Kwiksets Smartkey Pros and Cons: Comprehensive Guide Just In 5 Minutes

Introduction to Kwiksets Smartkey

Kwikset is a well-known company that makes locks and keys for houses where you live. Its keys are the most famous in the industry for its unique and secure features.

They have revolutionized the industry after the introduction of bump keys. Bump keys are not a true key of a lock rather they consist of depth and act like a key.

These bump keys serve the function of unlocking doors. Bump keys are not standard tools they are used for defeating a lock to open them in case if you are not having the actual key of the lock. They are used by robbers and thieves to enter other people’s homes with an aim of robbery. So, to resolve these issues Kwikset’s locks and keys were introduced. And then smart locks of Kwikset’s and Kwikset smartkey work like a lifesaver. People start using those locks to ensure the security of their houses, offices, and apartments. These locks and keys work like a self rekey in which the owner can rekey his or her locks anytime they want to. This key has a number of features and some of them are

. Kwikset’s keys are designed with external security. Therefore, there are different from other keys.

. They have an installed mechanism of rekeying and are very smooth for locking and unlocking the doors.

. They secure the lock from outside. And consists of a flexible hook to fit all the entranceways of the lock. These keys have many benefits and some of them include

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. These keys if lost will not cause any harm. They are not reusable for the same lock. As they have a self-installed system of rekeying and therefore they are considered as one of the smartest tools. If you forget them somewhere or lose them then you should not worry that someone would pick them up and would be able to unlock your locked doors by using them. And this feature of rekeying is of progressive cost and it makes this key special.

. Kwikset key consists of two deadbolts that control all the workings of this key. The first one control deadbolt can be rekeyed just in seconds without evacuating the lock of the door.

. This key is additionally an exceptional troublesome key as it cannot be used as a bump key. They only choose to unlock the door they are supposed to. They would get locked and nobody can use them for any wrong purpose like going into someone else house without even letting them know about it. They are inconceivable to bump and this is something so great about these keys.

. It provides external security of locks to the owners and is the number one choice of rental properties, for apartments of students, for offices, and a house with multi-family dwelling.

. Re-keying helps in identifying the wrong tries if someone has made a try to open your locks. It will also permit property holders the adaptability to coordinate all keyed entries to one key for included comfort and security.

. They are one of the most versatile keys designed in a way that using them will never be out of fashion. They can match your furniture and will give a very stylish look with their polished chrome and satin nickel.

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Along with several benefits, it has some cons and they include;

. These keys are not so reliable and this is one of the biggest problems faced by all clients. And this issue is in both generations 1 and 2. It sometimes locks the door but stops working when it comes to unlocking it on the same day.

It might work in the afternoon or would stop when you return in the evening. But this issue is mostly experienced in the first two generations but not in the higher ones. Therefore, the first two generations are not so reliable.

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. There is another major issue registered by a lot of clients that if they are forced to open their rekey system gets broken and they will be of no use later and the key as a whole will stop working.

. One of the most common con within Kwikset Smartkey is that can be decoded from outside. This is not so easy and is troublesome to do, but if you get the proper access or learn the technique it becomes much easier. It might take 30 seconds to open the lock if someone gets the cut of the key.

. These keys have no master key installed in them; they are mostly used for private residencies where the framework of master keys is not so common. This system is usually seen in commercial areas and therefore, smart keys are not recommended for such areas as they lack a master key mechanism.

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