10 Ways To Make Boring Content Interesting

Introduction to Make Boring Content Interesting

Every content writer aims to engage the audience in the content. This process takes expertise, time, and skills. But even after that, the content of experienced writers become boring.

In this article, we will discuss ways that will help you make a boring story or content interesting for the readers.

Following these tips will make the reader continue reading the content till the end.

1-  Grab New Information

So you sat down to write an article, book, or dissertation. And the first thing you need to do is spark the interest of the reader even if you write about topics that are boring.

What to do? First, get fresh information that will sharpen the reader’s appetite. New information boosts the confidence of the writer and helps in writing a dissertation, article, or book in a unique way.

2-      Suggest A Riddle

This kindles curiosity further. Point out to the reader a gap in their knowledge: highlight a paradox, offer a riddle and ask an intriguing question. 

 It is important to find a middle ground (that very “bull’s eye”) between what we know and what remains to be learned. Curiosity to know something new helps to make even the boring topic interesting for the readers.

3-      Start With Interesting

Everything is simple here: start with the most interesting part of the book, article, or letter. Your very first and most important task is to grab the reader’s attention.

The window of opportunity that allows you to lure the reader is very small. It is open exactly as long as it takes to read the heading and skim the first lines.

4-      Add Humor

Humor helps us make sense of an unexpected, unfamiliar situation. That is why laughter is a natural ally of the writer who tries to explain something new and unfamiliar.

Like an analogy, humor forces us to look at an object from a new angle and often opens our eyes to an unexpected truth.

With humor, as well as with elements of storytelling, it’s best to start small and gradually expand your comfort zone.

5-      Catchy Headings

Choosing a title for a book or article, we too often try to fit all the content into it at once. But the most successful titles are not those that reveal the essence of the work, but those that serve as bait: intrigue and promise interesting reading.

6-      Don’t Write How You Talk

You need to write clearly, but you should not blindly copy all the elements of oral speech. Readers need clarity. The written words should make sense in the mind of the reader.

Try to imitate the tone of a personal conversation. So the reader “hears” your voice as if you are speaking to him, only without the noise accompanying oral communication.

7-      Selection Of Tone

Perhaps the main thing is you need to know how the tone should be chosen. If you plan to write scientific research, then choose the academic style of writing. If you are addressing a curious stranger, it is best to have a more casual conversation with him.

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8-  Style Components

A unique author’s style is not given once and for a lifetime; it comes from the writing experience that you accumulate over the years trying different strategies. The style has 4 main components:

  •         Paragraph length
  •         Sentence structure
  •         Point of view
  •         Vocabulary

For example, academic writing is characterized by long paragraphs, complex sentence structures, a neutral point of view (third-person narrative), and specific professional terminology or sublime vocabulary.

All the writers-be it the top essay writing services in UK or an individual must adhere to rules of academic writing while following this style.

9-      Paragraph Length

The length of a paragraph affects the pace and rhythm of reading. Short paragraphs give the reader an opportunity to make sense of what he read.

Breaking long blocks of meaning into relatively small paragraphs is one of the easiest and quickest ways to simplify your writing.

10-  Choice Of Words

If your speech contains a lot of specific terms, then you can easily lose the reader. The perception of the text largely depends on the vocabulary. So try to explain or replace unfamiliar words.


If you want the reader to not get bored while reading the content, you need to follow the above tips. Along with these tips always be sincere to your readers and provide accurate information.

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