6 Amazing Ways to Style Like Keanu Reeves John Wick Suit

Introduction to John Wick Suit

John Wick is an action-thriller trilogy enhanced as an action master movie right after it hit the big screen. Keany Reeves is portraying the badass hitman, John Wick.

With stellar film making, A+ professional acting of Keanu, John Wick Suit, and his general badass attitude, this movie became the perfect action movie.

Whether you are a devoted movie lover or you watch movies to kill time, one thing you can’t deny that the John Wick trilogy consists of films that you want to watch again and again. With the story being a little variated in all movies, there is something constant — John Wick’s Badass killer style.

This movie follows a gangster and hitman (John Wick) who retired from the crime world after finding the love of his life named Helen.

John decided to leave the world, where he served as a contract killer and gangster. All he wanted to pursue was an everyday life with his wife.

To leave his current life, John was assigned to a punishingly tough task, and it was impossible to come out alive from this task.

John worked with an assistant and worked it out. Finally, he was granted his freedom, and he immediately married Helen to settle down with her. Now he was a reputable man who spent five happy years with his wife.

Until one day, Helen got sick and died of her sickness, and John still didn’t return to his past. Though, he couldn’t keep it for a long time because of an invasion of his house.

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A gang (unknown) invaded John Wicks’ home, robbed his car, and murdered the dear puppy gifted by Helen. John couldn’t cope with another loss, and he set on to take revenge for his puppy and all invasion.

This is where the story took a turn and became the most interesting one. With these three films in the franchise, one more thing is proven that John Wick has a classy taste in his wardrobe styles. That’s why we bring you details about his outfit, which you can grab to dress up as him.


Let us all get together on the fact that we never imagined a contract killer dressed up in a classically stitched three-piece suit.

Gangsters are expected to be in rugged denim, leather boots, ripped shirts, and toping their outfit with a biker jacket, but John Wick turned the table upside down with his style.

John Wick has got to be different than all hitmen, and that’s why he was always spotted in top-notch tailored suits, another man who can rock suiting up other than James Bond.

However, James was supposed to be in tuxedos because he had a proper job to wear them. John was created to wear tuxedos to bring variation in the crime world.

Hollywood’s most dapper and toughest one to defeat hitman had his costumes designed by an Italian designer, Luca Mosca.

Specifically, in the world where gangsters have all kinds of disturbing attires, Luca’s design serves as the breeze of fresh air.


Have you ever noticed that John Wick suits are always tailored with dark colors? Well, Mosca defined his style simplest look with a lack of any accessories, colors, and even checks.

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John Wick has an outfit that keeps things simple, without any complications, because life is problematic enough when you are on a revenge with the whole world working against you.

Dealing with wardrobe problems would be a little more to tolerate, so Wick sticks with his dusky style. John goes with neutral hues and Italian suits; even once or twice, he wore a leather jacket, but with a sleek style instead of a sloppy one.


Do you have a badass attitude and a personality that can easily have a great impact on anyone? Well, well, then welcome to the club mate, you are in for a kickass experience of slaying as a gangster in the most formal attire of the world.

This suit has a few main elements; a blazer or coat is the first primary one. Other elements that we are going to mention below are secondary elements.


John Wick Suit is incomplete without his blazer jacket, so does every suit. John Wick’s suit is layered with a single-breasted coat made up of cotton.

His jacket has a sleek design with a lapel collar, pockets, and buttoned closure with two buttons at the front. John knows how to stay free from outfit-anxiety, so he chose his layers wisely, he went with the durable material and perfect size, keeping in mind his demands; fighting and killing people. John Wick never closes his jacket front, as who knows when he has to pull his gun out and shoot a few people.

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John Wick carried the simple theme throughout his costume. He wore a pair of creased pants with a flat front. His pants have a higher rise to enable him to run freely.

The hems are in tapered style but not overly fitted, as he has to move his legs at a wide-angle. John’s Pants were made perfectly breathable to give him an easy experience during fights, but they were not too baggy.


Tops are something that Wick rotates daily. Unbelievably, he was once or twice spotted in turtlenecks, and he classically pulled them off.

Usual John Wick top is formal crisp shirts in any neutral color like black, grey, white, and navy blue. He complimented the boxy and classy form of John Wick Suit with these button-down shirts.

After adding these shirts, there was nothing left to add to his costume, except a sophisticated tie with a tie pin and sometimes fancy cufflinks.

With the aforementioned elements, you can easily don the style of this dapper hitman and gangster, do not forget that full of badass attitude style, and you are all set to go!

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