How to the Best Choose Longboard Trucks for Beginners Beyond 2020

Introduction to Longboard Trucks

A smooth-riding depends on the quality of the longboard. A quality longboard depends on the components of it. You have to ensure the perfect components such as wheels, decks, trucks, bearings, etc. This article is all about the perfect longboard trucks for you.

There are different kinds of trucks available with different functions. You have one account for your skill and riding style.

Today, I will show you the major facts about the best longboard trucks. I will also suggest to you the best option according to your riding style.

In addition, we currently discuss the best longboard trucks in detail here. So, let’s dive into the main point “How to choose longboard trucks.

How to Choose Longboard Trucks?

Types of Longboard Trucks

There are mainly 2 types of longboards trucks. Let’s learn details about them.

Cast Trucks

Cast trucks are stronger and more durable. These types of trucks come with a size of 165 mm and 180 mm. The baseplate angles remain between 43-50 degrees. They are ultra-lightweight and responsive.

Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks

These types of trucks use a double kingpin design. They are perfect for taking a very sharp turn. You will love cruising around town and reach having this. One thing keeps in mind, they are not highly stable at a high speed.

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Width of the Truck

As a rule of thumb, the truck width should be close to the deck width. It will be best to get the same width deck and truck.

There you will get mainly 2 different width sizes. The small trucks come with 150 mm in width and large trucks come with 180 mm in width.


Kingpin is the largest bolt that holds the washers tight and brushing. There are 2 types of kingpins.

Reverse Kingpin

Reverse kingpin ensures smoothness and stability at high speed. It is also designed for sharp turnings. They are a bit higher than the traditional kingpin. This extra height is uncomfortable for some people during flip tricks and grinds.

Traditional Kingpin

TKP comes with a lower ride height. It is perfect for grinds. It provides better sharp turns. It is flatter and comfortable. The only problem is unexpected twitch at high speed.

Baseplate Angle

The baseplate angle also varies according to your riding. There are mainly 2 variations, 40 degrees, 50 degrees.

40-ish degree: It is best for downhill and freeride. It provides good leverage and less turn. It allows you to ride at a higher speed. 

50-ish degree: It provides more turn and less lean. It is so many people because it is appropriate for downhill, dancing, cruising, carving, and others.

Ride Height

It is the height from the middle truck axle to the bottom of the baseplate.

Higher ride height: They are good for large wheels and surfier. They are not easy to push and provide less stability at high speed.

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Lower ride height: They provide good stability at a higher speed. They are good for the newbies. You will get a good balance and easy pushing having lower ride height.

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It is another important thing. We can see a pair of brushing on each side of the hanger. (Top and bottom). They provide inertia while turning and ensures cushioning between different elements of the truck. Harder brushing ensures the durability of your longboard.

Brushing Seat

Brushing Seat controls the trucks’ turning ability. It resides in the center of the hanger.

If you want to ride at high speed then select a brushing Seat with restrictive foam. Brushing seat with less restrictive foam is better for free carving. 

Hanger Size

It is a T-shaped aluminum alloy beam. It attaches the wheels to the truck. There are 2 types of hangers, wide and narrow.

Wide hangers are good for newbies. It provides more stability and balance. Narrow hangers are better for performing tricks and maneuverability. 

Final Thought

I don’t know which type of truck is perfect for you. I have already discussed different functions according to skill and style.

Read the article carefully and understand which features you and your longboard require. Finally, I am mentioning one thing durability. Make sure, the truck comes with solid and strong construction.

Hopefully, you will be benefitted from this article. Best wishes to you in choosing the perfect longboard truck.

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