Comprehensive Guide to Instagram Influencer Marketing Beyond 2021

Introduction to Instagram Influencer Marketing

Are you planning to get your brand the right boost on digital platforms? If yes, then investing in Instagram influencer marketing is the best decision you can make.

Not many years ago, Instagram was a platform for sharing pictures with friends. Now, it has turned a platform with approximately 800 million monthly active users. which makes it a perfect place to boost the promotion of your brand.

Spreading brand awareness, getting more followers aka a loyal fan base, and driving more sales, these three goals can be achieved if you are properly strategizing your Instagram influencer marketing.

So, if you are new to trying this and wondering how you should do it or why then you are in the right place. In this blog, we are going to address all your possible questions and offer the most comprehensive answers. Read on to know more.

What is Instagram Influencer Marketing All About and Why You Should Do It?

If you have spent just a few minutes scrolling up and down on the Instagram feed, you are more likely to come across at least one post of an influencer. Once, this platform was a small circle with only a few key players.

Today, in 2020, the influencer marketing industry consists of a whopping amount of $8 billion. If you are wondering why you should choose this platform for marketing, then you should know that the engagement rate on Instagram is 3.21% while it is 1.5% across all the other social media platforms.

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This is a place where your visual content can immediately attract attention from the target audience and compel them automatically to engage with it by liking, commenting, and sharing.

To answer why Instagram Influencer marketing is so effective, the only reason we can state is the trust factor. An influencer comes with their own loyal fan base or followers. While they are endorsing a product or service, they are also removing the barrier of trust.

They promote on the casual platform which adds to the credibility of the brand. Their recommendations come as a suggestion by a trusted friend which makes it more effective than the traditional advertisement.

When a brand is partnering with an influencer, they are getting a chance to reach a niche audience for their product or service.

Hence, it is a more effective way of creating a lasting brand impression. Generally, influencers work on authenticity.

For example, when an influencer promotes only local small businesses or perhaps cruelty-free artificial leather goods, their endorsement will reach the target audience more easily and in a credible way.

How to Find the Right Partners for Instagram Influencer Marketing

Finding the right influencers can be a tricky thing. But to get the maximum out of it, a brand can partner with the micro and smaller influencers with a huge rate of reach and engagement.

For spreading brand awareness, it is necessary that you pay attention to the metrics that include reaching, engagement ad traffic.

Check Instagram Engagement

When an influencer has a high engagement rate in their posts, this means that their followers are noticing their posts while potentially making purchase decisions. That is why the engagement rate is an important factor to find out which influencer will be the right one for you.

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An influencer should have a 2-3% engagement. If the ratio becomes 4-6%, then it is excellent. If it is higher than 10%, then it is considered to be viral.

For calculating, get an average number of likes and comments on each post, divide it with their followers count. Now, multiply this by 100.

You can also ask the influencer to share their profile insights with you. There are third-party tools too that can help you get the information.

Check the Quality of Followers

Paying attention to the quality of followers will be crucial too. The aim is to reach your niche audience. And for that, aligning with the right followers is necessary.

For example, when you are finding an influencer to promote your formal women’s clothing line, you need to pay attention to the followers who are young women professionals or thought leaders who make a public appearance. Pay attention to the geographical location, age group, gender, language income, and so on.

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Check the Number of Followers

You can check the number of followers of the influencer with whom you are partnering. However, the more the follower will be, the less will become the engagement rate typically.

But having more followers means that the reach of the profile is wider. And that potentially increases the chance of getting more visibility.

Check Their Caption Length

Around the initial days of Instagram, the idea for the caption was to make it as short as it can get. However, from 2016 to 2020, this whole trend has changed completely.

Now, the caption length is becoming almost 400 characters while the longer caption is ensuring more engagement. Longer caption length tends to help the influencers connect more with their niche audience.

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Budget Consideration

The next thing that you need to consider is the budget. Influencers are going to charge you for their promotion.

Micro or small influencers with a smaller audience can only ask for free products. But when you are connecting with the profiles with a wider reach, they will charge. Some influencers ask for a flat rate.

And some can charge depending on the number of sales and leads they will generate. According to research, while 60% of businesses pay less than $250, 27% of brands pay $250 to $1000 per post.

Instagram influencer marketing is a new avenue that every other business and brand is using for its benefits. And as industry experts, we believe that there are a lot of promises that are still to be explored.

As a brand, one must partner with the influencer agency that can help in leveraging the influencers in order to build solid brand recognition and ensure success with the marketing endeavor. There are plenty of such agencies around. Connect with them and start strategizing.

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