6 Amazing Late Night Cravings That Satisfy Eateries In Dubai

Introduction to Late Night Cravings

Late night dinners are a thing in Dubai! Try not to trust me? Check with any 24-hour bistro and they will disclose to you how their business takes shots up around evening time, particularly during the ends of the week.

From shawarmas, wraps, burgers to manakeesh – there are endless choices for late-night eaters. In case you’re searching for a 12 PM gorge, you don’t have to make do with extras or chips any longer.

Here’s top-notch of the best diners serving lip-smacking neighborhood food in Dubai that is open all day, every day to fulfill those odd-hour longings. Regardless of whether you decide to feast in or request in, these outlets are your smartest option.

Late Night Cravings
Late Night Cravings

Zaatar W Zeit:

This 24-hour most loved has a scope of delightful alternatives to pick from, regardless of whether you’re feeling liberal or solid.

With outlets everywhere on over the city, this cheap food style Arabic bistro is a deliverer. From prepared manakeesh to messy flatbreads, healthy wraps, and plates of mixed greens – there’s something for everybody.


Drive past Sheik Zayed Road and you can’t miss this out of control coffee shop with fluorescent lighting! Zaroob has been one of the most well known 24-hour cafes in Dubai for as far back as I can recall.

In the event that you need a brisk Lebanese sandwich at 4 is, this is the spot for you. Enjoy delicious Arabic, Egyptian, Syrian and Lebanese food and fulfill your 12 PM yearnings with this particular eateries broad menu.

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Al Reef:

In case you’re searching for something brisk, modest, and scrumptious – Al Reef Bakery ought to be on your speed dial.

A well known night spot among partygoers, this spot presents the most ameliorating carby manifestations. Think warm, cushy Lebanese bread smacked with cheddar, zaatar, wieners, vegetables, and different flavorful fixings. Regardless of whether you need something rolled or wrapped, this object free pastry kitchen serves everything.

Manoushe W Nos:

Manoushe W Nos, extraordinary compared to other Arabic food cafés in Dubai Marina, serves visitors with a wonderful cluster of solid and fragile Arabic and Lebanese food.

Try not to miss the flavor of the best customary Arabic food, Lebanese food, and Manakeesh JLT, Marian, JVC, and JBR Dubai.

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Activity Falafel:

With an assortment of stations over the city, Operation Falafel is the ideal spot in case you’re searching for something modest and filling.

Meat-eaters can appreciate a variety of delicious plates while veggie lovers and vegans are additionally all around obliged. With rich choices for everybody – this go-to most loved never disillusions.

Man’oushe Street:

Renowned for its valid Levantine cooking, Man’oushe Street offers a wide scope of nutritious suppers from breakfast staples, Lebanese works of art to inexpensive food top picks like wraps and pizzas.

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