3 Reasons Why Lockdown Is a Great Opportunity to Learn New Skills

Introduce to Lockdown Is a Great Opportunity to Learn

With many around the world still trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of lockdowns, it’s important to take part in activities to keep your spirits up. We don’t know about you, but we don’t know how much more binge-watching of Netflix we can take!

So why not follow our advice, use the pandemic to make some positive changes, and learn new skills. You’d be surprised at how effective even just dedicating 20-30 minutes a day to a new task can be in improving your mood. 

 Educate Yourself From Trustworthy Sources

We’ve all been bombarded with information from all sides since the very start of this pandemic, and our brains are saturated with data. We’d recommend stepping back and only digesting news from trustworthy sources so you can get on with your day in peace. The following sites are a good start to keep you away from dangerous fake news. 

 IAEA Webinars

You might be surprised to hear that the International Atomic Energy Agency is producing some of the best Covid content on the web right now, but you can find a host of informative videos to get to grips with the pandemic. Plus, as an added bonus, you can learn all about upcoming energy projects and climate change impacts. 

 NIH Resources

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has pulled together a comprehensive set of data on the pandemic. It currently has a series of useful blogs and webinars discussing the vaccine rollout and the best ways to protect yourself. Content is produced by experienced doctors and virologists, and data is presented in a calm and easy-to-understand manner.

Learn Some New Technical Skills

Learn Some New Technical Skills
Learn Some New Technical Skills

Those looking for something more cerebral would do well to check out the wealth of free courses offered online by a whole range of different platforms. Pick any skill you’d like, and you’re sure to find some great resources. Some of our picks include:

Perimeter 81

This cybersecurity startup has some great webinars on protecting you and your business online. Mitigating cyber risks has never been more important as we spend more time than ever on the web. Most of its webinars can be found over at its BrightTALK account, itself a great resource for picking up information on a range of tech topics. 


While you have to pay a small fee to get your hands on any of the courses here, there’s no denying that you can get access to a huge and diverse collection of online learning content. Why not learn a new coding language? Dip your toes into web Development? Or brush up on your marketing skills? There’s a good chance you could learn something that might help you launch a new business venture, making for efficient use of your lockdown time. 

Learn to Cook

Learn to Cook
Learn to Cook

Being stuck indoors presents us with the ideal opportunity to hone our culinary skills. We’ve found a couple of the best cooking channels over on YouTube with simple, wholesome recipes to try out. 

 Mythical Kitchen

Hosted by Josh Scherer, Mythical Kitchen has been pumping out weekly recipes on YouTube since January 2020. Fated to coincide with the pandemic timeline, the channel has grown in popularity for the simplicity of its dishes. Our personal favorites include the Baconator Lasagne and the Perfect Beef Stew.

Gordon Ramsay

A true icon of the cooking world, Chef Ramsay has been entertaining us for years with his fouled mouthed antics over on Hell’s Kitchen. Luckily, he’s a lot more chilled out when he’s walking us through his recipes on Youtube, and your risk of being yelled at is pretty low. Check out his ultimate guide to risotto for a real treat.

 Try a New Hobby

Try a New Hobby
Try a New Hobby

You shouldn’t feel the pressure to learn a skill to launch a new career either, sometimes we just want to learn something for the fun of it. 


Access free instructional videos and learn to paint like the greats. Simply pick a style you want to learn and you’ll soon be producing works of art in the style of Dali, Munch or Picasso. If this sounds a bit ambitious, you can get started with the basics on some of the beginner’s content too. 

What’s more, you’ll find an extensive back catalog of content on art history, a guide to the best kit and materials for different types of painting, color matching techniques, and even how to build your own canvas. 

 Learn a New Language

Once travel restrictions are fully lifted, we’re expecting an explosion in overseas vacations, so why not brush up on a new language skill now? There are dozens of free and paid-for apps you can download these days to get started, including DuoLingo, Memrise, Rosetta Stone and Babbel. Why not supplement your learning, and support your local bookstore, by getting our hands on some more advanced textbooks once you nail the basics.

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