8 Best Things About Living in Providence, RI

Introduction to Living in Providence RI

As the coronavirus vaccine gets distributed among people in the united states and the country backs itself to open up, many are looking for a suitable city to move to and work in.

The start of the new year should also be the start of a new and improved life for you. To help you forget that new life, we are going to introduce you to one of the most desirable cities for young professionals and retired professionals alike.

Located within the coastline area of Rhode Island, Providence provides you with many combinations. It is a combination of suburban and urban lifestyles.

It is in proximity to the beaches of Rhode Island and to its own city center full of fun things to do. In this article, we highlight eight things that we believe are amazing perks of living in Providence, RI.


There is very little doubt that Providence is one of the most conveniently located cities in the United States. Located in the center of the state of Rhode Island, you can drive to any point of the state from Providence within forty-five minutes.

Moreover, you can get to Newport, South County, or northern Rhode Island in approximately half an hour from Providence.

You can also easily get to other amazing cities on the East Coast. While Boston is just an hour away, New York City is approximately three-and-a-half hours away by car and three hours away by train. If you are a fan of sports, Gillette Stadium is only about thirty-five minutes away from Providence.

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Premium Education:

Are you a parent to children who go to primary or secondary school? Alternatively, are you thinking of pursuing further education at a quality institution of higher learning?

Providence is home to well-reputed private and public universities including an Ivy-League. The City of Providence partners with Brown University to implement welfare measures for the students of the university as well as the members of the community.

Other universities that call Providence home include Rhode Island School of Design, Rhode Island College, Providence College, Johnson & Wales, and the University of Rhode Island.

Ask anyone and they will say having six quality schools in a town the size of Providence is a big deal. In addition, Providence is also renowned for the provision of quality primary and secondary education.

An educated community is not only more knowledgeable; it is also less susceptible to crime and inefficiency. If you live in Providence, you can expect to witness high standards of safety and productivity.


There is no match for a state like Rhode Island when it comes to historical context. Rhode Island is full of an amazing amount of history dating from different times including the industrial revolution and the colonial era.

There are many historical attractions in Providence itself. It is home to the oldest indoor shopping mall in the entire United States!

Other historical attractions include museums like RISD Museum of Art, Providence Children’s Museum, Culinary Arts Museum, and Museum of Natural History and Planetarium.


Did we let you know how famous Providence is for its culture and arts scene? If not, here you go. Providence garners national attention for its incredible art, music, and theater venues.

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This has led to it becoming a hotspot for artists throughout the nation who flock to the city to celebrate the art of different types.

This art is of many different types including visual, musical, and performing art. If you are inclined towards dramatic discovery, you are bound to love Providence-based Trinity Rep and the performance art at AS220, The Providence Civic Center, and the Providence Performing Arts Center.

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There is a reason why so many colleges exist in Providence and why so many young professionals move to Providence after graduating college.

The city is full of opportunities for recreation. Outdoors, you can find many green spaces to walk around or to play frisbee in. There is an extensive bike trail running through Providence for bike-enthusiasts.

The Roger Williams Park Zoo, located within Providence, is a highly sought-after holiday spot for Providence families.

For water lovers, several recreational opportunities are available by the banks of the Providence River.

The renowned Providence Water Fire is just one example of what is in store for you. Sailing and fishing opportunities are also available at the site of the river.

When it comes to indoors, there are a lot of options available as well. Night clubs in Providence, RI are famous for their eclectic environment.

Whether you are in the mood for some underground dancing or for some rooftop bar hopping, Providence has it all in store for you.

Affordable Living:

Another reason why young professionals flock to Providence is that housing prices are not expensive here.

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In the Smith Hill, Hope, and Mount Pleasant areas, you can find affordable condos, apartments, and townhomes that allow you to live cheaply in a highly sought-after city.


The beaches of Rhode Island are known throughout the country as one of the best. Providence is only thirty to forty minutes away from them!

Some of the beaches even cater to specific population demographics. Some appeal more to entire families while others appeal more to young people.


Yet another reason for Providence being a perfect starter city for young professionals is the niceness of the local population. All in all, you are bound to have a nice time living with the warm people of Providence.

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