Marketing And Advertising: 3 Best Differences And Definition

Introduce to Marketing And Advertising

How many times have we heard of marketing and advertising? It would be difficult to list them all, but the reality is that many times we do not make any distinction between the two concepts. As if they were and the same, and they are not.

Therefore, although the line may seem fuzzy, we are going to explain the difference between both terms. It is important to be clear about the difference to see what each area can contribute to your company’s strategy.

In addition, when hiring services from a marketing or advertising agency, you will be more clear about what to ask for to achieve greater visibility of your project. Well done, without further introduction we are going to reel off the differences between marketing and advertising and talk about the types of strategy that you can find in each of them.

What is an advertising and what is marketing

To understand the difference between the two, each term must be explained in detail separately.

So we start talking about what advertising is.

What is the publicity?

Broadly speaking, advertising can be defined as the set of strategies that we implement to publicize a product or service to a group of people.

That said, it should be noted that advertising is a strategy that is included within marketing and the main objective is to stimulate the sales of a brand or company by disseminating its products with advertising messages.

A positive message is always worked around the product or products that we want to make known.

The idea is to create in the audience a feeling of need and that thanks to our product that need will be satisfied.

Well, this can be achieved through different advertising strategies, but not overtaking events, later we will talk about the types of advertising that there are.

Let’s continue to understand the main difference between advertising and marketing, that it is not a matter of building the house from the roof.

We have said that advertising transmits messages to society, for the most part, “paid”, since it is very difficult to position ourselves positively in the minds of consumers without investing in advertising campaigns.

But is it possible not to invest in advertising messages and make a brand known to the large market? You will ask yourself.

The answer is yes, but it will take you much, much longer than doing it through an ad campaign strategy.

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And here we are going to talk about another characteristic of advertising and that is that the results are achieved in a short period of time.

If we stop to think for a second, we will realize that we are subjected to a lot of advertising impacts throughout our day.

Sometimes it is offline advertising, such as a radio spot or bus shelter, but on other occasions, the advertising message is on a digital medium, such as social networks.

Thus we can distinguish between offline or traditional advertising or online or digital advertising.

Persuasive text in advertising

Before going on to detail what marketing is, we are going to make a point about the importance of pampering the message that we want to convey to consumers in advertising.

We are referring to choosing the right words to convey the right concept to the target, let’s not forget that we are trying to persuade a group of the population.

And to persuade you to have to seduce, impact and provoke a reaction in the consumer.

Nobody is going to buy you if your message is “buy-in my store which is the most”.

Yes, we know that may be your goal, but the advertising slogan will say it in a more attractive, creative, and purchase-friendly way without being so cheeky.

Examples we have kicked, from the use of catchy songs to sell us the Cola-Cao, as motivational messages that are recorded in our mind, Adidas and its “impossible is nothing”.

Others that aim to provoke feelings of absolute happiness, the mythical “Do you like to drive? of BMV, look that they have already changed their slogan, but this phrase remains in the minds of consumers even without being used by the brand today.

I said we could spend an eternity talking about advertising phrases that have marked society, but what we want to convey is the importance of choosing the advertising message well.

What is marketing?

Let’s continue talking about the differences between advertising and marketing, now talking about what marketing is.

Marketing includes all those strategies that help a company achieve its objectives.

The range of strategies within marketing is very wide, as you may think.

Since marketing would be, for example, publicize a brand through social networks, attract more people to a physical store, appear on the first page of search engines for a key term, and so on.

The 4 Ps of marketing

Some time ago, EJ McCarthy started talking about the 4 Ps of marketing, and today they are still basic pillars in the world of marketing or marketing.

They are:

Product (Product or service):

is what our company offers to the public, the cornerstone on which the entire marketing strategy will revolve.

Place (Point of sale):

there is not much mystery, they are those places where the consumer can get hold of the company’s product.

It must be said that this point has evolved over the years, since before there was talk of a physical print, but now it can be online as an eCommerce. The marketing strategy will try to make it easier for those potential customers to buy your product to access it quickly and easily.

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The price you decide to put on your product is decisive for the consumer to decide or not to make a purchase action.

It is important to analyze the prices of the competition, and if you decide that your product is more expensive, remember to communicate to the consumer why it is worth more and what makes them better.


Promotions are all those marketing actions and communication channels that you carry out to publicize your products and their benefits.

 Differences between Marketing and Advertising

Having already clear what marketing and advertising is, let’s now talk about their main differences.

First of all, a reminder.

We have said that all advertising is part of a marketing strategy, but not all marketing is advertising.

To simplify it even more, marketing will be all the strategies that are created to publicize a product, service, company, or brand, develop and meet sales objectives and other aspects of the company, such as improving our branding, bringing traffic to our website, create a community in social networks, etc.

Advertising on the other hand is the part of marketing that tries to get consumers to carry out a certain commercial activity, for example, buying a product or hiring a service.

It is very important that any marketing strategy and advertising campaign define the buyer person and buyer journey.

Decisions such as whether we want to hyper-segment our audience or make it wider are very important to improve sales.

 Types of Marketing and Advertising

When we talk about marketing and advertising we must also take into account the types that are within each area.

So we are going to do a little review of each of them.

Main types of Marketing

Among the main types of marketing we find the following:

Online marketing:

that strategy that focuses solely on achieving marketing objectives in a digital environment, through campaigns in social ads, email marketing campaigns, advertising in digital media, etc.

Direct marketing:

is a strategy that seeks a specific objective in the audience. Communication is therefore direct and bidirectional.

For example, the objective may be to fill in the form of online training that the company offers, the way to get leads is through direct email marketing.

Viral Marketing:

What every company wants, to be viral and for everyone to talk about its brand or products.

Achieving it is an arduous task, however, there are marketing strategies to make a product go viral, such as campaigns with influencers.

Inbound marketing:

those marketing strategies based on offering high-value content to attract highly qualified traffic to your company.

Mobile marketing: the rise of mobile in recent years has led to the creation of exclusive marketing plans for mobile, especially if you offer a product that the consumer can only enjoy on their device, such as a dating APP.

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Main types of Digital Advertising

Among the main types of digital advertising we find the following:


Of the most used strategies, do you remember advertising in print media? Well, it’s a bit the same, but in digital media.

For example, when you are reading El Marca in its digital version and you are shocked by advertisements of companies that sell bodybuilding products.

Social ads:

the advertising campaigns that are mounted on social networks. The most common is on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, YouTube, and in recent months on Tik Tok, with the rise of this social network.

Mobile ads:

All digital advertising formats must be optimized for mobile, it is the device where users spend more time, yes more than on desktop.

However, there are also exclusive mobile campaigns, such as those carried out in the IOS and Android App Store or on social networks if the objective of the campaign is to download the APP.

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Retargeting is a digital advertising strategy in which you impact with your advertising campaigns those people who have visited your website or eCommerce and have taken any action on them, be it viewing content, making a purchase, adding products to the cart, etc.

Email marketing:

we see once again that marketing and advertising go hand in hand. Emails with a clear advertising strategy, as you try to “sell” something to your database.

Search engine advertising:

Search engine advertising, especially on Google, is one of the most widely used digital advertising forms.

These are campaigns in which when a user searches for a word or long tail, your ad will jump to the top of the search engine (if your bid is high).

If you have come this far, we hope that you have found our post on marketing and advertising and their differences useful, and above all, that you have understood that you understand each of these terms.

Ah! And if you are thinking of carrying out an effective digital marketing strategy for your company or brand, count on us.

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