Is Void Actually A Evil Of This Universe? All Facts Just In 5 Minutes

Introduction to Is Void Actually A Evil

When the universe has created the Light and the Void existed, the tension generated by these two forces eventually erupted in a series of explosions that gave birth to the physical universe.

The two main energies existed as two sides to the same coin and where the two powers coalesced the Twisting Nether was created and the demons. Since then the Light and the Void have been the 2 main powers behind pretty much everything.

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If you analyze deep enough you realize that most of the events that occurred are just a part of the constant strife between the two.

Until recently we’ve believed that the Light was pure good and benevolent and that the void was evil incarnate, that ended up being true to a small extent but largely false.

The real answer is that these two are just natural forces that have no morality and that a lot of good and evil depend on their users.

However surely the void that created the old gods, the void lords, the undead, and all the various horrors, atrocities, and suffering can’t be good, so the question arises is the Void actually evil?

There are various interpretations of what the light and the void are. One of them says that the light sees only one truth and one path and is fanatical about it which was proven by the storyline of X’eraor the alternate Draenor storyline with Yrel taking over the world while the void sees many truths and many different paths which we have seen with Alleria and the locus walker.

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However, one thing is certain that we as mortals definitely have one power that we see as better for us and a lot more natural as after all, the living was created by the Light.

This is evident by the fact that the Light brings positive emotions such as hope, comfort, courage while the shadow brings the exact opposite such as despair, doubt, and panic. It is said that the Light brings emotions from the heart while the void affects those created by the mind.

Throughout history we have seen various void creatures, the most notable ones are the Void Lords, incredibly powerful beings that can’t even manifest themselves in the physical universe that are hell-bent on reordering the world and creating chaos.

To further their goals they have created the Old Gods which were tools that were supposed to search out titans and corrupt them into void beings in order to become incredibly powerful weapons. Aside from these various other monstrosities

were either created or transformed from other beings. Interestingly enough demons as creations from the mysterious realm of the Twisting Nether that was touched by the void are able to wield and manipulate the void despite not being creatures of it.

Generally, the void was used to commit atrocities and evil but it could also be used as a tool for good. For example, we had warlocks and shadow priests that fought for us, and that fought against the Burning Legion bent on destroying Azeroth.

This is similar to fel magic and the demon hunters that utilized it in order to ultimately destroy the Burning Legion and save what was left of the universe.

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However, there is a big difference between a paladin and a shadow priest. The void is the type of power that comes at a price, that can twist a noble mind and turn it evil. It is very hard to control and if used long and hard enough it can break even the most resilient spirits.

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Currently one of the most notable users of the shadow is AlleriaWindrunner which makes her very interesting as she was one of the most notable warriors of the Army of the Light. She became the first void elf and created a new race known as the ren’dorei. She is currently the experiment and the proof that the void can be used for order and in her case to defend Azeroth and the Alliance. Ultimately the real answer is that just like the Light the shadow is just an energy that exists. It has no morality and it doesn’t really make any choices.

The only difference is that Light is closer to life as its natural state orders while the shadow thrives on chaos and it sees chaos as what the world should be like.

The light completely dismisses the void and is bent on destroying it as was evident with the imprisonment of Alleria when she began to dabble in the dark magics.

From a general perspective, none of the forces are evil, the void is just more potent for destruction and further away from the creations of the light which is almost all life.

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