8 Best IT Product To Enhance Productivity Both At Work & Home

Introduction to IT Product To Enhance Productivity

Technology has been astonishing the world through products that the majority of us didn’t think would exist or be of any use.

But now, the time has changed and the progress is marching forward. There are many IT products that exist to serve you a better time and help you become extra productive than before.

Now, when it comes to productivity, we go through multiple tasks a day that can become monotonous and time-consuming.

Thus, as a result, our productivity decreases to a point where we start to worry about our health, mental space, and social-behavioural traits.

But, these IT products have been very helpful to mankind over a long period of time. And uniquely, new products are continuously discovered every day and soon, we may have the opportunity to get everything done in a matter of seconds. Interested in finding out what these IT products are? Read more below!

Top IT Products Meant to Increase Your Productivity Levels

If you are interested in making your work and home routine more productive, then here’s a list of top IT products that you can make great use:

  1. Doxie Go

One of the latest inventions of technology is Doxie Go. As unique as the name is, the features are much more fascinating.

It is a portable scanner that comes in a long cylindrical shape. The best part is that you can save space and scan any file at any time or anywhere you like.

The product is capable of printing 400 copies in one round of rechargeable batteries. All you have to do is insert the document that you want to scan and it will be saved in the SD memory or you can choose to send it to your email address right after scanning.

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Fix all Printer issues by seeking Printer Repair Service Center Dubai for assistance in connecting it with a printer.

  1. Evolved Philip’s Alarm Clock

We’ve always been skeptical about having alarm clocks because it helps us get up in the morning. But at the same time, can ruin sleep regardless. Most alarm clocks are monotonous but not this one.

The Philips new invention of the alarm clock is unique. It is not loud like regular ones, or neither does it have any odd sound that is frustrating waking up to.

Instead, the device is built with sounds of birds chirping. Along with that, the alarm gradually glows just as the Sun outside would.

This makes the wake-up process much calm and healthier. If you usually wake up feeling cranky, this device is the ideal one for you.

  1. Apple Watch Series 4

IT Product To Enhance Productivity
IT Product To Enhance Productivity

Technology has evolved to the point where you can wear it in your hand. One such example is Apple Series 4 which can help you with your health benefits. Based on the display of 40/44mm it can detect the electrical impulses of your heart and show the heart rate and beat per minute.

Alongside, it also lets you keep track of call logs and texts while having the facility to call anyone, text, or converse with Siri. It is one of the most helpful gadgets that make your work easy, especially when you’re out for a run without carrying your smartphone.

  1. TOTU8-in-1 USB Hub

Whether you’re working from home or from the office, your workstation may usually consist of more than one electronic device. For example, a printer, scanner, external hard drives, or speakers. To let them run all together can be a hassle but not anymore.

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TOTU 8-in-1 USB Hub is the ideal IT product that can be very useful. Connect up to 8 USB cables into a singular port and then connect it to a power source so that you can run everything at once. However, in case of any difficulty connecting it to a printer, refer to printer repair Dubai

  1. BenQ Genie e-Reading LED Desk Lamp

If you work from home, this IT product will be of great help to you. The lamp is specifically built in such a way that it can help you read your desktop screen evenly.

This is because the architecture of the lamp is wide. And thus, the light can evenly distribute and reflect on the area.

And, one more unique thing about the design is that the brighter sides are on the outer edge of the lamp while making the middle section relatively darker. Also, you can set the tone of the light from warm to cooler tones based on whatever task you are doing.

  1. PD Pioneer Portable Laptop Charger

Laptops are one of the most helpful gadgets to carry rather than carrying around your desktop. However, one major problem that continues to bother, the laptop charger and it needs a power socket. Well, that problem has been solved.

PD Pioneer Portable Laptop Charger is just what people need when they are out. It is compatible with an AC power outlet to recharge your laptop when the battery is down.

Likewise, it supports a battery capacity worth 20,000 mAh, it also supports USB Type-A and C. Fix all printer issues by Referring to Printer Repair Service Center Dubai for more guidance.

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  1. SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive

A flash drive that does not need to be connected to a device for transferring data is unique as well as productive. Usually, flash drives need to be connected to the system to be able to transfer data from it to the desktop.

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However, SanDisk has invented a wireless flash drive that can do the same job without connecting it to the device. So, precisely, you will have the advantage to share your media onto different systems at once.

The same process using the traditional cable would take you time and be a hassle. If you are unable to connect it for printing purposes, reach out to printer repair Dubai or Printer Repair Service Center Dubai known as the Best Printer Repair for help.

  1. Rollable Keyboard

Many people prefer to use their smartphones for work purposes because it is easy to carry around and more comfortable to use. However, work that requires you to type, can be a little hectic to do on smartphones.

This is why Gotek has built a rollable keyboard with a Bluetooth Speaker for ease. If you have a smartphone that has a screen size equal or more than 10 inches then it can connect to it easily. Also, it is lightweight and easy to carry as well.


There are more IT Products being discovered that are beyond our imagination. Soon, these products will become an integral part of our life.

So, use these IT Products to enhance your productivity levels each day and get the Best Printer Repair whenever required!

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