4 Amazing Tips to Start Making Indian Food at Home

Introduction to Making Indian Food at Home

Usually, it is very comfortable to wake up and spend the day ordering in food from your most favorite restaurant, and that too without having to make anyone worry about you.

However, when it comes to getting Indian food, the situation might get a bit tricky when it comes to ordering from one of the best Indian restaurants NYC.

You would not only expect the food to be fresh but also extremely flavorful to get your own money worth.

And trust us, that is completely okay. But, what if you could skip this whole step altogether and work for making delicious homecooked Indian meal all on your own and that too however way you want? We think that would be really great.

Especially in today’s work where hygiene has gotten to be one of the most important things, spending time and effort to cooking home-cooked meals is surely something that is not only appreciated but is also preferred to get clean and healthy food.

And with the help of the internet, the whole process can get even easier and doable. And to help you with just that, we have a small guide on how to start making the best desi food that you can right from the comfort of your own home. Trust us, it is not as difficult as it sounds.

You better have your pots and pans ready

Let us start with the basics, when it comes to making traditional food that is filled with flavor and masala, one can in no way compromise on the things that are needed to cook them.

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After all, the musician needs his instruments to create the music that he wants to crestem. The same goes for anyone who is trying to cook, especially when it comes to the needed equipment and utensils.

For starters, you will definitely need a flat pan to make all your flatbreads that are just so very heavenly.

Next, you would need a deep bottom pan for all those flowy gravies. And finally, a pressure cooker will surely come in handy to speed up the cooking process for some dishes that might otherwise take long.

So, better to invest in these couple of things so that you can start on with your cooking adventures without any hassle.

Know it is not all about the spice

Somehow, Indian food has gotten popular around the globe due to how spicy it has been known to be. However, the spice is not the only thing that should be kept an eye on.

There is an extremely large profile of flavors when it comes to trying out desi food. Take regions, for example, the spice inclusion in almost all dishes in North India is extremely different than what it is in the South.

So, it is crucial to know that their ar meant other flavors that one can get when it comes to making Indian food.

And these flavors range from not-spicy-at-all to extremely spicy. All you have to do is make sure you know how much space you would want to put into the recipe that you are trying because after all, it is all about how much hotness of food you can handle.

And it is no fun to not be able to even bite into your creation just because you think that extremely spicy food is the way to go.

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Do some research about what you want to cook

Just as the rule for adding in spice goes, the same goes for the taste of whatever you are cooking. Surprisingly enough, Indian cuisine is divided further into numerous sub cuisines all of which have their own flavor profile as well as cooking methods.

They not only differ in spice levels, use of ingredients, type of presentations but also surely the amount of flavor that is jam-packed in their own specific foods.

And, knowing about what suits you well the most really does help you to know what you prefer to hear. Also, having access to all the information about the world in just a single second makes it so much easier to get to know all about your options.

Not only can you get recipes, but you can also get honest reviews about each and every one of them so that you can mix and match your preferences accordingly.

After all, it’s is you who has to cook and eat something each time you are craving some hearty Indian food.

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Always know your ingredients

There are a few ingredients that you would need to cook each and every desi food dish and it is better to shop for them way beforehand when you actually plan on cooking some: ghee, onions, tomatoes, ginger, and garlic.

These four things more often than not make the base of your food ready which then gets various other items added in order to make the dish that is required.

Also, while the basic base of almost every Indian curry is the same, do not forget that varying ratios of each ingredient can greatly make a difference in the whole output at the end.

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So, do not forget to stock your pantry with these in order to avoid any last-minute hassle for your cooking day.

Once done, it is always a good idea to know what you would be cooking and what things would be needed so that you can get everything that is required at the right time.

Spices do end up getting most of the weightage here because in the end, spices the things that used to help you make what you want to make.

Not only that, you can always add in your meat of choice in case you do want to once your basic masala base is made.

And if you want to go meat-free, then you always have an option to add in whichever kind of vegetable you want to and enjoy a vegetarian desi dish in no time. Either way, it always turns out to be delicious.

And just like that, you have all the basic information you need to make sure you are able to cook a healthy bowl of some warm desi food right at the comfort of your home.

But do not forget, you have a huge variety to choose from, and you should always choose according to what you want.

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