How to Travel Alleppey kumarakom?

 Fruits in House boat Kumarakom alleppey
Fruits in House boat Kumarakom

It had been long that we did not go to any new places. Bidar and Srisailam  were hectic as we were travelling in Bike. This time we were planing for a week trip without bike. So one fine afternoon, we came to know about Alleppey  from one of my class mates. These pictures were nice and I was impressed with the arrangements. While discussing with my mates,my close friend suggested Kumarakom,just opposite to Alleppey with same facilities.

Kumarakom research from Wiki:

As per wiki  Fishing, agribusiness and the travel industry are the major financial exercises. Therefore Kumarakom’s consummately adjusted tropical atmosphere is exceptionally conductive to development. In addition the spot has spans of mangrove timberlands, paddy fields and coconut forests. Natural products like Mango, Ambazhanga, Puli (Tamerind), Chaambenga, Peraycka(Guuva), Banana,Aathaycka,Jackfruit and Pineapple develop here. Likewise, cocoa and espresso, chena(yam) and chembu (colocasia), develop well and were developed under the coconut trees. This rich agrarian condition is for the most part flooded utilizing sprinkled conduits and channels of the Meenachil stream. The littler trenches are frequently lined by hibiscus plants which lean somewhat over the waterways to shape a green covering, from which hang the flawless hibiscus blooms.

Alleppey kumarakom tour package

In the past days, when the bund disengaging the backwaters from the sea was not yet amassed, the water in the conduits moved in and out with the sea tide and it was salty. After the Thanneermukkam bund was constructed, the relationship with the untamed sea was not free any more, in this way the tidal improvement of the water in the conduits stopped, stagnated and after that a ton of water hyacinths started growing thickly in the canals,forming stunning green floor covers with pale lilac blooms mats.

We checkout few places like makemytrip,yatra and few local travel agent. We were not that happy.Finally with the help of tripadvisor and yatra,we selected our journey. As per the guide,we booked ticket in 17320 up Sabari express.Initially we got booking till Alleppey but later in the journey we extended to kottayam. It was almost 27 hours journey from Hyderabad. As our hometown is in West Bengal,that is 26 hours journey minimum,so that was not a big problem for us.We took railway food from railway canteen.We settled down a bit.

Alleppey kumarakom tour package

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We got introduced to a couple who were going for honeymoon and a family who is going to home town Kerala on a vacation. Hence we learned from them that most of the boats used Coconut oil for curry,and they used local rice which was hard to digest. However from train we called up the hotel and house boat owner for the food inquiry. Both of them assured us that mustard oil would be used.

Alleppey kumarakom tour package

They would give us normal rice so we took local food like dahi bada, idly, plain dosa for refreshment. Friday at around 12 noon we boarded the train and we reached Kottayam at 3 PM nextday. After train crossed Hyderabad border suprisingly It was beautiful green scenario all along. From Kotyam we took auto to reach Kumarakom. The road was ok but there was a huge language problem. Though we could make a conversation with him with little telegu and broken English. Moreover It was a 30 minutes journey to the hotel. No proper signboard was available. The more we approached towards kumarakom, the more we got paddy field along with scenic beauty.
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Alleppey kumarakom tour package

kerala tour packages
After a lot of inquiry we finally found our gold field resort.we booked the Vambonad lake view rooms. we were tired . Just after a quick bite to the pokara and a sip of tea we slept. In the evening, we sat by the lake and enjoyed the backwater view.Later we went to market and fixed an auto who would drop us to the near by jetty. we came back to hotel for dinner.The dinner was buffet. We tasted the crab and fresh fish. we called for the day.
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Next day,we wake up by alarm,enjoyed the sunrise in vambonad lake. We were full of joy.An excitement engulfed us to see the house boat. Also we were anxious to see how we would spend 24 hours there. Auto guy was very punctual. He came in right time. We checked out from hotel and headed for jetty. There we got introduced to Mr Sreekumar the owner of the boat. Name of the boat was Maniyara.

