10 Proven Ways to Make Money with Your Blog Beyond 2020

Introduction to Make Money with Your Blog

Description: You obviously browse through all of the successful blogs and wonder if you can ever make a career or make money just by writing. Well, while creating a blog goes much deeper, it’s not as complicated as most people think.

Looking for opportunities to make money online? Share your thoughts or your opinions by creating a blog and make money by online blogging. Some easy ways to earn money from a website are:

Getting started:

This is probably the hardest part of online blogging. Before we get started with how to make money online, you must know that most aspiring bloggers get stuck in the process of starting. This usually happens due to procrastination, lack of technical expertise, or simply because of the lack of ideas about a topic to start on.

Do not hesitate to get started with your blog. It is easier than you think (Learn more), several websites provide you with the technical guidance needed and will help you open your website. Now, after you have opened one, you will need to decide the niche or the topic on which the website will be based, few examples are travel, cuisine, story writing, trivia, etc. Once you have both of them, it is just a matter of you to sit in front of a computer screen, typing your brains out.


The first step after publishing is making the blog known and developing. This is the part where you will need support. First, to develop a following, you will need to select an interesting niche and have solid content in your blog. Secondly, you will have to share your link through social media and any other sources possible; this will increase the reach of your blog.

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Make money from advertisements:

Out of several ways to make money, advertising is the easiest and efficient one. There are several websites online that provide advertisements for blogs and websites. To make money, you will have to put in a request at the website with the link to your blog, your request will be granted based on the merit and the following of the blog.

When your request is granted, you will start receiving advertisements and start making money from them. We don’t suggest crowding it with annoyingly too many advertisements since that might cost you your followers. You can get the most profit from casino ads such as a Deposit £5 get bonus slots.

Finding sponsorship:

This is a long shot. After your site becomes known and develops a considerable following, you can make money by finding a sponsor for your blog.

This is not easy since it will require to have a big enough following for a sponsor to be interested in it. Sponsors will pay you an annual fee to just put their company name after the name of your blog.

Finding a sponsor is possible online, all you have to do is to request sponsorship to the companies that sponsor bloggers.

Doing product reviews:

This is one of the easy ways to make money, many websites pay bloggers to write about their product to make the product known.

There are two benefits, they provide you with the product for free so that you can give an accurate review on your blog, and they pay you for the review you write.

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So, this way, not only you make money, you get a lot of free sample products too. The product review also works by requesting the online shopping websites, and unlike other sources of money-making, this is easy to get.

Make your services available:

If your blog is based on practical work, then you have an opportunity to make money by selling your services. For example, if it is that of cuisine, then making catering services available to your audience is an excellent way of making money.

All you will need to do is provide your audience with a way to get in touch with you and have a team ready to provide the services you promise. This is good because it is an independent income, and in the future, it can become a successful business initiative for you.

Provide a course:

If your blog is based on skill learning or information-providing niches, you can make money from home by providing your audience with a paid crash course that will help them to learn the skills and information provided.

For example, if your blog is based on anthropology, then provide a course of anthropology to your audience and certify them with a test at the end of the course. This can be a recognized certifiable course if the platform is big enough.

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If your blog has a big enough audience, you can hold workshops in targeted areas where you have a following from. This will help your site extend its reach and spread the ideas that you provide, while you make money from the people attending the workshops. It is the wisest thing to do when you have a considerable following on your blog.

How to Make Money with Your Blog
How to Make Money with Your Blog

Sell an e-book:

You can always write an e-book about the ideas and contents of your site, etc. Once people start getting interested in your blog, they might want to read the e-book for more information, and that is when the e-book sale begins. Then, you can make it compulsory with the crash course and hence make money fast.

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Sell your blog:

Now, when you have enough following on the blog and draw good enough revenue from it but cannot maintain the blog, you can always consider selling it for a sizable amount. It will be your one payment ticket out of blogging, so place your price wisely. Once you have officially sold the blog to someone else, you own no rights as an author.

Online blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. It takes quite an effort at the start but gets easier as it develops a following. If you can think of any other way of making money from a blog, let us know.

Author’s bio:

Thomas Glare is a big-time blogger who has also published his books in freelancing and present-day lifestyle. He enjoys reading, social forums and also taking part in constructive conversation.


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