4 Excellent Ways To Make Money Playing Paintball

Introduction to Make Money Playing Paintball

Paintball is one of the most popular adrenaline pumping fun games and it is gaining popularity at a fast pace, thanks to the rising earning potential in recent years.

Besides recreational value with lots of skill learning, the paintball is evolving like professional tournaments with rewards. Beyond reward money and earned wages, which is yet far below as compared to other sports, professional paintball players are earning through advertisement sponsorships.

That said, the game of eliminating opponents using the best paintball guns is still played for fun more than money. Getting rich, definitely, isn’t the priority of most of the players.

Make Money Playing Paintball
Make Money Playing Paintball

The best paintball players have a salary and earn decent money from tournament winnings and sponsorships, but it isn’t that easy. Interestingly, it is not just about winnings, but the opportunity paintball industry offers to earn decent money.

While the best professional paintball players do have a salary and make some decent money from tournament winnings and sponsorships, most of them also work in the paintball industry in some way to supplement their income.

Beyond playing, if you have an interest in the paintball game, you can get earning opportunities matching your professional skill. There is nothing wrong in earning from the game and use it to play big tournaments.

How to Make Money Playing Paintball 

If you have the best paintball gun and skill to execute a battle strategy, you can earn decent money playing the game. If you want to know about the earning potential of a professional paintball player, continue reading:

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Compensation Levels

Frankly, the level of compensation of a professional paintball player depends on the types of leagues and level of engagement. The trend since the 2000s is on the rise. Except for the recessionary phase, the highest level players are making significant wages. It is always a team that plays and wins, so you can earn decent money from wages, winning as well as sponsorships.

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Average Wages 

Wages of paintball players vary depending on location and, of course, the experience. If you are lucky to be in California, then you can earn upward of $60,000 a year as a professional paintball player. If you are highly active across all big events, you can earn $40k a year in New York and $48k in Massachusetts.

Prize Money 

As a professional player, you play in a team, so the prize money gets divided among participants. Besides unlimited fun and thrill, you can earn prize money as high as $20,000. You will have some additional compensation, well, that depends on tournament terms and conditions.

Make Money Playing Paintball
Make Money Playing Paintball


Every professional player strives to have a few sponsors not just to earn a fee, but free paintball stuffs. But the hard fact is that getting sponsors isn’t that easy.

The best possible way to get a sponsor is to improve your gaming skills and establish yourself as an ace player at the local and regional level. You can get in touch with sports suppliers, paintball gun makers, and other local brands and ask for sponsorship.

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You can offer patch advertising on the team’s jersey. Offer them maximum exposure, and they will be more than happy to buy space. There is no top side of earning potential.

Everything is perfect, but if you want to earn big playing paintball then you have to play all possible big tournaments across the U.S.A. Moving from one destination to another and staying needs money, so play smart and look for sponsors who could fund your expenses.

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