Know My Amazing Journey Through Shamanism Just In 5 Minutes

Introduction to Journey Through Shamanism

My name’s John, most people know me as Runic John, I’m a Heathen and I’m Seidrmadr and a Gladrmadr and I practice the ancestral spiritual path of the Northern European tribes and teach it, and write about it and live it really.

When I look back when I was younger I used to do all sorts of Pagan things we used to build huts and live out on the moors and carry staffs and collect herbs and make magic potions and things, so I have been doing that since I was really young you know so it grew as childhood thing that evolved from “Play” and then as I got older it became a real thing and became more real and then I really connected with where all these things were coming from I should say.

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So what do I do? I write, I’m an artist, I run the Shamans Apothecaryat festivals and events and things like that I do healing, I practice Seidr, I’m a practicing Heathen I follow the ancestral path of Northern Europe I follow the way of my ancestors I read Runes – I do all sorts different of things Shamanism is about entering into altered states of consciousness to perceive the other world, the spirit world, but to interact with it.

so you can actually travel into the spirit world and experience that realm and meet beings that live within that realm, what some people might call mythic beings or spirit beings, or various things like that – you can meet them one to one It’s experienced, it’s an experiential path. Somebody doesn’t tell you, “It’s like this” you know there is this thing and you know you’ve got to believe what I say and it’s like this. No you don’t do that at all.

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What you do is go there yourself and you experience it. Or you perceive, you can enter into altered states of consciousness or look into people’s bodies You can see spirit in there, you can see illnesses or various things, or go out into the wilds and you can change your consciousness and you can experience the other side of that place on a deeper level I mean in traditional societies across the world people used drums people used rattles, in Seidr people usedsong as well, so chanting and song Music has always played a big part in shamanism and so has dance music and dance together You dance yourself into the spirit worldyou know and in many ways you can dance yourself into the other world you can listen to music and take yourselfthere and a good DJ and someone who can work you, it’ll take you andgrab you and lock you in and it will take you on a journey if you could connect with it and allowit to take you, it can take you on a journey to the spirit world, to yourself and to various things It’s just a modern way of entering into that zone Plants ? We’ve grown up with plants. Human beings, the human race has grown up with plants since “forever”.

Plants know us and we know plants. We’ve lived together, we’ve had relationships. They’ve seen us grow, we’ve seen them grow. We’ve eaten them – they’ve eaten us.

If you go on a journey with a plant you’ll have an experience, you know it might guide you, it’s like going out with a new friend You meet a new friend, the friend takes you places that they’ve been to but you’ve not been to before and they show you and say “check this out” “This is fantastic – check this out – fantastic” “This what your looking for, this is lovely “but they all have a different viewpoint Whereas drugs? Someone in China or Thailand in a laboratory will take this over here which is illegal they’ll alter a molecule and call it “Happy Bobby” or they’ll take this and change that and call it “Space Goat” and then they’ll take it and give it to someone and they haven’t got a clue what it does they know it does something.

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They pass it on and people use and they don’t know side effects or anything it makes people ill. Now the plants that we have, have been around for thousands and thousands of years and I would say thousands and thousands of years of use in tribal society is much better “quality testing” than any laboratory can do in modern times where ever you are coming from whatever angle you are coming at you’re not telling me that any of these laboratories have tested their chemicals and there things like any of our plants have been tested for thousands and thousands of years I don’t call myself a witch, but in the past, this was 1647 I’d be burnt a fuck by now – let’s put it that way – a simple “Burn him! He’s a witch!

He’s got a nose like a carrot” You know like Monty Python and all that? I will definitely be on a pyre many years ago I don’t care, the truth is that I don’t care what anyone thinks about what I do and I don’t care about anyone’s perception of me.

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