3 Important Life Lessons: Things to Become A Better Version of Yourself 

Introduction to Important Life Lessons

If there was one thing that the pandemic of 2020 taught me it was that life is precious. There is ever no guarantee who we may lose the next moment.

We have as humans take everything for granted which is equivalent to being ungrateful for the majority of our lives.

Being the part of the most modern civilization to ever exist to date, we have truly forgotten the value of life.

For what it’s worth, the pandemic did open my eyes to the path of discovering there’s more to the world than mindless scrolling through social media or wasting time on late-night parties.

We need to walk on the path of self-discovery – to find the wiser person within you that will help you REMOVE wasteful habits that are eating slowly your mental wellbeing.

Life lessons learned I learned as an adult

We all have been through different phases throughout our lives regardless of our age. Each generation experiences changes and we have to evolve through those. True that. But the level of toxicity matters in our maturation process too.

Have you ever done a detox? Just the way people use emergency detox pills to get rid of all the toxins out of their system, these tips are self detoxification of their own

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The tips I’m going to share with you will help you get rid of negative emotions and remove them for good.

  1. Let go of the bitterness and failures

“Don’t hold a grudge or a chip and here’s why

Bitterness keeps you from flyin’

Always stay humble and kind”

– Lyrics from Tim McGraw’s Humble and Kind

Do you feel with the time you became bitter when you were not in the past? What caused the change? As I said, everyone goes through certain experiences, good or bad.

It is pretty much obvious the bad experiences will get us the way we will come to hate what others did to us.

Or in some instances, when we are unable to achieve our goals, bitterness creeps its way like a silent predator.

Bitterness will hold you back from moving forward. It’s like an obese wants to diet but then he is served with a cake with his favorite most frosting. One bite and you are doomed!

You might have felt at some point, misjudged, misunderstood, or been in a horrible situation. But it happens. It’s part of life.

So what choice do you have? 

The way you react to a situation will either suck all your positivity or let you move forward. I’d say move forward. You need to learn to let things go for your own good.

  1. Unachievable goals

“My goal is to build a life I don’t need a vacation from”

  • Rob Hill Sr

Some people are just more organized than others. Whether it’s about eating healthy, planning a detox ritual with the emergency detox pills, or even work-related, goals give us a sense of direction to move forward.

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Before the pandemic, everything was about work, work, and more work. Now that I take a look back all I’m able to see is a rollercoaster ride of working like a robot and not spending enough time with my loved ones. So when you set your goals for 2021, make sure you PRIORITIZE everything in a balanced way.

Make short term goals rather than the long term as we can see life is too unpredictable. Learn to live in the moment, and start making goals from here.

Even if traveling is on your agenda then go for it but of course with proper precaution. If you are looking forward to a healthier lifestyle then begin with full body detox and become a healthier version of yourself.

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  1. Let the toxic habits lose

“Whenever there is a gap between your habits and your goals, your habits will always win.”

  • James Clear

The hardest thing as an adult is to change your habits. By the early 20s, we are set into our lifestyle. But do you think you can carry on with the same lifestyle now in 2021? I guess not.

If you used to smoke, drink too much, give in to your sugar cravings more than multiple times a week, it would have its ramifications.

Such habits do not empower us! So you want a clear head?

Get rid of habits that are toxic for your growth and mental peace. Ask the person who quarantined themselves during the pandemic. Self-isolation is like a revelation at many levels.

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You learn a lot about yourself and the people who are sincere or not. Toxic habits can also mean people drag you down by keeping you distracted from your “planned goals”.

So if a habit is getting in your way of happiness and betterment, you better cut it loose before it boggles your mind in the way that you are unable to do it. Sure, we all have habits we don’t like, but it’s only up to us how much we want to grow.

So if you are ready to move with a clear head for 2021 you better keep these points in mind for a fresh start.

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