Why IT Asset Relocation Should Be Done by Professionals Beyond 2021?

Introduction to IT Asset Relocation

Managing IT asset relocation is one of the most challenging tasks for an organization.  Unlike other assets such as furniture,  IT assets have added risks that can cause serious operational disruptions.

There are risks of equipment loss or damage,  data loss, and unfamiliarity with the new systems. The ordinary organization is usually ill-prepared for IT asset relocation. A professional relocation firm is better placed for this task.  Here is why:

Reduced  Business Disruptions

Serious business disruptions can happen when there is an abrupt IT assets relocation. This is more so if there are teething problems with the new system or operations base.

Businesses in sensitive industries such as finance or health.  Serious service disruptions can lead to loss of trust and damage to a brand’s reputation.

Engaging professional IT relocation services mitigates this risk by having a comprehensive relocation plan.

A well-done IT assets relocation plan identifies different risks and makes steps to address these risks when they materialize.

A professional relocation service has the experience to know what works well in different circumstances.

Better Cost Efficiency

Handling a task which you are poorly equipped to handle usually comes with cost inefficiencies. There are things that are often overlooked but which incur costs later. These oversights can be very costly sometimes, for example, if there are no power backup plans.

IT asset relocation requires personnel, equipment, and time.  Dedicating these resources means that the organization is shifting them away from the core business.

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Even big organizations will be reluctant to dedicate significant resources to a task that is not core to business operations.

The dilemma is that failure to dedicate adequate resources to relocation leads to poor execution of the task.

There will be serious service disruptions, system failures, and all other risks that can materialize.  The alternative is to outsource the task to professionals.

Engaging a professional service is more cost-effective. There is no need to hire personnel or equipment.  You do not have to make high capital costs that are one-off.

You do not have to invest time resources in the relocation. You can concentrate on the core activities needed to make the relocation smooth, for example, optimization of system performance.

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Safety and  Security

IT assets are sensitive in the sense that they are core to business operations. When these assets fail, operations come to a halt.

There is also data sensitivity when handling IT assets. Data security risks can materialize and become real when IT assets are improperly handled.

Data breaches are very likely to happen when stored data is not secure. The breach can be a loss of confidential client information or employee information.

Proprietary data can also be lost including R&D data. A business loses its competitive edge when such intellectual property lands in the hands of the competition.

There is also the risk of loss or damage to IT assets. This risk is more real when IT hardware is moving from one location to another.

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Small items such as flash drives,  mice,  and external hard disks can get misplaced when moving thousands of items.

A professional IT asset relocation service can handle such a sensitive task.  Having handled many relocations brings in an experience that mitigates physical damage and loss of IT assets.

One important task which requires professionalism is handling data destruction in end-of-life equipment.

This is equipment that has become obsolete and is no longer suitable in the new setting. There are different ways of handling this equipment.

You can repurpose it to become useful in the new environment. You can also donate it to deserving charities. You should destroy sensitive equipment.

Data destruction ensures that data stored in end-of-life equipment is irretrievable and inaccessible by unauthorized persons.

Data overwriting with scrambling tools hide the data under meaningless data. It can be done without physically damaging the IT asset.

Physical data destruction of equipment with sensitive data methods includes shredding, crushing, and melting. These methods require special equipment and a knowledgeable technician.

IT asset relocation services will often offer professional data destruction services. Engaging a professional service saves you the headache of handling these tasks.

It is also cost-efficient since you do not have to buy or hire specialist equipment and also hire the technicians.

More Convenient

There is a lot going on when relocating IT assets. You will want to have your hands free to respond quickly to any problems that may arise.

Delegating the task to professionals takes much of the burden off your shoulders. It becomes less stressful for everyone.

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IT assets relocation is necessary for any growing business. It comes with risks that can lead to business disruption, data loss, and equipment damage.

Hiring a professional IT assets relocation service eliminates these risks. It makes the process cost-efficient, safe, and delivers the expected benefits.

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