Accomplish Learning How To Integrate Security in DevOps in 15 Minutes

Introduction to Integrate Security in DevOps

DevOps has revolutionized the world of technology today. However, when it comes to its efficient operations, DevOps Developers need to ensure they integrate advanced security systems into their projects.

Security is indispensable for critical business operations, and it is here that developers face challenges when it comes to making the applications secure from cyber threats and failures. 

DevOps Developers need to upgrade their skills in security 

Though DevOps is popular in the technology world today, it faces several security gaps. Modern-day DevOps Developers are not adequately trained or skilled to close these gaps.

Though applications are being released in the market faster, most of them need to be recalled because of these security lapses. Experts in DevOps state developers should be able to: 

  1. Improve communication among both teams – The security and the DevOps teams need to communicate and collaborate more often. In this way, they can boost the safety of their apps. 
  2. Embrace a unified approach when it comes to market releases – Both the security and the DevOps teams do not have a unified approach when it comes to using automation tools and introducing upgrades to the applications that have been created. 
  3. Testing of the software application – Developers resort to testing the security of applications with various tools that are not synced in with their everyday environments for testing. 
  4. Testing is restricted only to the development/deployment phase of the application – Testing should be conducted at regular intervals during the product’s lifecycle. This does not hamper its launch date nor the compliance of a new project.
  5. Lack of training – Most developers of DevOps teams do not have training in maintaining software security.

The above are the critical challenges that DevOps processes face today when integrating them with advanced security systems.

Security in DevOps
Security in DevOps

CI/CD Developers need a change in their approaches to accomplishing better results

The above key issues can be solved if modern CI/CD Developers can alter their approaches to security issues in a DevOps process. This change of perspective is desperately needed today in the field of-

  • Technology- Most developers attribute problems in security to be
  • a technological issue. It is here that they should shift the paradigm and manage issues with a holistic approach. 
  • Existing processes for security are compatible with Waterfall models- This model needs to change to the Agile approach so that collaboration improves and developers can accelerate the work. 
  • Be proactive- A proactive approach needs to be embraced by the development team. They often do not involve the security team when it comes to working on a project. 
  • Adapting to the process- The goal here is to detect the problem when it crops up in the application. This approach calls for adequate time and effort. 
  • Focus on fixing and not finding- The focus should always be on fixing the security flaw and not finding it. There should be ways and means to tackle the problem so that issues do not crop up later in the lifecycle of the application. 

The role of the DevOps Service Provider

The DevOps Service Provider should focus on the journey of building the application and not its destination. The key task is not to concentrate on the application’s technical components but to devise the correct framework that syncs with the business’s objectives.

To make the right framework, the ecosystem of the app needs to be taken into consideration. This involves the people, technology, and the process.

Outsourced DevOps is the solution for some businesses

For some businesses, outsourced DevOps can be the correct solution for proactively resolving security issues and boosting the application’s functionality.

You enjoy the benefits of better scheduling and planning. There are no delays in the project, and communication gaps between the DevOps and security teams exist better. 

The headache of finding the right developers for both aspects is alleviated when you outsource the DevOps processes to qualified and trained companies. 

DevOps Developers care about the priorities of the software application process, but they must take security and give it equal attention. Training and awareness of the latest technologies are the need of the day.

Teams should bridge the communication gaps, and concerns should be arrested together. Security breaches should be averted at all costs.

The focus must be on quality development so that the end-user gets the speed and functionality deserved without interruptions or hassles.

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