5 Excellent Instagram Feed On Your Website

Introduction to Instagram Feed

Do you want to add Instagram feeds on your website but confused about what type of Instagram feed to embed on your website?

Don’t worry, here are some examples to collect and curate Instagram Feeds for your website and make it more engaging, attractive, and compelling.

But what are these Instagram feeds? Basically, Instagram has many types of feeds which are shared by users such as hashtag feeds, mention feeds, Stories, tags, or Instagram posts from the user’s handle.

So when you collect Instagram posts using a social media aggregator, you require one of these feeds to insert into the social feed widget and fetch all the relevant Instagram feeds on your website.

So let’s start to know more about five majorly used Instagram Feeds examples.

5 Popular Instagram Feeds Example

Hashtag Feeds

One of the most popular and highly used ways to embed Instagram Feeds on your website is through Hashtag feeds. These are proving to be the best and effective content on Instagram that drives sales and higher customer engagement on the website.

On Instagram, you can find around one million active Instagram feeds, which are opening wide opportunities to collect unique, creative, and attractive content for your website.

Many brands use hashtags to publish their Instagram content and ask their brand fans, followers, or customers to upload images on Instagram using their branded hashtag.

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Embedding Instagram hashtag feeds on a website will increase social proof of your brand or provide the audience with authentic content to believe in your brand.

Moreover, the Instagram hashtag feed on the website is a reliable example that is created by your existing customers. Hashtags feed grab customers’ attention and entice them to buy products on your website.

Instagram Slider or Carousel Feeds

In order to grab the attention of your audience instantly on your website, then displaying Instagram posts into a slider or carousel feed is the best example to do so.

As per the human psychological facts, an average time people’s attention span is about 8 seconds, and you can make a remarkable impression in these seconds otherwise you will lose them.

Representing Instagram feeds in a carousel example will enhance the appearance of your website and engage the audience with continuously running updated or new Instagram posts on your website.

With the help of a theme, you will be able to display your collected Instagram posts in a slider theme on your website.

A beautifully designed and visually appealing Instagram feed will improve the quality of your website and make it more engaging and captivating for your audience.

Instagram Handle Feeds

You might want to display some particular feeds of Instagram from a single Insta handle on your website. This Instagram Handle feeds can be from your own Instagram profile or the public profile of your follower or Instagram influencer, or your fan.

Displaying Instagram posts from the handle gives your audience a clear indication of your hold on the Instagram platform and provides strong social proof of your brand or product to your interested audience.

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Many times people are one step behind making a purchase decision and looking for reviews and validation before buying anything so that they can’t get fooled by the brand or marketers.

Hence, with the help of Instagram Handle feeds is a considerable example that will be able to enhance your website appearance as well as offering authoritative content to your audience that increases sales on your website.

Be a pro by using these books:

Instagram Feeds Sidebar Widget

The next way to eloquently represent your Instagram posts on your website is with the Sidebar Feeds. On either side of your website, you can embed the Instagram sidebar Feed. It will display your collected and updated Instagram feeds on the sidebar of your website.

One best part of using the Instagram Sidebar website Widget is that it will represent your Instagram Posts on every website page. This means it will save your time from embedding the Instagram widget on every page manually.

It will enhance the exposure of your Instagram feeds to a wider audience as people will get to know about your Instagram presence no matter what page they land on or engage with your website content.

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Instagram Feeds In Grid Style

Grid style is the most common, simple, and attractive representation of Instagram posts on websites. It shows collected Instagram posts into a small square window, all in the same size.

As all the Instagram posts are showcased on your website in a similar size and shape, it will make your website page gorgeous with vibrant-looking Instagram posts in a similar size on your website.

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These are powerful to pull your customer’s attention to your website and offer a unique experience to your customers on your website.


Effective representation of the content is the key to success for your website to engage and bring more traffic to your website.

As Instagram is a popular social media, utilizing its content will be of great use for your website. You can display Instagram Feeds using the above-mentioned examples for your website.

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