4 Facts On: IoT Monitoring An Essential Topic In Cold Chain Logistics

Introduction to IoT Monitoring

For plucking the fruit of success, you are entering anywhere but without the internet, don’t tell me. It’s not that we use technology, we live technology, changing the word vigorously day by day.

Like other departments, a cold chain strategy also needs the latest automation. All in vain if the product’s freshness and quality are being affected for any reason when reaching in the user’s hands.

The delivery of a wide range of products like perishable food vaccines and other drugs, blood, floral, meat, etc need different temperatures for proper reservations.

But when considering the long distance to cover for the purpose, then the process becomes more challenging.

Thanks to IoT makes it possible for cold chain logistics, no matter how long is distance. It stands for the ‘Internet of Things’ enabling companies to make sharp real-time monitoring, using a device that assists to improvise infrastructure facilities.

In short, it offers a genius solution for highly effective support and management in supply chain systems. 

Why logistics And IoT Must be firm friends

Interesting to know that the global supply market is very vast and fast, valued at USD 159 billion by 2018, which is estimated to touch USD 585 billion in 2026.

Freezer transportation as an active competitive market for logistic providers has become more challenging as per stern temperature standards, high-capital investment, government strict regulations, maintaining quality standards, etc.

Now considering all these plus constant mount up in the number of freezer items to be transported, make transporters look further for better and savvy solutions ASAP. This can help streamline the logistics operation and keep their profits up and up.

So the present scenario the smart and emerging companies are welcoming with an open heart to IoT enables cold chain logistics operations to have complete control over their logistics, ensuring that the mounting pressure of quantity and quality are handled with ease. Let them be close friends, best for your business health.

How IoT Works

As the key elements of cold chain management are. 

  • Cold storage
  • Refrigerated transport
  • Refrigerated processing and distribution.

So, It is obvious that all related sectors require deep monitoring and measurements for each step. It is a useful way of transforming the efficiency and potency of long-distance items from root to fruit.

IoT as modern technology is equipped with digital software solutions, secure cloud technology, and open architecture. 

The monitoring devices, I.e. related mobile applications, guide supervisors to have live data regarding temperature and location, plus can prop up the required temperature and scale down drawbacks and issues related to it before they emerge.

They can easily deal with human errors, changes in the local climate, unpredicted delays, damage to the packaging, etc. 

It makes your job smarter as it is fashioned with billions of networked sensors and devices, many of which have already been executed for Supply Chain Management.

 Why IoT is Hot Favorite For Cold Chain Logistics

  • The essence of easiness can be added to hefty and bulky warehousing management. You can now keep an eye on power usage, broken switches, and temperature variations while keeping your attention towards other tasks.
  • Now you have remote access while using it,  enabling you all to update on the storage process and connecting the management to the processes anywhere any time plus saving time.
  • The business of business is a relationship, while links with clients would be on the peak by cashing the latest technology. It enables you to react to potential concerns sooner, along with a quick response to client queries and solutions. Ultimately, a long-lasting and synchronized tie-up emerges among distributors and clients.
  • The chief success of real-time monitoring is accurate analysis, assisting to reduce the management cost of maintenance and a top-up in profits.  Timely updates on power loss or heat leaks will lead to an increase in financial gain.
  • By adding network-connected temperature and humidity sensors in the warehouse permits valid monitoring of food containers, reefer trucks, chiller vans, and shippers alerts, which stop spoilage of products way before they reach the consumers. 
  • With its devices, businesses can observe their shipment 24*7. They can make any suitable variations in the logistics schedule quickly if the service is moving at a slower pace than scheduled. 
  • It offers effective error-free automated tracking to keep away from sorts of issues by humans. Analytics gathered from fixed sensors can provide a clear picture and help to maintain everything related to the refrigerated chain. 
  • COVID-19 vs IoT means the latest horrific pandemic vs the latest terrific technology. Preparation of the most wanted Vaccine is on the way, but after it gets ready, its distribution’s responsibility is on the shoulders of cold chain managers. As vaccines and other pharmaceuticals require accurate temperature control and constant care, so no doubt it guides a lot for the purpose.

Challenges for using IoT for cold chain logistics

  • Fast and advanced internet connectivity must be ensured for prolific results and to function efficiently.
  • For tracking and monitoring purposes, the IoT means to convey their GPS position, and this needs strong internet, Bluetooth, or other wireless connectivity solutions. 
  • Its devices will not operate efficiently in a very stuffed electrical or radiofrequency environment.
  • All devices must be handled by trained experts and educated staff, as devices can be easily damaged during installation and maintenance procedures.
  • Supervision must also be taken to ensure that the devices joined don’t get broken during the logistics cycle.

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Bottom Line

IoT came to light as an ever-expanding world, launching unlimited opportunities for industries to puff up their competitive, led by using human expertise along with the current analytics, linking sensors, and embedded intelligence.

With tough competition and barricades in the logistics industry, the cold chain logistics businesses shouldn’t be cold-shouldered towards its benefits. While all its related appliances call for extra investment, the usage and savings offered by them are great in the long run.

In short, future success is for those suppliers, joining the IoT club that will tell apart themselves from those who are still agnostic and far from the growing race.

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