3 Best Ways To Look More Muscular In T-Shirts

Introduction to Look More Muscular In T-Shirts

Building a jacked body isn’t simple. It’s a process that takes a very long time. You’ve got to stick to a set diet, motivate yourself to go to the exercise center each day, and hustle each session to accomplish the ideal results.

It’s something every other guy cannot do. Either we’re too occupied with our timetable, too stressed out with work, or possibly aren’t interested in hitting the recreational center and doing weight training. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that the non-muscular individuals would not want to look rugged and muscular. In this article, we will give you important pointers and teach you how to dress well to look greater and more muscular in t-shirts. So here goes:


When wanting to look jacked in t-shirts, quite possibly the most important tip you ought to follow is to give close consideration to the fitting of your t-shirt. It is an all-around accepted fact that one cannot look stylish if the clothes the individual is wearing don’t fit him appropriately. Most of the male celebs that you follow, might not have the most torn and strong bodies, but the fitting of their clothes is consistently on point. This more than compensates for that absence of muscularity and makes them look buff. You can do that too. You should always go for a fit that isn’t too tight nor too free.

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The perfect decision would be a regular fit or slim-fit tee. These fitting types are just right and don’t have any extra free material that conceals your body. They will highlight your muscles and put center around them rather than emphasizing the stomach, waist region, and other bulky areas.

The fitting patterns will also accentuate your biceps and chest and make them look ripped. Their snug fit around the shoulders, arms and chest will radiate that strong chiseled look you’re searching for. Now a few brands might have their own sewing patterns which they follow. For instance, a regular fit t-shirt of a particular brand might fit your friend who looks just like you but might not fit you properly. So you’ll have to notice the creases of the tees when making the purchase.

Check where the creases of your shirt are falling on your shoulders. If they fall on the sides, the t-shirt is a size larger than the size that fits you right. For a perfect fit, ensure your creases are accurately lined up with your shoulders. This would make the t-shirt fit perfectly and that perfect fit will make you look strong and more masculine each time you wear it.


We don’t often notice but the color, pattern, and style of a t-shirt play a tremendous role in making the wearer look buff or frail. In case you’re a thin person short sleeves may not be the perfect decision for you. Short sleeves may uncover your arms and show how thin they are. Long sleeves however have fabric that covers the arms and can help create an illusion of having defined arms. They hug onto your arms and the extra material creates a thicker look.

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If the weather is warm for long sleeves, think about rolling the sleeves up to your elbows. The shortened, folded sleeves give a strong look and make your lower arms look greater and characterized as well. The t-shirt style you can wear to look muscular are athletic t-shirts or henleys. Athletic t-shirts and henleys are built to be a little tight on the shoulders, bicep area, and chest. It additionally fits through the body without being too free or tight.

To make yourself look significantly more muscular and large, unbutton a couple of buttons of your tee (if the t-shirt has buttons) when you wear it. Besides you’ve got to take a gander at the pattern you are wearing as well. Vertical stripes make the wearer look taller though horizontal stripes make the individual look broader and masculine. So in case you’re expecting to look strong and tougher, horizontal stripes might be the best approach for you.

Alongside the style and pattern, picking the right tone is also important. They can truly assist you with looking jacked or lean. For instance, dark tone consistently looks slim, while white makes you look physically more established. If you are slender and your point is to look large and to make your shoulders and chest stand out, wear white. In case you’re bulky and a tad bit overweight and want to look slimmer, black tees should be your go-to item.


Heavy-weight t-shirts are thicker than your ordinary materials and they usually weigh around 6 oz. (sort of like a shirt and a half). These clothes give you a thicker look, a structured fit and truly make that chest area of yours stand out and look more imposing. Thus, the next time you go out to shop, go for heavy-weight t-shirts. Just put them on and take a look in the mirror. You’ll see that these, thicker t-shirts will give you a stronger more masculine appearance.

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With a good understanding of the above 3 tips, you’ll certainly know how to look muscular when putting on t-shirts no matter what your body type is.


Shawn Joy is a community manager by profession and a blogger by passion. He is a fitness freak, loves creating workout videos and guide his followers to lead a healthy lifestyle. He also likes to try new, adventurous things and share his experience with audiences through his blogs.

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