10 Best JavaScript Libraries And Frameworks to Try Beyond 2020

Introduction to JavaScript Libraries And Frameworks

 It’s just evident in this digital-dominated environment that there is a multitude of programming languages popular across the globe.

Given the rivalry, JavaScript has for several years now emerged as the most popular programming language. Technically speaking, smartphone devices are designed using various programming languages in iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. An android app is encoded using Java language.

The main cause of JavaScript’s popularity is its simplicity and accessibility. Hundreds of platforms and resources are accessible for developers and professional web development companies to select from, on both client-side and server-side initiatives.

They will attach innovative tools to the platform or help you build new web design patterns, resulting in excellent user experiences.

However, you can create amazing mobile apps with reasonable skills of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Hence in this article, we will discuss top JavaScript Web Platform Frameworks to assist developers in their website development ventures.

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Angular is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries used today. To add to the changing developments in the software industry, this system has undergone several updates.

Angular allows you the power to monitor all the UI elements and behaviors. Angular treats any DOM entity as a node. You may either monitor or equate specific activities with each instruction.

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React has received well-deserved popularity as a reliable platform for the creation of creating user interfaces. React also has a component-based framework that allows front end production simpler and quicker.

Due to its DOM programming and powerful server-side rendering, React makes even complicated frameworks operate smoothly.

This often has a significant effect on the SEO of web applications. React has an optional syntax extension that helps developers to create their modules.


Vue has undergone an immense rise over the past two years to be regarded at the same stage as Angular and React. As an indication of its increasing success, Vue surpassed Angular and React in the number of stars in its GitHub store.
Vue offers you an enormous opportunity for customizability when developing your web application. It makes it easy to know and develop stuff on Vue easily.

You will start exploring Vue’s advanced functionality while you create increasingly complicated components. Also, the customizability of Vue makes a quick transformation from every other system.


JavaScript Libraries And Frameworks
JavaScript Libraries And Frameworks

Node is known as the best cross-platform application development framework. Running on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine, node.js is renowned for creating lightweight frameworks that are unmatched in efficiency.

This JavaScript runtime framework comes filled with an event-driven design that can manage asynchronous I / O efficiently. The capabilities provide full-stack app creation, fast scalability, and simple learning curves.


Mocha is a feature-rich software system based on Node.js. Although some systems can have test modules, Mocha enables you to check asynchronously as well.

Mocha tests run sequentially, allowing for robust and accurate reporting of the indicators. Its testing framework is operating on most modern browsers, with the ability to customize tests based on the platform on which it is being evaluated.

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Webix is a JavaScript library composed of ready-to-use UI components and widgets. Thanks to its HTML5 support, it is suitable to use when developing an HTML-based site or mobile application.

You’ll also get a range of flexible material skin designs to speed up the web growth. Webix is well designed for good output in broad databases due to paging and dynamic setup.

HTML5 UI library follows WAI-ARIA requirements and provides connectivity assistance to those in need of assistive technologies.


Backbone.js managed to make it in the list of the best application front-end frameworks. Launched in 2010, Backbone.js’ event-driven communication functionality allows it even after a decade a successful contender in the application war and takes it to the list of the best front end frameworks in 2020.

Backbone is the platform for those who have a path-breaking concept who wants to create an out-of-box device. You can even get maximum support for RESTful APIs and are also rated for effective MVP growth.

GreenSock (GSAP)

GreenSock is the Swiss Army’s online video shield. GSAP is perfect for elegant and stylish animations that operate smoothly.

You can animate everything, from DOM elements to SVGs, and its ecosystem contains some incredible plugins that enable you to do all sorts of fun stuff, including morphing SVGs, drawing SVG strokes, scrolling features, scrambling text, and more.

It is quick, cross-browser compatible and its syntax is intuitive and straightforward.


Gatsby, also known as GatsbyJS, is a free and open-source React-based platform for the development of fast static websites and applications. A static website is a collection of interlinked HTML pages that display the same material to all visitors in a series.

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They do not link to a database to collect new data on request. Gatsby is a static, all-in-one creator of websites. It allows you to identify your website’s content, routing, and linking, and collects data from a variety of data sources to create your static site on request.


Introduced as an open-source framework by Google, Polymer is among the top JavaScript frameworks for 2020. This framework provides the two-way and one-way binding that makes developing mobile apps less complex.

Polyfills, provided by polymer.js, enables developers to build immersive web applications with easy-to-customize and reuse components. What gained so much popularity and distinction from this platform is its potential to let developers build apps using web components.

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