Alleppey kumarakom tour package

kerala family tour packages from hyderabad
After we boarded the house boat,a cool perfumed tissue was given just to clean and get relaxed.After that welcome drinks were served. There were 2 persons,one driver and one cook in the ship.
We started exactly at 11AM in the morning. The scenic beauty of vambonad lake was awesome.

Alleppey kumarakom tour package

Then we started clicking pictures. Driver knew little English so we started chatting with him. The boat was a motorboat and It was an A/C boat. The wash room was also neat and clean. All costly materials were used. Hence we took bath and were ready for lunch however the boat was running for 2 hours and it needed a break too. We landed near an abandoned church.  As we were Bengali and fish lover, Srikumar had arranged two types of fishes in lunch. The food looked yummy so we jumped on the table. As we wanted our dishes with less spice, the cook had made all the dishes with mild/no spice. We ate  full. Specially the dal fry and fish fry were awesome. The Menu was something like –


  • Rice
  • Dal
  • Bhaji
  • Puri
  • Potato curry
  • Fish fry
  • Fish Kaliya
  • Salad
  • Achar/chutney
  • Payes
  • Sweets


kerala family tour packages from hyderabadkerala family tour packages from hyderabadkerala family tour packages from hyderabad

kerala family tour packages from hyderabad
After such huge lunch,we sat on the A/C hall. In addition we were watching all the birds and paddy fields. We went towards Alleppey and saw how the local people use boat as a medium of transport.Along with us there were several other boat.The lake was beautiful with colorful boats.There were different varieties of boats.

Alleppey kumarakom tour package

Double Decker,2 BHKs,1 BHK,AC,Non AC. Surprisingly,we found one Indian oil petrol pump in an Island specially made for boats. We saw how big boats took diesel. Close to around 4 o’clock they served hot pakori with tea, since it was my birthday, they made birthday payas[Sweet rice made of milk].We headed towards the fish market.Fish market was no way a market place,it was just a tiny island with 3/4 vendors. We got fresh jumbo fresh water prawn,cultivated in Vambonad lake.It was costing Rs750Kg. We purchased 2 Kgs.Around 6 o’clock we reached a paddy field where there was a connection of electricity.  I must say they had arranged a lot for tourists. There were another boat of the same owner came. We chatted a bit with other boat passenger. From then on words,the captain and cook went to their cabin nearby.The boat was tied with a big tree.
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So we were free to go anywhere but miles after miles there were no trace of human. We returned as the sun was about to set at around 7:30 they started the electric shower and bathtub. Then we refreshed ourselves with hot water. Our boat was having a TV with local cable connection. We enjoyed some local music along with a movie. At around 9 PM,they served dinner.
All same dish with two more extra dishes..1. Prawn 2. Chicken
When we finished dinner,it was too much for us. We had to take antacid.:)

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Alleppey kumarakom tour package

kerala family tour packages from hyderabadAt around 11PM we slept. So in this time I just wanted to let you know more about kumarakom as per same wiki. Conversely the travel industry in Kumarakom to a great extent spins – around the backwaters of the Vembanad Lake. A few extravagance and spending resorts arranged on the shores of the lake give sightseers offices for sailing, yachting and angling, with all encompassing perspectives of the lake. The other significant fascination is the Bird Sanctuary visited by kayaks orchestrated by neighborhood anglers at the passageway to the sanctuary. Personally I think the best time to visit asylum is morning and night. A two-hour paddling kayak trip is very shabby, and is best attempted at night or early morning to stay away from the evening sun. Feathered creature haven open time is from 6AM to 6PM

Alleppey kumarakom tour package

Kumarakom is the primary goal in India to Implement Responsible Tourism rehearses. Kerala Tourism was granted for its way breaking ‘Dependable Tourism’ venture in Kumarakom, which has effectively connected the nearby network with the cordiality business and government offices, in this way making a model for strengthening and advancement of the general population in the zone while continuing eco-accommodating the travel industry.

