Excellent Ways to Improve Your Family Home in 2021

Introduction to Improve Your Family Home

The recent pandemic has forced us to spend much more time in our homes. That has led to a resurgence in home improvement projects for homeowners interested in making their living spaces more enjoyable.

In the past, renovations might have focused on boosting the value of the property, but, while that’s still a secondary concern, more people are interested in improving the quality of life for their families. These suggestions can help.

Add a Sunroom

If you have an enclosed patio or a room that isn’t used very often, you can turn any of these rooms into a sunroom.

Your contractor can simply add a row of windows with larger shelves to accommodate plants, books, or other items.

If you don’t have the extra space, you can work with your contractor to design a sunroom that meets your size needs and design style.

This provides a place to enjoy the sun without going outdoors. The extra space may come in handy when your family is getting cabin fever and needs the extra room to spread out.

Finish Your Basement

The uses for a finished basement are countless, and you can use the area for multiple reasons in a basement that’s larger.

An option that many homeowners consider is to block off the laundry area and equipment pertaining to the HVAC and plumbing systems by building a retaining wall.

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The rest of the basement can be remodeled according to your interests in using the space. It can be a second living room, game room, exercise gym, or work area.

Typically, remodeling a modest basement ranges from $15,000 to $30,000, but this will depend on the size of the basement and your plans for its use.

Add an Additional Bathroom

Bathroom use could pose a problem in larger families, but even a smaller family with one or two children could run into problems.

You can choose between adding an 18 square foot half bath or a 35-foot full bath to simplify things for your family.

While you can keep costs low by buying materials in advance from hardware outlet stores that offer discounts, you should expect to spend at least $22,000 on a bathroom addition.

This consists of hiring a plumbing contractor and electrician to extend pipes and electrical wiring to the new bathroom as well as installing a new toilet, sink, and other fixtures.

The extra access to utilities may be well worth the cost of the investment, and this is one home improvement that will boost the property’s market value.

Create a Better Sleeping Experience

While there are many lifestyle changes you can make to ensure you and your loved ones sleep better each night, there are more practical changes you can make as well.

Adding a better quality of blinds to the windows and replacing old windows with energy-efficient alternatives will help improve the quality of the atmosphere.

Additionally, you can provide each family member with an adjustable bed to help them get the rest they need.

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These are all smaller investments that can be added together to boost the quality of everyone’s sleeping quarters.

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Add an In-Ground Swimming Pool

If you plan to sell your home in the near future, this may not be the right project for you. Families with smaller children will be less likely to buy a home with a pool on the property, so you’ll be limiting the number of potential buyers.

However, installing a pool strictly for the benefit of your own family can be a good move. Especially when faced with lockdowns that seem to be extended indefinitely, having a pool on your property will give you and your kids a great place to relax and get some exercise.

While everyone is swimming, you can set up your grill and prepare a barbecued meal for the family on the deck.

You’ll get plenty of use out of your pool, keeping your family from going stir crazy inside the house. The average cost of an in-ground swimming pool ranges from $28,000 up to $55,000.

Final Thoughts

You may find more ways to improve the quality of life you provide for your family. Some projects may not be complicated or costly at all, while others will be more complex.

There’s nothing you can’t do to improve your home as long as you know when it’s better to reach out to professionals for help.

With the right resources and skilled contractors, your home improvements are only limited by your imagination.

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