5 Foods Should Avoid During Invisalign Treatment

Introduction to Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign treatment is increasingly popular and no longer something limited to only the affluent. With clinics rapidly growing and branching out, the option of payment plans and the ability to receive treatment within your own home through online dentists, there are few barriers in the way between you and straight teeth.

A Hollywood smile can be gained in a short time and a discreet way with the use of Invisalign, with the treatment involving the wearing of transparent, custom-designed aligners over the teeth.

Their upkeep is simple and maintenance is as easy as brushing your teeth. They require twice-daily cleaning and should be removed for the wearer to brush and floss their teeth, as well as to eat.

Eating certain foods can have a detrimental effect on your aligners and overall ‘journey to that perfect smile’.

Foods to avoid

Some foods could stain, chip away or begin to erode the aligners as well as interfering with your teeth, compromising the straightening process.

Hard foods and sweets

Things with a quick and easy snap, such as crisps and soft, savoury snacks, are a safe option but anything sturdier, such as a coffee or boiled sweet should be avoided.

If a food has a hard exterior or shell, it could push or chip your teeth which would render your current aligners less effective.

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Even sweets which can be sucked should be avoided, as they leave behind a sugary residue which can result in plaque build-up.

Raw vegetables

Raw vegetables don’t need to be avoided altogether, but they do need to be chopped into smaller, bite-sized pieces in order to be consumed without having an effect on the aligner.

It would be better to switch to softer healthy options, such as berries and bananas, whilst undergoing aligner treatment.

Chewing gum and sticky foods

Anything sticky and/or chewy that you’re recommended to avoid whilst wearing fixed braces should also be avoided when wearing aligners.

If a food, sweet or gum has the ability to tug and pull at the aligners then they can also easily damage or break them.

Cold drinks

Certain cold drinks should be avoided during your treatment process, specifically wines and sodas.

Wine can easily stain the aligners, tinting them a darker shade and making your teeth appear dirty.

Fizzy drinks are very acidic and the sticky properties will cling to your teeth, providing a food source for bacteria.

If you cannot avoid completely then you must limit your intake of these drinks and rinse your mouth afterwards.

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Hot drinks

Hot drinks such as coffee can stain your teeth and aligners so this is best to be avoided completely – or great care is taken after intake to limit staining chances.

Drinks of a high temperature can extend orthodontic treatment time as they can warp the aligners and leave them misshapen.

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A moment on the lips could be additional time in the dentist’s chair and added time and expense onto your treatment process.

Although you don’t have to put all your favourite treats completely off-limits, it is advisable to avoid the above foods as much as you can.

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