4 Easy Steps To Install Steam Shower Generator

Introduction to Steps To Install Steam Shower Generator

Today, many people prefer to install a shower in the bathroom during the repair, and most of the time these plan cabins are provided with all the additional elements needed. These include all types of massagers, installation for regulating water transmission, etc.

Considering that most of the time when installing a hydromassage shower, the presence of a standard bath is completely excluded, it is advisable to provide a steam generator.

As a rule, connecting this accessory with your own hands to the shower will guarantee the presence of steam, which will help you feel exactly in a good sauna.

Selection of Steam Shower Generator

Installing a steam generator for a shower cubicle during repair involves initially selecting it. A large number of steam generators are launched on the market. Most of the time they are sold separately from the stall itself.

Therefore, it is important to be able to install the steam generator on your own. But first, you need to choose a high-quality steam shower generator.

You must carefully inspect all elements for the absence of cracks and other defects. It is also advisable to compare the presence of elements with the instruction. After all, the lack of at least one part can make the steam generator faulty, so you cannot avoid premature repairs.

Most steam generators are powered by electricity. The main difference is the method of heating water in the generator and turning it into steam. In the induction models, radiation is applied, which can instantly heat the water, transforming it into steam.

If you have good wiring, then you can choose an electrode steam generator. If the voltage is not too strong, it is preferable to remain in an induction or heating device. The second will cost a little cheaper.

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Selection of Tools

It’s time to start the installation. To produce high-quality work as quickly as possible, you need to have an arsenal of tools needed for the job. You will need:

  • Self-tapping screws.
  • Adjustable key.
  • Rubber gaskets.
  • Plastic tube.
  • Drainpipe.
  • Flexible hose.

You can now start the installation. The installation of a steam generator for the shower cabin must be carried out in several stages, observing its sequence clearly. Do not rush to get everything done quickly, so as not to cause repairs ahead of time.

The first step is to choose the location of the steam generator. Immediately before repair, select a specific location. This is the most important point at work.

After all, this will depend on the safety of the installation and the quality of the generator. As a general rule, the device should be installed not in the bathroom, but in the vicinity.

The closet and hallway are the best. Note that the distance from the bathroom should not exceed 50 m, so even if you have a large house, do not put the generator away.

Directly at the installation site should be accessible to the water and electricity pipe. Consider that electricity and water should not be in contact, so leave a better place for the electrical part to be on the opposite side of the water supply and slightly above its level.

It is important to observe the minimum distance from the floor and walls. If you bought a wall model, you can just hang it up. For this purpose in the wall of drilled holes, pegs and screws with hooks are conducted so that the body is suspended.

Connectivity of Network


First, you need to screw the drain pipe. It should be located just below the slope and go to the bathroom. There you can put it in the bathroom, shower or in a special container. It will drain the residual condensate formed during the operation of the plant.

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After that, make the connection to the water supply. Any model of the steam generator in your body contains a special magnetic valve. It is what makes the water and steam move through the tubes, thus ensuring the proper functioning of the device.

Using a plastic tube, connect the steam generator box to the water tube. It is very important that the water in this tube is clean. After all, it will be formed from the steam for the bath.

The connection must be made, pre-blocking the water and lowering it from the pipe. A hole is made in the pipe to which a piece of pipe is attached using a special adapter. It is advisable to make the sealing tape and special rubber pads.

By the way, the seal with joints and tape must be made when connecting the pipe, which will drain the condensate. After all, even insignificant droplets of moisture that can be passed through the tube will reduce the safety of using the structure and ruining the floor.

Connect the unit to the shower using a flexible tube. One end of the tube is connected according to the diagram to the body of the steam generator, and the other honor is mounted on the box itself. Fixing is also done according to the diagram attached to the device.

The last step is to connect to the electrical part. This should be done only when the water supply voltage is checked, turning on the water, and filling the generator box with it.

Before connecting the electricity, it is necessary to disconnect. It is very important that the electrical part is done in the most reliable way possible.

Therefore, if you have no skills as an electrician, it is best to seek the help of professionals who do everything correctly, and you will eliminate unnecessary suffering and experiences in the future. The quality of the sockets must be checked during repair, before installing the steam generator.

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How to Use It Correctly?

Installation of the steam generator in the shower cabin is over! Now you need to understand how to use it correctly. First, connect the water and the voltage simultaneously.

There is usually a button on the device that allows the generator to start generating steam directly. Click this button. The solenoid valve immediately provides a water filling device and triggers the formation of the worry.

Ne body if you do not immediately notice a lot of steam in the shower. Normally, full-time work starts in 4-5 minutes. It is then that the steam goes intensely.

In the case of the generator, you can also independently define the temperature required for the formation of steam. Hence it will depend on the rate of vaporization.

If the steam disappears when it is turned off and when it turns on, it appears, as long as there is no water leak and noisy sounds anywhere, then everything works correctly. Now you can always enjoy the effect of the sauna on your soul!

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