2 Ways To Make Best Interactive Data Visualizations

Introduction to Interactive Data Visualizations [Building interactive data visualizations]

Data is changing the way businesses operate, and that means it’s becoming more and more important at every level of pretty much every industry. That being said, even though data can be a powerful storytelling tool, those sorts of insights are only possible if people have a true understanding of the data. The latest controversy over the Johnson & Johnson vaccine illustrates this point quite clearly. While the data sounds scary (six women receiving blood clots that may be linked to their vaccine) on its face, when put in context with the millions of doses women in that age bracket have received without such complications, it becomes easier to calm the uproar and provide more perspective.

So, how do you make data easier to understand? One key factor is data visualization. Having the right pie chart, bar graph, histogram, or line graph can make all the difference in helping people clearly and quickly understand even complicated data sets. These sorts of infographics and interactive data visualization tools can go a long way in preventing the spread of disinformation and ultimately ensure that people understand the data they’re looking at so that they can make more informed decisions based on that data. Here are a few strategies to consider as you work to make interactive data.

Use industry-standard tools for data analysis.

industry-standard tools for data analysis
industry-standard tools for data analysis


Part of interactive data visualization involves using the best available tools to handle your data analysis in the first place. After all, if you’re not able to understand a complex data set, how should you be expected to explain that data to someone else? For one of the best data visualization tools on the market, consider using the software provided by TIBCO. TIBCO is an industry leader in the data visualization field and has plenty of data visualization tools that allow you to transform data points into interactive visuals that any viewer can quickly understand.

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The best data visualizations are highly visual and highly customizable, and TIBCO’s dashboards prioritize providing a personalized way to view and rearranging your dashboard’s layouts so that you can get the insights you need through a variety of filters and different plots. Whether you’re looking for a scatter chart or bar chart, the interactive graphs and analytics in TIBCO’s software provide detailed information about the data you’re analyzing.

Find ways to clearly and creatively spread information

clearly and creatively spread information
clearly and creatively spread information


Beyond using the right interactive data visualization tools to come up with the information, it’s just as important to find creative ways to share that information with others.

Social media is a major boon for getting information out to the public, but it may be important to include the right color palette for readability as well as different icons, fonts, and brand colors if you’re creating social media posts for a specific company. In these situations, before you put something on your Instagram story or Instagram feed, it may make sense to use a template first.

Even if you’re not an expert with Adobe Photoshop or Canva, being able to edit Instagram templates allows you to put your best foot forward. An Instagram template provides a consistent look, whether you’re using it to show off scatter plots about the types of customers you serve or share an inspirational quote a participant in one of your programs or services has had.

With more and more customers using mobile devices than ever before, getting the best data visualizations your company has in front of customers and investors on popular apps like Instagram and Facebook is a great way to get the word out in a way that a blog post or news story alone might not do.

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