How To Install C Compiler?

Installation of Compiler

System Requirements for dev c+

  • Windows 95 or higher.
  • 32 MB of RAM.
  • The executables compiled by DevC++will need MSVCRT. DLL (comes with Windows 95 OSR 2 or higher)

Note: Dev c++ can also be used for C language

Other Compilers are as below:

  • MS Visual Studio
  • Turbo C
  • Code Blocks

How to download C

Click on the link below for downloading the compiler for c.

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Steps to download:
C Download -Learning C Programming
C Download -Learning C Programming
  • Click on the Download button shown in the picture.
download C link
download C link
  • Scroll down from top to bottom and search for Dev c++.
Download Dev C++
Download Dev C++
  • Then click on download and setup will start downloading and then install it into your drive c.
Go to download page
Go to the download page

Steps to install:

  1. This is a 9 MB file approx.
  2. Double click the executable file.
  3. Start the installation by clicking the Next button.
  4. Choose the destination folder and install it.
  5. Once the installation is complete, go to My Computer > Properties > Advanced System Settings > Advanced Tab.
  6. Now click on the “Environment variables” button > new.
  7. Change the system variable name as PATH.
  8. Change the variable value as C:\Dev-Cpp\bin;
  9. Click OK and start Dev C to write the program.

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