8 Ass Kicking Tips To Quickly Take Your Instagram marketing To Next Level

Introduction to Instagram marketing To Next Level

Instagram marketing efforts help your posts on this platform get more attention from users and increase your interaction rates.

In order to take Instagram marketing a step further, some extra work should be done, and the right plans and strategies should be developed, and content should be shared that would attract the audience.

We also consider the steps you will take to take these studies one step further.

Important tips for Instagram marketing work

Choose the right time to share

In order to increase the efficiency of Instagram marketing activities and get good feedback from these studies, you should share your posts at the right times.

Instagram’s timeline algorithm is the way to show posts that get the most engagement today and the most engaged users, at the top of the page.

For this reason, interaction is more important than sharing time like Twitter. However, in order to get the most interaction from your Instagram followers, you need to share at the most active time intervals.

You can examine the time intervals your followers are more active through the statistical properties in Instagram Business profiles. For more detailed information on this subject, you can review our guide below.

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Invest in Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have become one of the most popular content formats that users follow today. Rather than posts on the timeline, there are users who specifically examine Story posts. In your Instagram marketing activities, you can also interact with users in this way by investing in story sharing.

Thanks to different features such as asking new questions, questionnaires, countdown, especially in the Story, it helps you to interact with your users in different ways. For detailed information about the usage of Instagram Story, you can read our guides below.

Create a content plan

In order to get more efficiency from Instagram marketing activities, it is also very important to set a content calendar for your shares and make shares in line with this calendar.

When you prepare this plan, you can see what kinds of posts you will make on which day, at what time, and you can provide different content to users and provide a variety of content on Instagram. Our guides below can give you more detailed information on this topic.

Optimize your Instagram profile

The information on your Instagram profile is also of great importance. Someone who has just discovered your brand or wants to visit your website after seeing a post will come to your profile page to learn more about your brand, as well as want to see your website link.

Organizing your profile information well and providing different information to users with featured Instagram Stories helps you get more recycling through your profile. For detailed information about editing Instagram profile, you can review our guide below.

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Stay in touch with your followers

Keeping in touch with your followers and doing this regularly helps you build loyal customers and followers.

Responding to their comments, answering questions under the post, answering questions via DM (direct message), and helping them by providing them with customer support will strengthen your brand communication as well as increase customer satisfaction.

Do Influencer marketing studies

You can also include influencer marketing efforts in your Instagram marketing efforts. Instagram is one of the most favourable platforms for influencer work today.

Working with these influencer accounts, cooperating and benefiting from their power will increase your brand and product awareness and gain new target audiences.

Influencer accounts can do many different works for you. In addition to brand product promotions, they can also work to increase the number of content on the internet by preparing content for you. You can read our guides below to get detailed information about these topics.

Budget for Instagram ads

Today, getting organic interaction from social networks has become quite difficult. If they do not have very large followers and viral content is not shared, these posts must be supported by advertisements. At this point, you need to take advantage of advertisements in your Instagram marketing activities.

There are many advertising models that Instagram offers. There are many different ad models such as timeline ads, Stories ads, ads where you can share multiple photos, website redirect ads, interaction and follower focus.

By using these advertising models in line with the needs and purposes of your brand, you can increase the recycling you receive from your shares.

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Use the right hashtags

The use of hashtags and Instagram marketing is one of the issues you should focus on. Using hashtags allows posts to reach more people while helping you gain new Instagram likes and followers. However, not every label will give you the same results. For this reason, you should pay attention to the right hashtag.

It is very difficult to appear at the top of the popular hashtags as you should choose the hashtags that may be related to your brand and sharing. Therefore, you cannot get good results from these labels. It will be more effective to use these tags in your posts by researching the tags that are less shared but still related to you. Our guide below can give you more information on this.


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