Taj Garden Retreat the primary present day vacationer resort in Kumarakom is set up in the Victorian two storied lodge worked by Alfred George Baker in the year 1881, on gigantic bits of Teak wood rafters stuffed in mud as a base. This house on the lake at Kumarakom was the place of four ages of the Baker family, for over a hundred years.

Alleppey kumarakom tour package

The winged animal Sanctuary and the two storied Bungalow worked by Mr.A G Baker on the sloppy land are spots of enthusiasm for visitors from everywhere throughout the world, while this may be true. The home still stays great yet quiet notice of an age and individuals whose diligent work can’t be deleted by time.

A boatman propels a traditional kettuvallam on Vembanad Lake
Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things is set in Ayemenem or Aymanam town, which appends Kumarakom. In contrast the touchy achievement of this novel has given some additional travel industry driving force to this region. Furthermore Taj Garden Retreat hotel complex is centered around a building that is called “History House” in the novel; it was built by British missionary Alfred George Baker, whom the locals called “Kari Saipu” (possibly an elided form of “Baker Sahib”), as in the novel.[7] Four generations of Bakers lived in the house until 1962, speaking Malayalam, and even wearing the mundu.

Alleppey kumarakom tour package

Baker Memorial School, Kottayam, was started by a daughter of this family in 1925. But Baker family’s house is in ruins in the novel, as it was in reality before was developed into a hotel and has been restored by the Taj group. The Ayemenem house, where Arundhati Roy spent part of her childhood (like the twins in the story), can also be visited in the village, which can be reached by boat along the Meenachil river that figures prominently in the story.

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Alleppey kumarakom tour package

Kumarakom has been declared a Special Tourism Zone by the Kerala state Government, as legislated for by Kerala Tourism Act, 2005. Development in the area is therefore now controlled by the guidelines written by the STZ committee, and published at had won top honours including the UNWTO Ulysses Award  for Innovation in Public Policy and Governance. The Kumarakom initiative had earlier won the National Award for Best Responsible Tourism Project and also the PATA Grand Award for Environment. Really it was a clean city.Litter free.Smoking free. Alcohol free.

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The morning was great with a bright sunlight. At around 7am they served tea with bread,butter,jam respectively. Boat was now untied and we were all set to return. While coming back they served again tiffin. Specifically fresh pakodi with coffe. The return journey was quick. At around 10:30 AM we reached to jetty. The driver and cook was very helpful to unload our trolleys.They cleaned the deck and changed the bed sheet for next

Alleppey kumarakom tour package

passenger. The same auto guy was waiting for us in jetty. On getting back to our hotel which was booked accordingly we got a better room. We were told that the room was upgraded with no extra charge.  This was a rest day for us. So no big activities.Just had lunch. We slept during afternoon and went to bazar for gifts. In the after noon we fixed the same guy for sightseeing. In the after noon we played carom. Now while playing carom we listened to some kumar sanu’s Bengali songs. We got curious so went to kitchen asked and got to know that there were two Bengali cooks in the same hotel serving us.This news made our dinner. We went back enjoyed sunset and ordered as per Bengali dish. The fish cooked by them was awesome. We called for the day.

So the next day we went to Kumarakom Bird sanctuary and few temples. Bird santuary was neat and cleaned. However Mr Mohan a bird watcher was our guide so he showed us different birds. Moreover it was hot ,and it was not a breeding season, there were no migratory birds. But the birds we saw were regular. Part of the back portion of the sanctuary were not allowed to go , as people try to disturb the bird. We took a small boat to see that part.1 hour with the cost of Rs200.
Next day, It was all set to return. So we came to bazar for cash withdraw from ATM. Because the hotel only accepted cash therefore we paid everything by cash. The same auto guy dropped us on Kottayam railway station.We took the train and came back to Hyderabad.

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