5 Excellent Internationalize Corporate Company With its Website?

Introduction to Internationalize Corporate Company

Do you want to internationalize your enterprise company on your corporate website? You must follow proper global strategies to make this dream true.

In this article, we will tell you how to internationalize a company on their website. Why you should make a global strategy for your business? Is it necessary or not? We will be covering all these points in our article. So, let’s dive into it.

An e-business plan to support your international augmentation

Usually, businesses without a strong globalization plan choose one of two paths: they believe that their enterprise website, simply interpreted, will work as efficiently all around the globe; or, they give their local offices the option to create customized websites.

Both strategies are questionable. Translated content on the enterprise website will hardly adequately engage local customers and prospects.

The distributed method leaves local offices striving to control the efforts in the vacancy of well-defined guidelines, often producing their own website versions with broadly deviating form and content that leaves a weakened brand.

It all started when a client asked us if we could internationalize their website as you had done with ours.

It had been a year since we decided to translate our website into several languages ​​and our success spread to our clients, who wanted to replicate our strategy.

I have requested a quote from other web design agencies to create my website in different languages. He tells us that the prices they have given him to translate his website with various systems are very different and how we did it successfully on our website he asked us for an opinion.

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After several meetings, We explained to our client that internationalizing a company through its website is not only about creating different languages.

We review the web structure, in this case, developed with WordPress, we optimize the server to increase performance in different countries, we carry out translations using artificial intelligence with Google Cloud and Deepl, we carry out translations through databases to optimize performance among many other things.

In this post you will find all the steps we took to make ourselves known around the world with our own website and that some of our clients are currently benefiting.

Web translation in several languages

There are many ways to translate your website, at this point you will learn which is the best and why.

Translation system for WordPress

One of the keys to translating your website is choosing a good system that allows us to translate our website quickly.

We use plugins to translate your website into several languages, I will divide this part into two main systems to take into account.

Most WordPress translation plugins use a system where you duplicate your content to offer it in different languages. The main problem that these types of plugins have is the loss of performance.

By duplicating the code, the web page will have to double the performance to load more HTML, javascript, and CSS content, so for us, it is one of the systems that we advise against.

The best method to translate your website is through calls to the database, so this type of plugin will not duplicate your content, thus optimizing the loading speed.

This system is designed not to damage the performance of your website, one of the reference plugins that allows you to carry out this type of translations is Translatepress.

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How to translate your texts correctly?

At this point, I will describe the 3 ways to translate your texts.

First of all, there are automatic translation tools such as Google Translate or Deepl. Although it helps us to translate our website quickly and for free, it is the worst of the three available ways since it will generate numerous errors in the translation that search engines then take into account to position your website.

Second, you can find a human translator for your texts. The professional text translator service is the best of the three methods to translate your website but the most expensive option.

Third, there are artificial intelligence translation tools, where texts are automatically translated in a more natural way and which may be the best value for money.

Services that you can find to translate your page by artificial intelligence are Google Cloud Translate and Deepl API.

We have our website translated using Deepl API and we check the grammar of the texts translated with Grammarly.

It seemed to be the best solution and it is already giving us benefits by positioning our website in new countries where we did not have visits such as France, England, Belgium, and the United States.

Improve loading speed in different locations

If you want to know why cloud systems arose to improve web speed, the title of this point solves the problem. To solve the problem of loading speed in different countries, servers are set up to load your website in different locations, thus setting up a Cloud server system.

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Currently, a web page is located on a single server, it is the basic hosting that is contracted for the design of a web page, development of online stores or mobile application.

So that you understand it easily. For example, our Mobile App Development Company in the USA, a year ago had a single VPS server located in the USA where our website was mounted. The web loading performance from Mexico and Canada was really fast, around 0.4 seconds.

But when we loaded the web from Spain, the loading times increased to 8 seconds.

We decided to set up the language systems in Spanish and to solve the problem we used the largest network of servers around the world that uses AWS and Google Cloud.

Once the Cloud system was mounted and the cache copy was generated in Spain, the loading times went from 8 to 1 second.


Before venturing into the world of internationalizing a website, consult an experienced expert. There are many points to take into account and to do a good job you will need to do all the points correctly.

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