting from popular websites so that it will be safe and secure to use it.

PPC: PPC stands for Pay per click, the word itself represents that we have to pay per click/cost per click. When a number of times our ad is clicked on a screen/search bar we have to pay for it.

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 Google ads are search ads, that show in search results.

For making ads or creating a campaign we need google ads. In this process, keywords matter because you have to run your ads on those keywords.

Keyword / Keyword Research:

[ Keyword -> Top search result + Ranking]

Keywords play an important role in digital marketing concepts. Because they are responsible for your website ranking and search result bar ( show on a top). Keyword research should be done accurately according to your website’s nature. Keywords are important for PPC ads also( in those keywords you have to run your ads). Some things have to be kept in mind while doing keyword research like –

  • Relatable keywords, there should be relatable keywords to your business/ website
  • Keywords that are mostly searched, some important types of keywords
  • Keywords that are easy to write and understandable to users or searchers
  • Keywords that will get high clicks and with low-cost matches with our website or its content.

Bid strategies: The strategies on the basis of them we set certain things so that ads can be run in the best possible way. In this, we need to fix bid strategies like CPC, CPM, CPA, CPI, CPV, etc. Budget and conversion also play a vital role. Conversion means people click on your ads. And the budget that we set or pay a particular amount for ads.

Social Media Marketing: SMM or Search media optimization are different online platforms for marketing. It helps in optimizing strategies, content reach, traffic, target audience, engagement, etc. that are important for your business/website. As of today, we see there are plenty of people indulging in social media platforms and getting increased day by day. The different types of social media platforms are FB, linked In, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

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SEO: SEO stands for Search engine optimization, that is optimization of search engine for ranking your website on top of the search results and increasing traffic. It helps in optimizing the quality and quantity of traffic through search engines. It includes crawling and indexing your website. Crawling or crawlers also called spiders/bots (google programmers) that scans your website data to take it to google for indexing. Indexing refers to the ranking of your website in a search result.

How search engines work – Crawlers/spiders crawl your website’s data, that is called crawling, after that indexing is done, that is the scanning of your data. Then crawler takes all your data, folders etc and consolidates it, and sends it to search engines.

That is how search engines work and optimization is done. We can see that if our website is getting crawled by Google, type this in a search bar – ( cache: your website). And you can also check the indexing of your website – ( site: your website).

Content writing: Content is the king. What you think and write, refers to content writing. Keep your content unique and interesting, it helps you to grow your business/website. Content writing can be done in a text, image, video form, and it includes website pages, posts, or blogs on social media platforms. Content should not be copied but written on your own.

There must be 400 words of content. The stuffing of keywords should not be there, excessive use of keywords or keywords stemming. We can add internal links to a keyword for reaching maximum traffic or reach to a website or a particular page/post. We can check content whether it is duplicate or self-written by a tool called plagiarism checker or another content research tool, buzz sumo. This tool will help you in finding the duplicates.

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Email Marketing: This refers to marketing through email. This is a helping marketing concept, helps in reaching customers or getting traffic by sending emails. Mailchimp is one of the email marketing tools, which will help in creating forums, to subscribe, etc. We can use a plugin for a website called mail poet, for customer data collection, forum creation and this will help in sending emails.

Blogging: This includes content in a form of text, image, media, etc which is self-published. This term is widely used by a number of people daily. This medium is a very great source of earning also, in this you are the only person who is responsible for your own work or content. This is also one of the main parts of Digital marketing.

We see in today’s world huge numbers of the population indulging in blogging, they enjoy writing content or selling it for earning through different platforms of marketing. For blogging website Yoast SEO, one of the plugins helps in optimizing the overall content. Permalink for URL optimization, use of tags will help you in finding topics in a blog easily.

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