Living The T-Dot Condo Life-The Ultimate Minimal Budget Beyond 2020

Introduction to Living The T-Dot Condo Life

Unlike its southern neighbor, Canada is a cold country, but it does have its share of prairie lands and some warm areas. That’s right; it can get warm summers in cities like Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal, Halifax, and Vancouver.

Speaking of climate, the country has also managed to attract swathes of people from all over the world. They have helped add flavor to Canada’s identity. The cities that attract the most immigrants are Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

Speaking of Toronto, the city made a unique identity for itself when it mixed residential lots with apartment buildings. This helped curb urban sprawl for a long time.

Though urban sprawl is now spreading, and the Greater Toronto Area (including Toronto) is now expanding in all directions. Recent residential properties are now being developed eastwards in Oshawa.

When it comes to residential developments, apartments, condos, and lofts are heavily favored in Toronto. They are present in and around downtown, the Entertainment district, around Yonge-Dundas square, Yorkville, St. James Town, Fort York, Midtown, Scarborough, Etobicoke, and King West Village. More condominium projects are under development in other areas of Toronto.

The condo lifestyle – are condos an affordable purchase?

Living The T-Dot Condo Life
Living The T-Dot Condo Life

Since the mid-70s, Toronto began attracting a lot of multinational firms of great strength as well as numerous local organizations (especially banks).  Apartments and condos were generally built as per the demand of the city’s population.

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The population started growing during the 90s and 2000s (and still grows today). Apart from the local population, immigrants began arriving in the city and were able to purchase for themselves homes that were within their budget. Apartments, townhouses, rowhouses, and condos were the winners.

However, the prices of homes in Toronto started rising monumentally. The prices hit their highest during the years 2018 and 2019.

Incumbent mayor John Tory did his best to keep rent prices and property taxes under control and managed to do so. The introduction of the credit stress test also helped prevent residential property mortgage default.

Torontonians have managed to buy condos and are living in them. The best part of living in a condo is the convenient lifestyle of amenities in the building, services, presence near schools, retail setups, entertainment venues, and key business areas, and proximity to public transport stations have made them a sought after residential property.

Can residents decorate condos their way on an ultimately minimal budget?

Buying condos can be quite a tiring process. Apart from finding the right location and the right building, the amount of paperwork involved is no walk in the park. If buyers are purchasing it directly (without a mortgage), then they do not have much to worry about.

Once they start living in it, they can decorate it any way they want. They can make it look exactly the way they want it. Before residents plan on paying the home improvement store a visit (and probably making a large purchase there), they ought to check their budget first.

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Those who got their condo on a mortgage they need to check their financial plans and avoid going broke. Hence here are some really good tips for decorating a condo on a budget:

No need to rush

Everyone loves getting their condo decorated in the earliest possible margin (i.e., a week or two). However, making rush decisions isn’t a good thing.

Taking time to check the paint scheme, flooring needed, decoration items, shag rugs, vases, furniture, fancy furniture, posters, wallpapers, and other stuff suiting the taste is a good thing to do.

Matching those items to get a feel for space helps add uniqueness to the condo. Residents will be glad that this is good for the long run. If their tastes change over time, then they can decorate the condo accordingly.

Utilizing condo space wisely

Living The T-Dot Condo Life
Living The T-Dot Condo Life

One key problem of condos is that they are not as spacious as townhouses. Hence, space should be examined thoughtfully.

It might mean going for a corner couch over a gigantic sofa. Also, stools for the kitchen counter with a small dining table can be necessary if the space is tight or medium-sized.

Luxurious condos do have space but not as spacious as a typical mansion. Large couches and dining tables with fancy chairs can fit. But where would residents put in shag rugs and the plushy chairs?

Checking out what works best for it and the space present is key to properly utilizing a condo’s space. Small spaces require small things. Medium spaces require medium-sized stuff and the like.

Fixing windows to add some privacy

The condo may come with plastic blinds or without any curtains. If condo owners wish more privacy, then they can add elegant curtains and custom window treatments. They are a big pay-off because they do provide privacy, do cover windows well and also help with energy efficiency too.

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For covering windows, numerous options are available. Condo residents should not hesitate in consulting experienced professionals having experience in window jobs.

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Conclusion–Do keep in mind how the future will change

How long will the residents be living in the condo? If they are there for the short term, then they should not be blowing their budget on the decorations. They should either save it or buy those things they can use in the future.

For short term condo residents, purchasing staple pieces, they will be able to use in any style, or a home type is a wise option.

Another factor worth considering is if the condo owner is single, would they prefer to move their partner in with them or move elsewhere? The same goes for condo owners who are married couples looking to have children.

These factors can change future décor. It does indicate that condo owners need to hold off on certain items in the days to come.

The tips mentioned above intend to help make the decoration process as easy as possible for all condo owners (including the first-timers). They should understand that there is no pressure to create a living space resembling a celebrity’s hangout or a fancy loft.

Each condo is meant to be unique in its way. Residents and condo owners should enjoy incorporating the things they like inside it.

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