5 Ways How Live Video Streaming Can Drive Sales For Your Business Quickly?

Introduce to Live Video Streaming

businesses can drive sales with Live Video Streaming
businesses can drive sales with Live Video Streaming

With pandemic around the world, things have taken a drastic change. When most of the population is staying indoors, businesses have changed their ways of connecting with their customers. Live streaming e-commerce is one such phenomenon that has gained huge popularity during this period. According to a survey, most people believe that impactful video streaming has convinced them to buy products.

Live streaming commerce has completely changed the way a brand interacts and engages with its customers. Hence in today’s time, live streaming e-commerce has become one of the most profitable solutions for businesses for boosting their revenues.

So, let us learn how live video streaming can help your business to drive sales. Livestream e-commerce played an important role in China’s Singles’ Day held on 11 November 2020. During the event, many brands hosted live shows and generated revenues in a very short span of time. For instance, Cartier hosted its first jewelry show unveiling more than 400 timepieces and jewelry items, netting a virtual audience of approximately 800,000 people.

Pre-event teasers and notifications

Pre-event teasers and notifications
Pre-event teasers and notifications

Before you plan to host a live stream show, notify your audience in advance about it. Make proper teasers related to your stream or post images about the time and date of your stream on your social media platforms. Make sure that your viewers know when to sign in to watch your show. This way your brand will get more exposure and will achieve more viewers and ultimately will lead to more sales.

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Live stream product launches

Live stream product launches
Live stream product launches

One of the best ways to gather sales from your live video stream is to launch a new product during a live show. Demonstration videos are always engaging and interesting as audiences get a clear view of products and understand their use and desired result a product will bring. Another really interesting way to drive sales from live streams is to get your product launched by a celebrity or influencer. Influencers giving feedback or using products in real-time make viewers excited and motivated. This pushes them to purchase products.

Give Instant discount

Some people are impulsive buyers. They are likely to purchase a new product instantly as soon as it gets launched. Offering huge discounts within a limited time frame can also boost your sales. You can promote your product during a live streaming session and offer now or never discount to audiences. By implementing this as a business strategy viewers will think that this is the only last chance to grab a product at this price. Some people might just get excited as they were among the first ones to buy a product.

Organize live auctions and competitions

This is very similar to offering instant discounts. Organize competition over your live stream and decide a winner. You can organize this in the form of a question-answer session. Ask them questions related to your products/brands, and the first person to answer it will get a discount or promotional products for free. This will also help you to raise the awareness of your brand and products.

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Stream to multiple platforms

Stream to multiple platforms
Stream to multiple platforms

To monetize your live video stream you need to broadcast it onto multiple platforms. Try to stream your live video on all the channels your audience has accessibility to. This might just get an additional chance to run ads on your videos and earn revenue through these paid ads.

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The above-discussed reasons are some of the few reasons that drive sales for your business. Always remember that live streaming commerce revolves around building a strong relationship with your audience and creating a strong demand for your products and brands. Live stream shopping helps in increasing the time a customer spends on a brand page i.e the time a customer spends in total on your page. As these streams are over the internet and can be shared time and again which helps in increasing the potential audience. These live streaming videos improve user experience and enhance sales conversion rates. Channelize.io Live Streaming Commerce Solution can help you expand your reach efficiently and quickly. Reach out to us at [email protected] and get started with Live stream shopping without any hassle.

Here are some of the benefits of our solution
❏ Attracts new consumers with valuable content
❏ Provides better click ratios
❏ Grow brand awareness and reach
❏ Video streaming clear up any questions that buyers may have
❏ Improves user experience and conversion rates

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