8 Trending Adorable Trendy Lehengas For Summer Wedding

Introduction on Lehengas For Summer Wedding

Love for lehengas can never go out of trend. It is your wedding or the wedding of your bestie, you can pick the beautiful trendy lehenga of your choice.

Here we have tried to bring the most trendy and beautiful collection of lehengas for this summer. Be trendy, gorgeous, and show off your wedding outfit to spread infectious smiles all around. With the changing trend, we see there are new ranges of lehengas for summer weddings.

Every year famous fashion designers release the collection of summer weddings. These collections influence designers, marketers, and lehenga lovers like us. Here we have listed the top 8 lehenga trends for summer weddings.

1.     Metallic Bold

The fashionistas are picking up metallic lehengas for their new look with the bronze, dull golden, and metallic silver-coloured fabric for lehengas. Make this summer ever brighter with your classy outfit.

This new look will glue more eyes to you for sure. It adds to your glamour with an amazing dazzling look. This outfit would be a great pick for an evening perfect cocktail party.

Even if you choose this for day function, the glaze and the reflection of the lehenga will make you shine out from the rest.

2.     Pretty and Colorful

Ready to celebrate the wedding with fun and fabulist? Then be pretty and colourful. In summers, the bright colours bring out the fresh and cheerful you on the display.

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The ruffles, sparkles, vibrant colour, and beautiful designs of trendy lehengas will make you shine out from the rest. It is ideal for a day function or evening party.

Choose bright colours like orange or hot pink and match it will oxidized accessories. You are not going to regret this choice especially when you see the photos. These colours really pop out and make everything lively.

3.     Aesthetics bride look

Present-day brides do not like traditional heavy wedding lehengas with golden jewellery rather they want it simple. If you are one of those minimalist brides, then you can go for skein work lehengas with subtle colours.

You can pair it with a contrast blouse or heavy thread worked blouse. The choice of fabric will depend on your choice and comfort, yet you can try it with a velvet blouse or jacket.

The look will come out really well.  Not many have the courage to try something new on a special day, but you can be a trendsetter by picking up an aesthetic look.

4.     Fun & Frolic

If you are the bride who loves bright colours and shimmery fabric, you can just go for this pattern of fun and frolic. This is suggested for the ladies who are not afraid to stand out by flaunting bolder silhouettes on the wedding day.

The trendy lehenga for summer wedding features a beautiful contrast of colours which looks perfectly well for any setting. You can buy these amazing lehengas from Limeroad online stores.

To avail hefty discounts and offers on your purchase, use Limeroad coupon. The summer lehenga could be the perfect wedding lehenga for you.

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5.     Glitzy Elegance

A summer wedding is all about looking airy and stylish. If you are a bride who favours interesting patterns and cool colours then the elegant lehenga for the summer collection is ideal for you.

This is inspired by lehenga features of the 1930s which bestow silver, gold, languid cuts, and metallic embroidery.

6.     Tulle Diaries

The tulle fabric is a fine net that is airy and adds volume to your dress. The tulle lehenga is ideal for a fairytale wedding theme.

With multi-layered tulle lehenga, you are ready to look like a princess who has just come out of a dream. You can play with colour and add a hint of metallic look or keep it pink of any other summery colour.

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7.     Pastel love

Pastel is the new red for weddings. If you love to follow the Bollywood wedding, you would have noticed that all the recent wedding lehengas were in shades of pastel and not bright red.

With changing trend why are you left behind? Go for any shade of pastel, pistachio, lime, grey, baby pink, or anyone which you like. This will give you a refreshing look that you will love.

8.     Floral lehengas

Floral lehengas are not fading away from the trend market anytime soon. Some like huge flower prints on the dress while some like tiny flower prints in the lehenga.

Whatever you choose, make sure the colour of the lehenga is bright enough. Go for the floral lehenga and pair it with a contrast blouse and you are ready to steal the show.

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If you are a bride to be or a close friend of the bride, weddings are all about showing off our best trendy outfits. We plan for it and we are so concerned about its perfection. In the process of selecting the perfect lehenga for you, you need to know the latest trend of it.

Every year the top-notch designers release their latest wedding collections and they set standards for all. The above list of 8 lehengas is the trending summer wedding lehengas by the designers. Therefore, we highly recommend you to select the best lehenga for you from the above list.

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