Helpful Itinerary Planning Websites For Vacations In 2020

Introduction to Itinerary Planning Websites

Planning the itinerary for your vacation could be exhausting and time-consuming. This will require you to research the places you are going to visit.

The places to see, stay, and the best route to reach your destination are basic research points. Your search is also limited to whatever is available on the internet.

Therefore, To help you out, many itinerary planning website tools plan the trip for you and keep track of your journey. Therefore let’s go forwards and know the advantages and list of Itinerary planning websites in India.

Advantages of Itinerary Planning Websites

  • An itinerary planner is one of the best ways to prioritize the sightseeing plans for the place you are visiting. There might be many places in and around your destination, but a planning tool helps you to choose which site you wish to visit based on the direction of your journey, your taste, and convenience to reach.
  • The planning tool suggests the best route between places. You can just entre point A and point B, and the website will let you know how you can reach the place. Also, the hotels and things to do will be listed for you to help you decide.
  • The most significant benefit of an itinerary planner is that it saves a lot of time for you. You might know the destination and things to do, but there are more challenges like the better way to reach the destination, a better place to stay, and so on when you are on the ground. Therefore, planning sites decide these for you and save you time.
  • Most Itinerary planning websites are open for travelers to comment and give advice. So, you can rely on the information given by the website.
  • The best trip advisor and planner will give you the list of things you need to carry before going to your destination.
  • The most important thing the itinerary website does is to plan your budget and expenditure.
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1. Ixigo Trip Planner

Ixigo India is one of the well-known travel websites. It has the feature of itinerary builder that allows you to list your destination, and you would get the suggested routes, travel mode, places to visit, and other important recommendations.

It helps you to visit popular destinations or offbeat places. You can also get the best holiday packages and short trip advice for you. Ixigo travel stories will give you complete information from travelers who have been to the same destination.

2. MakeMyTrip Itinerary Planner

MakeMyTrip is the largest travel website in India. It had come up with a great itinerary building tool that takes care of your vacation planning according to your demand and choices.

It makes a great sightseeing itinerary and gives you the flexibility to change the destination or itinerary. Later, you can book the MMT packages, and you will be assured of all round the clock assistance on your trip.

3. Travelogy India Itinerary Planner

Travelogy India is a trusted website handled by the ministry of tourism. You can find the shortlisted 100+ itineraries for the popular locations in the country.

On average, all these pre-built itineraries are for 6-10 days, but you can change it according to your availability and interests. These include the best sightseeing attractions and the best routes planned to see the beauty of the country.

4. ScoutMyTrip

SoutMyTrip is one of a kind. It allows the traveler to make the itinerary after consulting the local travel expert. You can visit the website and start your travel planning. The holiday packages are personalized and curated by expert locals. You can hire a scout for yourself and get virtual traveling.

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The hired scout will help you make a very detailed itinerary, including the places to visit and place to stay. They will also suggest you the places to eat, which place is better to visit at what time, and more. Therefore go ahead and try this planning website.

5. Trip Advisor Vacation Planner

Trip Advisor is one of the best websites for guiding travelers. It offers many features, including trip planning. You can visit the site and enter any destination, and you will get the list of things to do, the place to visit, and eateries around. Through this website, you can plan for a weekend getaway as well.

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6. TourMyIndia

For a perfect Indian Holiday, you can visit the website to opt from national, international, and tour packages. You will also personalize tour packages planned around your interest and time duration. They also give a list of weekend getaway options, which will help you explore places around you even if you are working on weekdays.

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7. Indian Holiday Trip Planner

Indian Holiday is the best itinerary builder for domestic traveling. This planning tool allows you to customize the best family and honeymoon packages.

It will ask for your interest to strategize your travel itinerary accordingly. You just need to enter your names, the number of travelers, and the date of departure. They will suggest the best destination for your vacation.

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Itinerary builder website or tool helps us strategize the route to the destination, things to do, days of travel, where to stay, and many other important aspects.

If you sit and plan all of these, you will have to research it thoroughly, which is time-consuming. Many a time, the vacation plans get canceled because it wasn’t planned well.

Therefore, use trip planning websites that assist in making your traveling smooth, organized, and hassle-free. In thing blog, we have covered the seven best itinerary panning sites for you to explore.

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