Why IoT Is The Future of Mobile App Development – 11 Important Reasons

Introduce to Why IoT is The Future of Mobile App Development

The Internet of Things (IoT) is taking over the world, not slowly, but with a rapid speed! With time, IoT has become a part of many sectors, including fitness, health, gaming, and entertainment. Now, with over 3.4 billion smartphone users globally, app development techniques are adapting more IoT-based technologies to integrate and serve the market.

With around 63% of consumer electronics being a part of the IoT network in 2020, equipment such as smart air conditioners, smart televisions, gaming consoles, etc., has already joined the race. Currently, brands such as LG, Samsung, and Sony among many others are focusing on integrating their different devices with mobile applications as well. Moreover, apart from the officially released apps, many third-party apps are coming into existence due to the availability of open-source codes as well.

An insight into the statistics of IoT technology

Now, to get a perspective of the future of the IoT industry, a few important statistics might help us better. Therefore, let’s have a look at these statistics!

  • As per Statista, by 2030, IoT might create a network of 50 billion different devices globally
  • By 2025, the data volume of IoT connected devices is expected to reach up to 79.4 zettabytes (ZB)
  • IoT spending is expected to reach $1.1 trillion by 2023
  • In 2020, only from Europe, 2,552 thousand organizations were investing in the IoT technology

Influence of IoT in the future of mobile app development

With time, IoT is influencing the mobile app development sector in various ways. From hardware modifications to advanced connectivity technologies, IoT technology is changing not only software but hardware as well. We can take examples of any category such as best phone tracker apps; tracker apps connect smartphone devices with a network that can use GPS to find out the exact location. With the help of IoT, a bridge exchanging data between GPS technology and satellite is established.

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Better connectivity with devices

A while back, every time you had to switch off the home appliances such as lights, fans, AC, anything, you had to get up from the bed and switch the buttons off manually. But now, with the help of IoT, a simple mobile app can do it all for you. Devices such as Alexa are using this technology to serve users better.

Upgraded security networks

IoT-supported devices are making remote security monitoring and controlling more accessible. With CCTV cameras accessible from a smartphone app, the modern security network has upgraded and turned more reliable. Moreover, with time, it is expected that the future of IoT will unlock the maximum potential of security networks. Modern CCTV devices such as MI Full HD WiFi Camera are offering features such as two-way communication, 360 degrees rotation, and more.

Increase in the open-source code development trend

Open-source development codes are enabling multiple third-party mobile apps to execute controls over various electronic devices. Moreover, new developers can use already existing open-source codes along with their unique ideas to build mobile apps with extended features and fewer bugs. A few best free android apps, such as HomeKit and Xively, among others, are gaining a good reputation from the same genre.

Modification in smartphone hardware technology

With a boost in enterprise and other IoT-based smartphone apps, phone manufacturers are making hardware more compatible to support IoT-based technologies. Along with improved network sensors, modern smartphones are focusing on improving the quality of the network connections and their ranges as well.

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Reduced app development costs

With the availability of more open-source codes, the app development process is getting cheaper due to the IoT. The technology is influencing app developers in adding more features to support multiple devices from multiple brands as well. Therefore, the time and money invested in the IoT app development process have gone cheaper.

Increased adoption of hybrid app development

IoT allows multiple devices to interact with each other easily. Therefore, hybrid app development is seeing a boost as well. With time, developers are focusing on making more and more hybrid apps as the development process is less costly and faster. With the support of multiple devices, hybrid apps are less costly to maintain as well.

Increased data consumption

Well, IoT apps are based on wireless networks such as the internet or Bluetooth. Therefore, the amount of data being transferred is boosted in number as well. It has directly resulted in improved needs of fast network and data. This new trend is influencing the network infrastructure in the real-world as well.

IoT in the transportation industry

Along with every other sector, the transportation industry is adapting the usage of IoT rapidly as well. From advantages such as remote traffic monitoring, IoT is making driverless transportation trends possible as well. A few giants such as Tesla are using IoT to make future transportation safer and more convenient by reducing human interference.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Now, when using technology will be more convenient, of course, users will have a better satisfaction level. However, in the beginning, it might get a little inconvenient due to common issues IoT-based apps face such as lack of understanding of different languages or accents, limited features, etc. If tackled in advance, these advantages can boost the goodwill of an app rapidly.

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Final Verdict

Smartphone apps are serving many industries at the moment. And, technologies such as IoT are expanding this coverage even more. In the future, with the increasing number of smart devices, the speed of IoT app development will boost as well. With advantages such as remote security, comfy entertainment, wireless home appliances, IoT is going to make sci-fi technology real, if it hasn’t already!

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Increasing IoT culture will not only improve the number of devices but will also create more learning and earning opportunities for new developers due to the open-source availability.

The future seems to accept more IoT applications as people are habitual of the comfort technology advancements are providing them every day. Moreover, with time, these expectations will just boost and new opportunities will arise in the market. Devices such as Amazon Echo will increase to take control of devices more conveniently. And not only comfort, but IoT is also assisting users with their health-related needs such as heart rate or blood pressure measurements, medical alarms, pulse monitoring, etc.

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