Liability Insurance: What Does It Cover? All-inclusive In 5 Minutes

Introduction to Liability Insurance

When we drive in winter on snowy roads we must be provided with all the necessary elements, but we also need to know the most important thing, which is to know how to put the snow chains.

You cannot drive faster than 50 km / h with them on and you have to remove them as soon as you leave the snow-covered roads since driving on normal asphalt with the chains will cause the tires to break and suffer irreversible damage and these were covered by auto for trade.

On which wheels are the chains put?

Snow chains are put on the drive wheels of the car.

  • Front-wheel drive cars have the chains on the front wheels.
  • Rear-wheel-drive cars will have the chains on the rear tires.
  • All-wheel drive vehicles, these cars can have different tractions so it is better to inform yourself.

This is how the most classic snow chains are worn

The classic chains can take about 20 minutes to place. The process is:

  1. Stretch the chains on the asphalt, thus preventing it from being wound at any point.
  2. Stretch the steel cable behind the wheel and thus hook the system.
  3. Continue stretching the entire chain over the tire. When you are done, move the car forward a few inches so that it steps on the links and covers the entire tire.
  4. Attach the turnbuckles to the hooks to finish the assembly.
  5. When you start to roll, the tensioners adjust automatically, although it is convenient to get out of the car and re-tension the chain before continuing.
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What if my chains are made of cloth?

These chains or covers are simpler to put on and it can take about 8 minutes.

  1. The way to do it is as if you were wearing the wheel. You start with the tread at the top of the tire, then cover the sides to finally stretch the entire cover over its surface.
  2. Releasing the car’s handbrake will advance the car a few meters, allowing you to stretch the nylon cover and finish covering the wheel.
  3. Once in operation, the cover is placed concentrically by itself.

As soon as you ride without snow you have to stop and remove the cover or they will be destroyed right away, the covers must be washed after each use.

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How to put on the mixed snow chains?

Its installation is also simple and takes about 12 minutes. It is a combination of the ease of assembly of the covers with the efficiency of classic chains. The assembly consists of:

  1. Stretch the chains on the ground to avoid knots, they are made up of links for the tread area, the wheels are covered with nylon, and the rims with fabric.
  2. Put the nylon ring around the back of the tire and continue to extend the entire chain across the tread area of ​​the wheel.
  3. Move the car a few inches so it goes over the links and stretches the rest of the chain.

We have to know how to put the snow chains, otherwise no matter how much equipment we carry we will find ourselves trapped in the middle of a snowfall. Have you ever put on some chains? Have you ridden many times in snow?

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