M1 MacBook Air – 13 Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction to M1 MacBook Air

Today, we tackle most of the frequently asked questions about the new M1 MacBook Air from Apple that they just launched in November 2020. Without wasting even a sec, let’s get started!

Should I get an M1 MacBook Air?

Yes, you should get the M1 MacBook Air. No matter what type of a person you are, or what type of work you do, the M1 MacBook Air is going to handle it with ease, so why not give it a try?

You’ve probably already watched a few videos of its review and compliments, all you now have to do is to hit that purchase button!

I’ve been using the M1 MacBook Air, and the only thing I do not like about it is that it only has a 13-inch display, but if you’re the type of person who doesn’t care much about this smaller display size, this is going to be a perfect laptop for you.

Unlike me who’s been using a 15.6-inch laptop for years and now has shifted to this tiny 13-inch one.

Is MacBook Air Worth Buying 2021?

If there’s a newer version of the M1 MacBook Air with a more modern display, meaning more screen-to-edge ratio, then you should get that one.

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But as of the time I am writing this article, February 19, 2021, there isn’t any newer version yet, so I’d be more than happy to get the current late 2020 model.

How do I use M1 on a MacBook Air?

For that, we’d suggest you watch this video:

Does MacBook Air M1 have USB?

Yes, it has 2 USB Type-C ports in the late 2020 model. The future models of the M1 Macs have been rumoured to include the Micro SD Card as well as a USB Type-A as well. But take it as a grain of salt, as it hasn’t happened yet, as of writing this article.

Does MacBook Air M1 have a backlit keyboard?

Yes, the late 2020 M1 MacBook Air has a white backlit magic keyboard, which looks great and you can control the brightness of the backlighting using the control panel in the macOS Big Sur.

Can Apple M1 run Windows?

Unfortunately, you can not run Windows on the M1 MacBook Air. Apple switches away from Intel models to Apple silicon and has decided to kill Boot Camp, so running Windows on Macs is no longer possible.

But most Mac users used to run Windows on their Macs to play games, right? Well, now you have even more opportunities to play games, because as you know, the M1 chip supports iPhone apps and games as well, so why don’t you give them a shot?

Should I buy Intel or M1?

You should definitely buy the M1 MacBook Air, over the Intel-based older model. Because it’s considerably faster and uses less energy and produces more power and gives you an exceptionally better battery life compared to the Intel variants.

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It even beats the 16-inch MacBook Pro that comes with a whopping 100WHr battery, while the M1 MacBook Air comes with a 49.9WHr smaller battery.

How long does the M1 MacBook Air last?

It lasts me about 10 hours or more, when using multiple Chrome tabs and doing heavy multitasking and web browsing. It could last you about 15 hours if you’re a fairly light user, but definitely more than 10 hours, that’s for sure.

How good is the Apple M1 chip?

The M1 chip’s performance is faster than any other Mac I’ve ever used, and its multicore performance isn’t too different from many of Apple’s desktop machines. Apple still sells Intel 13-inch MacBook Pro and Mac mini models, and the M1 models are much faster on the CPU speeds.

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Is M1 MacBook Air good for video editing?

It’s one of the best laptops you can buy right now to edit videos. Here, check out these video reviews of the M1 MacBook Air for video editing.

I’ll embed one right here so you don’t have to go and watch the other ones if you don’t want to:

Is the M1 MacBook Air good for photo editing?

Again, it’s one of the best laptops you can buy for this purpose. Although Adobe Photoshop isn’t M1 optimized as of writing this post, Lightroom is and it works great!

Photoshop works great too, but it is slower than Lightroom in performance, because of the lack of M1 optimization.

Here, check out this video for a photo editing review of the M1 MBA:

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To sum it all up, M1 MacBook Air is a great laptop for anyone who’s looking for portability, power, and hours of battery life without any performance degradation.

It’s great for playing games, editing videos and photos, and almost any kind of task we can think of, this M1 MBA is a great choice for that task.

For example, its amazing magic keyboard as Apple calls it is really magical for those who are looking for a laptop for their writing jobs, such as content writers such as myself, and novelists, etc.

Its super color-accurate display makes it a great laptop for those who edit videos and photos and color grade their footage, even professionals can get this laptop and there wouldn’t be any complaints about its display’s color accuracy.

We can’t praise this masterpiece of a laptop enough that Apple has gifted us with.


This was written by our guest author Umar from Laptopar.com. A place where he educates beginners on how to buy the perfect laptop for their needs, at the lowest price possible.

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